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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 119.3: – This Prinzessin Is Ready! Believe It! Bahasa Indonesia


Who would’ve thought that someone as amazing as her, who oozed elegance and grace with an edginess that none other than she could pull off, ended up being inexperienced in the art of beautification for a seemingly customary event?

Not to mention the fact that said girl never even had a single date before.

Not even one!!!

It seemed as if it was fate’s cruelty at work.

The world, after all, had been giving her so many chances to find happiness and success in life these past few months, and now that her luck had eventually run out, it was time for her to pay the price in the form of peremptory embarrassment.

‘”The book [How to secure your man’s heart on your first date] is completely worthless!”

She screamed into her pillow, the pressure was simply too much for her! Her mind kept mulling over everything. Every single thing! What would she do if he asked her this? What would she do if he asked her that?

Not even the minutest of minute details were left and was instead considered in her deep contemplation.

The young woman sighed heavily, ruefully, staring blankly at the large black book in front of her. It was the same old book that she’d been reading over and over for the past two hours after she had ripped away the previous abominable book full of lewdity.

This too had been recommended to her by her arch nemesis Lisa, and after finding no other way out of her infelicitous circumstances, she decided to give it a chance as her last and final recourse.

While the book itself contained information that was of value, sort of— far more than the previous book full of embarrassment and debauchery ever could— it was filled to the brim with so many libidinous and exaggerated suggestions that her young mind could only handle so much of them. It was mocking her, she was sure of it.

She needed something, anything, to distract her from the anxiety she was constantly feeling.

“I’m so stupid.”

Fischl muttered angrily, slamming the book shut and throwing it across her room with all her strength. She heard it hit a wall somewhere else in the room, not even trying to look at the poor state of the book caused by her anger, and she didn’t really care. She flopped down onto her back with a slight thud, giving up.

Being all dolled up, complete with sparkly makeup and colorful fancy dresses that the masses deemed as the suitable standard for a date, who were they kidding?

The concept of it all was just so alien to her. Normally she wouldn’t get so worked up and finicky on such unnecessary things like some lovestruck maiden.

The problem was, at the moment she was THE lovestruck maiden.

It still wasn’t public knowledge at present, only Hu Tao and Yomite knew of her true feelings, but after their date, she’ll have to publicly show that they were now an item.

Fischl knew that he already had Hu Tao by his side but she regarded her as her dear friend, and a suitable concubine for him.

She was his true, one and only Prinzessin, after all. She could care less about the others even if there were twenty of them.

Well, her dearest parents might go ballistic if they found out their precious daughter was involved with an otherworldly individual who may or may not be a godly being in disguise.

Although she’d have to break the news to them eventually, until then she decided that for now, it simply wasn’t the best time. Luckily they weren’t home for the most part so she didn’t have to worry about the scenario of them knowing about their relationship without her knowledge.

And while the whole idea of dating was exhilarating, it was equally nerve-wracking.

Exhilarating because she was experiencing new emotions she wanted to explore, nerve-wracking because of the uncertainty of the future ahead of them.

Her secret desire of going on dates and doing other couple stuff, like holding hands, was finally coming true. And it made her feel extremely giddy inside.

Moreover, the fact that it was Yomite— the boy she regarded to be her perfect and ideal partner— who she was able to go on a date with made her excitement reach heights never before explored by her.

Looking back, about four months had passed since she had gotten to know the man in question, they went through their fair share of adventures together that were quite memorable. Seeing breathtaking sights, fighting strong monsters, searching for lost treasures, laughing together near a campfire.

They shared many experiences of mutual joy, friendship and trust and sometimes even affection.

To the little moments like camping under starlit nights, eating out in restaurants and raging if the Strange Fae-shaped Flying Emergency Sustenance ate up their share, buying and reading books in silence as surprisingly he loved reading as well, or just straight up chatting for hours and hours about how their day went no matter how mundane, or anything for the matter, they were all simply wonderful.

And they both enjoyed those times immensely.

And yet, despite those sublime experiences together, she couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking during them.

In the short time they were together, they certainly became close, and now even established a bond that only both of them could share.

She had assumed that he’d reject her feelings, as he already had a woman worthy enough to accompany him in his journey of life, yet he invited her out on a date instead.

She thanked whoever Archon out there had spared her the heartbreak.

Fischl was a total newbie at the matters of love and he was like a grandmaster at said subject, totally eclipsing her.

Still, despite being smart and graceful, and equipped with an otherworldly flair without equal, she had a deep complex about her looks.

All of the companions from his party were pretty, much much prettier than she was and she ever could be.

Even the dragon whose identity remained a secret to mere mortals was tall, had a beautiful hourglass figure. Her face was simply divine, utterly gorgeous and capable of enchanting even women, and those two big things…

Dangerous weapons of mass destruction…

She looked down at her own two small peaks, letting out a depressed sigh at the sight, “Oh Mutter, why haven’t you given your Tochter a good pair of Schnitzers…”

But the biggest problem right now were her clothes…

She had spent the entirety of her life obsessing and being dedicated to the fictional characters she loved to roleplay, she only ever had asymmetrical gothic dresses in her wardrobe that would match with her Prinzessin Der Verurteilung alter ego.

Which only meant that she had no other kind of clothing available. Not even a plain blouse or a sundress, excluding her pajamas and spare dresses, which too were all gothic in design.

By the time she did realize it, she was already half-insane about that fact, not that it would have helped either, she didn’t have someone readily available that could assist her, but even if she did they had their own tasks to take care of, so she had no one to turn to in this crucial moment.

Eventually, she got tired and frustrated that she decided to just give up and prepare for day D.

The scary day.

It was almost 4 am and they had decided to go out on a date early into the morning.

Correction, she begged him about it because she wanted this day to be as long as possible, such was her desire to spend time alone with her beloved.

And he readily agreed to her request.

Afterwards, regular stuff ensued.

She went out to gather some groceries for a small snack, washed her face, brushed her teeth and ruffled her hair a bit to let them adorn her usual style, washed her pajamas, and prepared a change of clothes…She grabbed a hairband to tie her hair which fell over her shoulders instead and glanced downwards at the clothes she was wearing, the sight making her even more anxious than she already was. “Ah!!! It’s just my regular clothes…I hope he will also be wearing the same martial arts uniform and jacket as always…or else this will be exceptionally embarrassing…”

She really hoped her normal clothes were adequate for the occasion and that he wouldn’t be disappointed with her…

If that were to happen, she wouldn’t be able to endure his disappointed gaze…

Contemplating suicide was in the options.

She remained in a nervous daze as she stared in the mirror, the reflection of herself, from afar.

(Is this strand of hair sticking out? What about this one?)

And so she was ready…

More or less…

Leaving her room, she made herself tea and waited for her beloved’s arrival both with immeasurable expectations and equal nervousness.

This day had to be perfect….


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