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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 109: Depression Bahasa Indonesia


The biggest problem right now was that about one day had already passed since Barbara collapsed.

They had to prevent the disease from spreading. Immediately.

“Oh…sister…how can this be…”

“It’s worse than I thought.”


“Paimon thinks it’s out of our abilities to try and help her…Sadly…”

Jean’s group that came to Barbara’s private room groaned when they saw the state of Barbara’s body.

Barbara’s body was drying up due to diarrhea that was leaking outside her body without pause.

In just one day her skin was dangling like an old woman. Her beautiful face was covered with deep wrinkles.

Diarrhea that was accumulated in a bucket next to her bed looked like water that was colored white after being used to wash rice.

It was undoubtedly the typical symptom of Cholera, just like in Yomite’s knowledge.

“Sister…Don’t…look…plea…se..kill me…”

Barbara weakly murmured, pausing multiple times between each word, having no strength left.

Jean was looking at her sister as if she was in a trance.

How would they even be able to help her?

She looked beyond saving.

Anyone present could tell it was too late…

“Grand Master Jean…” Yomite said but didn’t get a response.

Maybe death would be mercy to free her from her suffering.

Jean’s gaze simply remained anchored on her weak, dying sister, laying on her deathbed.

What could she do to help?

It was already too late.

She was completely powerless…

“Jean Gunnhildr!” Yomite raised his voice because he felt like Jean wouldn’t snap out of it unless he did so.

“…Yes…?” Jean woke up from her dazed state and placed all of her hopes on him.

“I know your sister is the main objective, but we need your help elsewhere. Leave it to us.”

Hearing him, Jean turned serious and replied, “Please, tell me what to do!”

“Gather everyone who has come into contact with Barbara as soon as possible. After that, please give the order so no one drinks unboiled water or eats any raw ingredients from now on.”


For a maiden whose beauty would even shame the flower, there would be no greater humiliation than looking like this.

Ugly skin like that of an old woman, diarrhea that continued to shamefully leak like a fountain from the anus.

Jean was heartbroken but there was nothing she could do here.

She would only get in the way.

She softly whispered, “You are going to be fine…” And stepped out of the room.

The immense shame that Barbara was feeling drove her to wish for suicide immediately, if possible.

She was going through hell.

What’s more, right now, there were two more people and a weird flying child that saw her in this terrible condition.

Earlier it was the maids, then the nuns of Favonius, now her sister and some strangers.

She was too tired to even open her eyes fully and could only make out silhouettes but she knew from their voices that they weren’t maids nor workers.

She really should just kill herself. This much shame was way beyond her.

There was a female doctor sitting in the corner of the room with an expression that looked to be half in resignation.

She tried every medicine but nothing helped.

She couldn’t save her, so she gave up and just sat there.

“Get out!”

Yomite drove her away from the room before he clasped Barbara’s hand firmly.

(A doctor must never show any expression of resignation in front of his patient. Because if the doctor gives up, and the patient gives up, then she has no fighting chance. The last thing she fucking needs to see is your desperate face, dumbass.)

First he had to make sure that it was actually Cholera, and not a different disease.

(The illness is a problem to figure out, what should I say?)

[1. The patient might have Corona!]

[2. The patient might have Ebola!]

[3. The patient might have Cholera!]

He had not used this ability in a long time, and as always, the answers were there, and now he was sure that it could be Cholera based on the choices that appeared.

He reached out his hand and pressed the Cholera option.

The next moment, he saw another icon pop up.




(That’s great…Looks like I was right.)

He was essentially abusing the ability that was supposed to be used for something entirely different.

He learned before that he couldn’t use it more than twice a day, but it was still an amazing ability he shouldn’t forget to use once he hit a roadblock he couldn’t overcome by himself.

(Then the next thing…What is her state? I want to know.)


Name: Barbara Pegg (Gunnhildr)

Age: 15

Title: Deaconess of Church of Favonius/Self-proclaimed Idol

Hobby: Singing

Likes: Spicy Food/Drinks

Dislikes: Life, Anything bitter, Herself

Dream: To feel alive. To be better than her sister in at least one thing

Current mood: Tired/Depressed/Fatal/Suicidal

Relationship Level: ?

State of Relationship: None – Nothing


Just then, after he read through the dreadful message in her status, he noticed that Barbara’s mouth slightly moved, and Yomite’s gut feeling told him something bad was about to happen.

“No you don’t!”

He forcefully opened her mouth and placed two of his fingers inside, resting them on her tongue.

Like this, he gained himself multiple bite marks.

Lumine and Paimon were shocked by his behavior, “Ugly Tattoo! Now is not the time for your antics!”

“What are you doing…Party leader?”

Yomite just ignored their comments and looked Barbara straight into her eyes.

“You will not suicide on me…What would your sister do…Dumbass.”

“Suicide!?” Paimon shrieked with a face of horror.

Lumine was in a similar state. She would never think that Barbara would try to end her life.

How could Yomite tell?

While Barbara’s vision was hazy, she could still feel how intent this person was on saving her.


However, she was resolute and fed up with everything. She bit down on his fingers harder.

Just as he suspected, she wanted to bite off her tongue to end her life.

The pain she was feeling right now must have been too much for her to handle, so she wanted to end it swiftly, to finally rest after being subjected to a terrible Illness like this.

Yomite couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain and stress she must have been currently feeling.

Still clasping her hand and ignoring the pain, he whispered, “It’s okay, it’s okay…you will get through this… Trust me, I won’t let you die…Just relax, we will take care of you and cure you. I promise. Everything will be better.”

His gentle words triggered something inside of her and soon after, she started silently sobbing.

Feeling that the pressure from her teeth on his fingers had disappeared, Yomite was glad but still rested his fingers on her tongue to make sure it wasn’t just a fake attempt to deceive him.

(This almost turned into a shit show…)


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