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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 107: Shame Bahasa Indonesia

I reached rank 3 highest rank this week and I’m happy for that even if I couldn’t stay at that rank due to the reasons of many huge monsters up there like Einlion or Fiction reader.

Will release 3 chapters today.


He looked behind his back and saw Lumine with Paimon sitting on her shoulder. Both of them seemed restless. Either afraid of getting infected or worried for their friend Barbara.

As for the illness…it wouldn’t stop there. Not only Yomite and Lumine, but everyone who had come into contact with Barbara would need to be isolated regardless of their status and their contact with the outside world severed. Same for the villagers.

(We need to quarantine the villagers. We can’t let it spread…That should be our number one priority.)



Yomite felt a cold drop of water hitting his cheek. He looked up to the sky.

The evening sky had become dark before he even realized it. Black clouds were rapidly approaching from the west.

It was like the representation of Jean’s worries and anger towards herself, unable to do anything but watch her poor sister lose the will to live.

It might be bad but even so, Yomite didn’t have the slightest intention of turning his back from this battle.

What kind of main character would he be, if he let his comrades and their families die without a care in the world?

(Yun Che…)


Ten minutes later, Jean returned with her party of ‘saviors’ and stormed into the Knight Of Favonius Headquarters.

The Knights of Favonius were looking at the intruders with confusion.

While the people she brought with them were indeed known as the ‘Heroes of Mondstadt’ they assumed their strength lay only in fighting, not in alchemy or anything medical related.

How would they be of help?

Even if it was by request or order from the Acting Grand Master of Knights of Favonius, it was illogical and irresponsible to let some amateur people wander in and examine Barbara the Deaconess of the Church of Favonius, as her situation might even worsen that way.

It was only natural to receive a close questioning beforehand, about their abilities and skills, although Jean seemed to just ignore that and just dragged them towards her sister.

They shouldn’t waste time on pointless formalities.

“There isn’t any time to take it slow like this! Let the Honorary Knights, Yomite and Lumine, examine my little sister right away!”

But the Knights were hesitant, “With all due respect Acting Grand Master…We can’t let some strangers in…”

What kind of behavior was this!?

“What did you say?! Strangers? They are the Heroes of Mondstadt and they are here to save my sister, so with all due respect, Knight, get out of my way or else I will force my way through!”

The sword in her scabbard lightened up with a green light and so did her Vision, indicating she was serious and wouldn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer.

“But…we can’t just…”

She glared at the knights with an unyielding expression, stopping them from saying anything.

Either they let her in, or she would pave the way herself.

The Knights felt intimidated by her gesture. It looked as if she was about to pounce on them any second now, so they had no other choice.

After seeing their leader act like this, they understood that she wouldn’t back down, and reluctantly let them in.

Running up the stairs, she looked back at Yomite and asked, “…Tell me without concealing anything. What do you think about my sister…Barbara’s sickness.”

On their way here, she briefly explained the symptoms and Barbara’s condition to them.

So Yomite already had a picture in his mind, but he still had no idea if it was the thing he was thinking about.

“The symptoms that I heard from you…I heard that it is an intense stomach ache that is accompanied by diarrhea but…can I ask if Barbara was also attacked by a fever?”

“A fever? Now that you mention it, no. There was no fever or anything. She is just…slowly withering away…I feel like if we wait even a few hours she might…” Jean clutched the Vision amulet in her hands to feel at least a bit of comfort.

She looked through a window at the silent city of Mondstadt and softly spoke, “I am not used to this kind of thing…But Barbatos-sama…please help my sister…she devoted her whole life to you…praying…it would be unfair for her to end like this…Please…”

She put up her hands for a prayer and prayed for the best of her sister.

She prayed for the first time after many years.

She knew his real identity was Venti, but he was nowhere to be found and she was hoping that nothing happened to him.

She respected the Archon of the Wind, but she didn’t partake in praying ceremonies.

Mostly because she had no time for that…

However, she was startled when Yomite put his hand on top of her own, “Don’t pray to Gods. There is a saying from my hometown, ‘Help yourself, and God will also help you.’ So do something that might help her condition even a little, and God will also do his part to help. Together, we will do it, so just smile, and everything will be alright. Leave everything to us!”

Yomite closed one eye with the corner of his lips curled up.

(Spoken as the true protagonist.)

A choked sob escaped Jean’s throat at his words, “…Y-Yes…thank you…” After that, she turned her face aside so that Yomite would not see the look on it.

She unconsciously clenched his hand and held it, seemingly needing some sort of pillar of support to hold onto.

Yomite didn’t know why but he had the urge to hug her. He felt like this woman was too precious.

She also fitted the description of his ideal woman up to almost every fetish he had.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, a woman in armor, abs and those heavenly legs and perfect butt.

The woman in front of him was simply too perfect.

(The only problem is that she is the workaholic type, but I could do something about that…Anyway! Yomite you pig, now is not the time!! We gotta save a woman!! Get a hold of yourself!!)

He shook his head to get rid of pointless fantasies.

They were about to head up the stairs when Yomite noticed that Jean was still holding his hand.

“Ehm…Jean? You think you forgot about something? Well it’s not like I mind.”

Jean looked at him bewildered and unsure of what he meant, but when she realized, she quickly pulled her hand back, distanced herself a few meters away from him, and rapidly started bowing.

“I-I am so terribly sorry…I-I…” She was so embarrassed she couldn’t find words.


“Paimon thinks you two should stop flirting!”

Lumine nodded and agreed with Paimon for once.

“There is no time, hurry.”

“F-Flirting!? I-I was not…” She looked down on the ground, feeling ashamed to meet anyone’s gaze.

Why did it have to be Yomite again?

First, he saw her secret stash of romance books and now something like this happened…

She felt like it was destined for her to embarrass herself all the time in front of this man…

(Very cute.)

The corners of Yomite’s lips formed a thin smile, “It’s alright, no worries. Let’s just go up, your little sis is waiting for rescue. So let us finally do our part.”

Jean immediately recovered and nodded.


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