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Chapter 61: The Attack Repelling Wizard

Igni: (The Kunoichi girl used her Magic Power and defended against the {Fireball}…..)

Igni did his very best to not look at the breasts that were shifting under the arms that were trying to hold it all in………and still stole glances whenever he got a chance.

Igni: (This girl is an [Earth] Type Magic Trait Wizard. The [Earth] Types are the most defensively strong Magic Types…..)

“I can’t move! But I have to catch the [Saint], sir……”

Igni: “So why are you trying to capture Rose?”

“For the money, of course!”

Igni: (But she didn’t use any [Earth] Type Spells. Is there a reason for that……..?)

Igni: “Money, huh……..if you’re after the money, they probably won’t pay you the reward, you know.”

“What? What are you saying? Stop spatting nonsense!”

Igni: “But the Request was posted by Kuro…….a [Demon Race] girl.”

“So what?! As long as they pay up, I don’t care!”

Igni: “If you were going to abduct the [Saint], wouldn’t you use the 150 gold coins to hire capable mercenaries who could do the job? And you could hire several too with that kind of money.”


The Kunoichi girl tilts her head.

Igni’s brain is running on all cylinders because of the confidence that he is finally becoming Popular.

That’s the only reason.

Igni: “I don’t think you know, but Kuro also hired the mercenary the [Ruler] Marionette, but just him alone……I’m sure it cost a lot to hire him but……..if you going to use 150 gold, you could have at least hired one or two more mercenaries of his level, don’t you think?”

“Um! No, that’s nonsense! There might have been mercenaries who rejected the offer because it was made by a [Demon Race] girl!”

Igni: “They’re mercenaries. If you pay them money, they would even turn against their home country.”

I heard that Kunoichi’s are very faithful, so maybe they don’t understand people who can turn on a dime against anyone for money?

“……..no no no! That can’t be! I was fooled, sir!!”

Igni: “So, what are you going to do now?”


And with that, the Kunoichi girl ran off.

And headed in the direction of a town.

Igni: (I got to see something amazing…….)

Never wavering underneath with boyish consistency and honesty, Igni turns towards the sisters.

Igni: “……….and who might you all be?”

“Us? We’re freelance mercenaries!”

The [elder sister], who fought against Lilly, answers.

“We came because we got wind of the [Saint]’s location! If we sell her off, we would make money, right?!”

Igni: “……are you guys in need of money?” “Huh~? No, not really~”

The elder sister laughed it off as she answered.

“If we successfully abducted the [Saint], our names would be engraved in history. That’s why!”

Igni: “Sorry, but I’ll stop that from happening.”

As Igni said that, Lilly stepped back, and they switched places as Igni came forward.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite} : {Heavy}”

Igni created 3 {Fireball}s.

He poured an unbelievable amount of Magic Power in each, and each got heavier.

Igni: “[Artillery] {Fire}”

“[Passing Shadows] {Lost}”

The younger “sister” in the back finished her incantation as Igni did.

The next moment, Igni’s {Fireball}s were covered in something gooey and oozing……and with that, they melted and disappeared into the ground.

Igni: “A [Dark] Magic Type……!”

Igni growls in frustration.

“Thank you, Little Sister!”

“Big Sis! Please keep your eyes forward!!”

Igni: “……..you call your younger sister, ‘Little Sister’?”

Igni is a little weirded out.

“Yeah, she’s not really my younger sister, so…”

The elder sister jumps forward.

In her right hand is a short sword. The blade of the sword is slightly glowing.

Igni: (Is it a special weapon she got from a Dungeon?)

Igni: ‘Did you find her somewhere?”

Igni nimbly dodges the short sword.

From his trainings and experience at the [Demon King’s Realm], the swing was far too slow.

“No! It’s to give her a background story for her character!”

Igni: “ChーCharacter…….?”

“Yes! Just as there are heroes among Adventurers and Wizards, there are heroes also among mercenaries!”

Igni: “That’s……true. Yeah, there are.”

In a fight where one wrong move could cost their lives, the two spoke casually and without worry.

“And these days, there’s so many Adventurers who are turning into mercenaries! That’s why it’s so difficult to get a job now! Do you understand?!”

Ingi: “…..well, yeah.”

For Wizards, it’s like not being able to receive any Quests.

That’s why you have to publicize and appeal your identity as a Wizard to the public.

“That’s why we’re looking for all sorts of ways to gather fame! So that’s why…..!”

In that exact moment, the glow of her short sword increased dramatically.

“We need the [Saint]!”

Igni: “But I can’t let you do that.”

“Then I have to cut you down! Seyah!!”

The elder sister brought the sword downwards.


And the only sound that reached Igni’s ears was that of the air being sliced.

Igni looks where the sword swing left its mark.

There, behind him, the clouds and the earth, straight to the horizon, a large gash cut across all of it as far as he could see.

“OH CRAP!! I missed?!”

“Big Sis!”

Floria: “Sir Igni, I’ll handle the elder sister.”

Floria jumped out aiming for the exact moment when the elder sister swung down her sword and let her guard down. With a single-handed sword in hand, she began crossing blades with the elder sister.

Igni: “I’ll leave her to you!”

With that, Igni passed by the [elder sister] and headed straight towards her [younger sister].

Igni: “Surrender.”

“Big Sis is still fighting!”

Igni: “……I’ll try and make this as painless as possible.”

“You think you already won?! [Shadow] {Bind}!”

<SHURURU!!> (*sfx serpentine movement)

And Igni’s shadow suddenly stretches and grabs his foot.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}”

“Again?! I will melt down all your {Fireball}s!”

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

“I told you I will meltーーEEK?!?!”

Unlike before, Igni fires it straight against the ground!

As the ground erupts and explodes, the two are blown far into the sky!!

And now, the ground crumbles as the Marionette’s [Workshop] is revealed below, and the [younger sister] falls towards it.

Igni: “[Equip Flame Engineer] {Accel Boot}!”

Dashing horizontally in mid-air, Igni catches the [younger sister] as she fell.

Igni: “…….surrender….or I’ll drop you from here.”


The [younger sister] looked straight down and fell silent.

Of course, Igni was bluffing.

But from the [younger sister]’s perspective, she would not have the luxury to call his bluff.

They are 20 meters (65 ft) above the ground.

Being dropped from this height, even a Wizard would suffer some sort of injury.

Igni: “Did you hear?! Elder sister!!”

“WHAT~! That’s cheap taking hostages!”

Igni: “Says the one who was trying to abduct Rose!”

“Erghhh…….FINE! We surrender!! So please give back Little Sister!!”

Floria heard the elder sister’s words and paused her sword.

The [elder sister] puts away her short sword and raises both her arms into the air.

“Here! I put away my weapon so give her back!!”

Igni: “Okay.”

Igni transported the [younger sister] near the [elder sister] and released her.

“Hey, this time, it can’t be helped, so we’ll retreat….!”

Igni: “Yes, please do.”

“But before that, we’ll introduce ourselves! I am the [White] Rania!”

“Huh? Big Sis, we’re going to do that right now?!”

“We need to engrave our names into their memories!”

“IーI’m the [Black] Nie!”

“Together, we are…”

The fake sisters counted off with a “ready, set…”

“ “ The Black and White Sisters! ” ”

<BA~N!> (sfx for added effect)

And the [elder sister] Rania proudly stands with her chest out, and the [younger sister] Nie timidly takes a similar pose.

“You better remember our names!!”

With that, the two disappeared into the shadows.

Yoori: “…………..what……..was that?”

As the group fell into awkward silence, Yoori expressed the exact words everyone was feeling at that moment.


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