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Book 2: Chapter 15: Prisoner

The blazing fire on the mountain and the wet trees resulted in thick, churning smoke spreading throughout the Great Feng Mafia Family.

Countless Great Feng Mafia Family disciples quickly tried to put out the fire, turning the place chaotic. Adding in the thick smoke, all one could see was smoke. Many cultivators covered their mouths and noses as they ran around.

Furthermore, the heavy rain frustrated and flustered the countless cultivators.

Gu Hai openly walked into the depths of the Great Feng Mafia Family.

At this moment, although many Great Feng Mafia Family disciples saw the hat-covered Gu Hai, they could not be bothered to check him.

After all, many people wore hats, as it was raining.

As Gu Hai made his way through the Great Feng Mafia Family, no one stopped him. Everything went incredibly smoothly.

As Shangguan Hen looked at the surging smoke in the distance, he narrowed his eyes.

“What a chaotic scene. Even if they put out the fire, they can’t get rid of the smoke immediately. It won’t be easy to restore everything to normal after the mountain went up in flames.

“The Great Feng Mafia Family turned chaotic because of this fire? Then, Milord can take advantage of the chaos and enter. This is even more effective than having an authority token.

“Milord? What kind of godly being are you?” Shangguan Hen breathed deeply as he watched the thick smoke spreading over to his location.

Gu Hai did not have his cultivation, nor could he use spirit stones to lay a ritual array. However, sometimes, one did not need the means of a cultivator to create chaos.

Everywhere Gu Hai went, he checked it against the terrain information he obtained from the interrogation. Soon, he arrived in a residential area.

There was a large hall entrance there.

At this moment, the First Song Sect Master looked at the distant fire in surprise. A group of black-robed people stood beside him. The leader held a walking stick, but her face was hidden. It seemed like she purposely made it so to prevent others from seeing her face. Based on her figure, she seemed to be an old woman.

“What happened?” the black-robed old woman asked.

“I don’t know. However, this Li Wei is really seeking trouble. To think that he dared to let such a big commotion happen when he knew that Division Master Ding is here,” the First Song Sect Master sneered.

Gu Hai saw this from a distance. However, he sped up instead of turning around.

“Huh?” The group of black-robed men saw Gu Hai walking over.

Gu Hai also wore black robes that covered his head. Not everyone in the Great Feng Mafia Family wore black robes. However, the group of black-robed men felt surprised that he dared to meet them while covering his face.

“Reporting to the First Song Sect Master and the various seniors, the don got me to report that there are no problems with the fire, just an accident. There is no need for everyone to worry.” Gu Hai showed a respectful attitude.

“An accident? Hahaha! The Great Feng Mafia Family really has many accidents!” the First Song Sect Master said coldly.

“Please do forgive us,” Gu Hai said respectfully.

“Alright. Let Li Wei know that I don’t want to wait until tomorrow. Tell him to make preparations. I am going over immediately,” the old woman with the walking stick said.

Going over immediately? Going where? Gu Hai thought to himself, but he remained calm and collected.

“However, the don already made arrangements. It’s better for everyone to wait for a while, wait until tomorrow.” Gu Hai said respectfully.

“Did you not hear what I said?” the old woman demanded coldly.

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare. It is just that an arrangement was previously made. If I were to tell the don to change the plan, he might not believe me. I ask that Senior bestow me with a keepsake. This subordinate will definitely pass it to the don!” Gu Hai protested gravely.


The old woman suddenly tossed out an authority token. “This is the authority token that Li Wei gave me; it can be used to give orders to all Great Feng Mafia Family disciples. Show that to him, and he will believe you.”

“Yes!” Gu Hai answered.

Gu Hai carefully picked up the authority token and bowed to everyone before leaving.

After leaving the place, Gu Hai took a few deep breaths. Then, he looked at the authority token in his hand. This token was made of black metal with a prominent “Feng” character on one side and a tortoise on the other side.

“Should I go or not?” Gu Hai remained silent for a while, breathing deeply.

Gu Hai thought about this for a while before making up his mind. Clearly, this matter was very dangerous.

Gu Hai sorted out his emotions before slowly making his way to where Don Li was.

As Gu Hai approached Don Li’s residence, the place became more tightly guarded.

“Who is it? Remove your hat!” one of the guards immediately shouted.

Gu Hai did not say anything. Instead, he slowly took out that black metal token.

“Huh?” That guard’s expression changed.

“Bring me to see Don Li!” Gu Hai said indifferently.

“Yes!” the guard responded respectfully.

Two guards immediately led the way. Then, Gu Hai openly followed the two guards in.

Although this seemed very easy, Gu Hai understood that doing this was very dangerous. If he got careless, he could get exposed.

The farther Gu Hai went, the more guards there were, and the more checks there were. However, the black metal token was like a golden ticket through these checks. No one dared to say anything, and he soon arrived outside a large hall.

Currently, a large group of Great Feng Mafia Family disciples was reporting respectfully to the inside of the hall from the outside.

“Don, we have investigated. Someone used kerosene to set the mountain on fire!” one of the disciples said respectfully.

“Did you find out who did it?” Li Wei’s cold snort came from inside.


“Trash! Why are you still not continuing the investigation?” Li Wei said coldly.


“Also, send someone to the First Song Sect Master. Tell him that there are no problems with the fire, just an accident.” Li Wei said coldly.


“There’s no need!” Suddenly, a voice rang out.

“Huh?” A cold snort came from the hall.

Everyone outside the hall looked at the black-robed man.


Gu Hai tossed the black metal token into the hall.

Clatter! Clatter! The token bounced, rolled, and slid into the hall.

“Huh?” Li Wei’s pitch increased sharply.

Li Wei quickly walked out with Yue Yao.

This was Gu Hai’s second time seeing Yue Yao. There was a scar on Yue Yao’s chin that looked exceptionally malevolent. However, Li Wei seemed to like this woman a lot, not taking even a step away from her.

“Martial Aunt told me to send word. There’s no need to wait until tomorrow. We’ll go immediately!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Oh? Division Master Ding is your martial aunt?” Li Wei said with slightly raised eyebrows.

“Don’t ask what you should not,” Gu Hai countered seriously.

Li Wei’s face twitched as he looked at Gu Hai coldly. However, he did not erupt in anger.

“Go inform Division Master Ding that I will be there soon,” Li Wei said.

“Soon? How soon is soon? Martial Aunt does not like waiting for people. I’ll wait here for you,” Gu Hai said indifferently.

“Humph!” Li Wei snorted coldly.

Turning his head, Li Wei looked at Yue Yao. “Little Precious, wait here for me. I’ll be back soon.”

“I…I…!” Yue Yao looked at Li Wei. Her eyes showed both love and fear, her emotions appearing very complex.

“Look after my precious. If my precious loses even a hair, I will have your life!” Li Wei ordered coldly.

“Yes!” Li Wei’s Great Feng Mafia Family subordinates answered.

Li Wei sought another six subordinates to follow him to the First Song Sect Master’s lodging.

Gu Hai followed close behind.

Of the group, only Gu Hai wore a hat. However, no one pursued this.

Soon, the group arrived at the First Song Sect Master’s lodging.

The First Song Sect Master and Division Master Ding had waited there until they saw Li Wei bringing seven of his subordinates over.

Gu Hai walked at the very back. However, when the two sides met each other, he purposely stood slightly apart from Li Wei and his group.

“Division Master Ding, the big fire was just an accident!” Li Wei immediately said with an apologetic smile.

“There’s no need for you to repeat what I already know,” Division Master Ding retorted indifferently.

Division Master Ding meant that Gu Hai had already told them and that there was no point in Li Wei repeating it.

However, Li Wei took it as Division Master Ding getting angry.

“Division Master Ding, please don’t be angry. We’ll go over now!” Li Wei immediately said.

“Alright!” Division Master Ding nodded.

Division Master Ding, the First Song Sect Master, and Li Wei walked at the very front. The subordinates followed behind. Most of Division Master Ding’s subordinates wore black robes. Gu Hai also wore black robes. Although his had a different style, no one questioned it at this moment.

Division Master Ding’s group thought that Gu Hai was a Great Feng Mafia Family disciple, and Li Wei thought that he was Division Master Ding’s martial nephew. Furthermore, Li Wei had clashed with him earlier, so Li Wei did not want to mention him.

This group slowly made its way through the residential area just like this.

Division Master Ding, the First Song Sect Master, and Li Wei possessed high cultivations. Despite the heavy rain, none of it fell on the group. Furthermore, everyone felt frustrated and restless due to the thick smoke around. Hence, no one paid any attention to Gu Hai, who walked at the very back.

The group made many turns until it arrived at a valley. A large number of guards watched over a cave in this valley. This cave had a Dragon Breaking Stone sealing it, preventing anyone from seeing inside.

“Don!” the guards greeted respectfully.

“Open the door!” Li Wei ordered in a heavy voice.


The group of guards quickly went to control some mechanisms.

Clrang! Clrang! Clrang! Clrang! Clrang!

Some machinery rang out, and the Dragon Breaking Stone door opened slowly, revealing a long, winding tunnel covered in vines. It looked like they had opened up a large tree hole.

The lush vines all seemed to have poisonous thorns on them.

Night Pearls hung in the surroundings as the group slowly entered.

Gu Hai marveled as he looked at the cave.

There were only vines, so many vines.

The cave was very deep. However, the group quickly made its way to the end, where there was a large space, which was also covered in dense vines.

There was a man in shabby clothes strung up by vines in that space. A large number of vines had pierced his body, creating many holes. This person seemed like a humiliated prisoner.

This prisoner’s body appeared black, looking poisoned.

“Division Master Ding, I said that we should wait until tomorrow, as the poison in his body has not cleared yet, so he cannot immediately wake up. He will only wake up tomorrow,” Li Wei explained.

“Wake him up!” Division Master Ding ordered coldly.

“Division Master Ding, if we force him awake, his mind might get injured, so…” Li Wei appeared put on the spot.

“I said, wake him up!” Division Master Ding insisted coldly.

“Yes!” Li Wei responded helplessly.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Under Li Wei’s control, many vines lashed the prisoner’s body. After they whipped the prisoner for half an hour, the prisoner stirred, appearing to be waking up.


The prisoner spat out a mouthful of black blood as he glared at the people in the cave.

“Here again? Li Wei, only in your dreams. Kill me. Just kill me!” the prisoner yelled in convulsions, appearing to still be in a delirium from the poison.

“If you want release, then you should have told us earlier. Everything would be fine, then. Wood restrains earth; you know that. Do you know what kind of price I paid to find this Poison Vine Cage in order to imprison you? I won’t let you die so easily!” Li Wei sneered.

“Kill me! Kill me!” the prisoner screamed in pain.

“Division Master Ding is here to see you!” Li Wei sneered.

Division Master Ding stepped forward and slowly removed her hat, immediately revealing the face of an old woman staring at the prisoner.

The prisoner twitched as he looked at the old woman. He immediately seemed to come to his senses. As he glared, he said coldly, “Ding Rui, you old crone, kill me if you can!”

However, Ding Rui revealed a hint of a sneer as she said, “It’s been twenty years. Twenty years, Meng Tai. You are really resilient!”

Meng Tai? At the back of the group, Gu Hai’s expression changed.

Didn’t I kill Elite Hall’s Earth Division Master Meng Tai in the Innate Puzzle World? This is not right. This person does look similar to that Meng Tai in the Innate Puzzle World. However, he is an entirely different person.


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