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Book 1: Chapter 54: Earthly Soul

“Silly girl, why did you seek out suicide? Even if I gave them the peaches, they could not have brought the peaches away. I could still snatch it back!” Gu Hai said, anxiety written on his face.

The dagger remained in Xiaorou’s neck, but she had already stopped breathing. Not daring to pull out the dagger, Gu Hai quickly took out a Century Lifespan Immortality Peach and brought it to her mouth.


The vast army surrounded the Elite Hall disciples, immediately putting them in grave danger.

Boom! A cloud beast immediately exploded.

“Ah! Division Master, save me! Save me!” that Elite Hall disciple screamed in horror.



A soldier cloud beast swung his saber.


The soldier cloud beast immediately exploded that Elite Hall disciple into a blood mist that scattered everywhere.

“He died? Division Master, what should we do? We are surrounded, and we cannot hold on for much longer,” the group of Elite Hall disciples exclaimed.

“Gu Hai! How dare you?! How dare you?!” Meng Tai yelled as his expression changed.

Now, the large number of soldiers rushed at Meng Tai, putting him in grave danger.

The battles at Gao Xianzhi’s and Chen Tianshan’s sides eased off a little. It seemed that many cultivators had noticed something off with the situation, and some of them already retreated.

Gu Hai placed the Century Lifespan Immortality Peach at Xiaorou’s mouth, and it immediately melted.


Xiaorou’s body trembled slightly. Then, Gu Hai’s eyes lit up. There is an effect?

Gu Hai gently pulled out the dagger, and Xiaorou’s body trembled intensely. However, she still did not wake up.

Gu Hai’s expression changed. He did not hesitate to place another Century Lifespan Immortality Peach in Xiaorou’s mouth.


Xiaorou’s body suddenly released golden light. Then, her eyelids quivered amid the golden light.

“Xiaorou, are you awake?” Gu Hai showed joy on his face.

Xiaorou stared at Gu Hai in a daze, slowly showing a sweet smile.

When Xiaorou smiled, blood started leaking out of her mouth again.

“Why is it like this? Chen Tianshan, come over and take a look at Xiaorou!” Gu Hai shouted anxiously.

“Yes!” Chen Tianshan responded from afar.

Chen Tianshan immediately controlled the Guan Yunchang cloud beast to rush over.

“Charge! Quick!” The eyes of the cultivators fighting with Chen Tianshan lit up.

However, Gu Hai turned his head and glanced over. Then, with an icy gaze, he said, “If you dare to take another step forward, I will make you die without a body to be buried!”

Gu Hai’s voice sounded bone-chilling. When it spread out, it caused the cultivators and cloud beasts to freeze in place, their expressions changing.

Were it in the past, the crowd would not show any fear, as there were many of them. After all, Gu Hai could not possibly kill everyone, so they would have a chance to escape. However, what if Gu Hai targeted them?

Gu Hai was a madman. He could give up the Century Lifespan Immortality Peaches for an insignificant snake spirit. What if he chased them?

Someone started shouting, “Don’t listen to him! This is such a great opportunity! Everyone, charge with me…”.

However, his hair stood on end as he did so—because Gu Hai’s bone-chilling gaze had fixed on him. That gaze seemed to hold a soul-gripping murderous intent that choked off his words halfway and deterred him from taking another step forward.

Chen Tianshan soon arrived.

“What’s wrong with Xiaorou?” Gu Hai asked as he stared at Chen Tianshan.

Chen Tianshan checked Xiaorou, then showed a shocked expression. “Division Master, Xiaorou should be dead. Her body is already completely cold, and her blood has stopped flowing. Her body has also turned stiff. She is dead!”

“What nonsense! Xiaorou’s eyes are open; how could she be dead?!” Gu Hai roared while glaring.

At the other side, the Great Light Sovereign Deity flew over slowly.

A vast army surrounded Meng Tai’s group. Many died or suffered severe injuries. In the blink of an eye, half the Elite Hall disciples had already exploded into blood mist.

The group of Elite Hall disciples gathered around Meng Tai, appearing fearful as they shouted in horror, “Division Master, what should we do? We cannot escape. We cannot escape!”

Meng Tai also felt fatigued dealing with the vast army, nearly at his limits. Now, he showed an unreconciled expression.

“Gu Hai, the other Elite Hall division masters will not let you off. The hall master will not spare you!” Meng Tai shouted hatefully.


A soldier cloud beast chopped off a claw of the dragon cloud beast Meng Tai rode.

It looked like Meng Tai’s cloud beast would die soon, pushing him to the edge of despair. However, the Great Light Sovereign Deity arrived nearby at this moment.

Suddenly, Meng Tai’s expression changed.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend. Yes, yes. I can seek help from him. He wants to deal with Gu Hai as well. Didn’t he say that he wanted to kill Gu Hai? Meng Tai’s face suddenly filled with joy.

“We are saved! Come with me, quick! Come with me!” Meng Tai roared.

“Kill!” The Elite Hall disciples did their best to follow Meng Tai, blocking the surrounding army.

“Senior! Senior! Save me! Save me! I am Elite Hall’s Meng Tai. I have a deep grudge against Gu Hai. Senior, save me!” Meng Tai shouted from afar as he flew towards the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

“Senior, save me!” The Elite Hall disciples all seemed like they saw hope as well.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity’s figure suddenly stopped as he looked at the Elite Hall disciples charging over.





A group of soldier cloud beasts charged towards the Great Light Sovereign Deity.


Suddenly, twenty peacock plume feathers appeared in the air, surrounding the Great Light Sovereign Deity and shielding him from all the soldier cloud beasts.

“Senior, save me!” Meng Tai shouted, feeling happy.

“You want me to save you?” The Great Light Sovereign Deity’s voice sounded icy.

“As long as Senior saves me, I can give everything to Senior!” Meng Tai shouted anxiously.

“What if I want your lives?” the Great Light Sovereign Deity asked coldly.

“Ah? Why? Senior, don’t you want to kill Gu Hai? We have a grudge against Gu Hai as well!” Meng Tai shouted in surprise.

“Indeed. If it were before, I might have saved you in passing. However, you killed Queen Wa earlier!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity replied indifferently.

“Queen Wa? What Queen Wa? I killed Queen Wa? That insignificant snake spirit?” Meng Tai cried out, finding this inconceivable.


Suddenly, a peacock plume feather turned into a large whip that swung at the group of Elite Hall disciples, looking like a beam of azure light flashing.


All the cloud beasts exploded. What was even more inconceivable for the Elite Hall disciples was that their lower bodies suddenly fell off as well.

That peacock plume feather had chopped through Meng Tai and all the Elite Hall disciples at the waist.


Large amounts of blood poured out. The Elite Hall disciples lowered their heads and looked incredulously at their falling lower bodies.

“Why?! Why?!” Meng Tai’s eyes widened in despair as he stared at the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

“Insignificant snake spirit? Haha! Even I am not qualified to say that about Queen Wa! You are just seeking death!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said coldly.

“Queen Wa? Queen Wa?” Meng Tai repeated in despair as his lower half fell from the sky.

However, Great Light Sovereign Deity slowly continued to make his way to the center.

“What nonsense! Xiaorou’s eyes are open; how can she be dead?! There must be insufficient medicine!” Gu Hai snarled.

Then, he extended his hand and pressed another Century Lifespan Immortality Peach to Xiaorou’s mouth.


Xiaorou’s eyelids quivered, and her lips moved.

“Benefactor!” Xiaorou said suddenly.

“You are awake?!” Joy appeared on Gu Hai’s face.

“Benefactor, stop trying to save me. Xiaorou is not worth your efforts!” Xiaorou said weakly.

“What nonsense are you speaking? Aren’t you all better now?” Gu Hai’s eyes opened wide.

“I’m not. I sense that I already no longer exist. I don’t exactly know how to describe this. I feel that the gates of hell are calling to me, and I have to leave soon,” Xiaorou said weakly.

“That’s impossible. Aren’t you awake?” Gu Hai said while keeping his eyes open wide.

“I’m very tired. I’m leaving now. Benefactor, Xiaorou let you down. I will definitely repay Benefactor in my next life. Definitely.” Two tears rolled out of the corner of Xiaorou’s eyes.

“Aren’t you alive now?” Gu Hai’s expression changed.

“Division Master, Xiaorou’s blood already congealed. It seems that she really is already dead,” Chen Tianshan said bitterly.

“No, she already came back to life. She ate six immortality peaches and should be able to live for six more centuries!” Gu Hai said, unwilling to give up.

A voice suddenly rang out. “Her seven physical souls have already scattered, and there are no signs of life. By continuously feeding her the Century Lifespan Immortality Peach, you are only locking down her three spiritual souls. If you want her to live, you need to reconstruct her physical souls. However, you do not have that ability!”

“Huh?” Gu Hai glanced around and saw the Great Light Sovereign Deity not far away.

“Hand her to me!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said indifferently.

“Hah!” The ferocious general that Gu Hai rode on let out a roar.

The surrounding army quickly merged into the ferocious general’s body, making him larger as he pointed his halberd at the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

“Can you reconstruct Xiaorou’s physical souls?” Gu Hai glared.

“I cannot. I cultivate death, not life,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity replied indifferently.

“Since you cannot save Xiaorou, why do you want her?” Gu Hai continued glaring.

“I can bring her back to life. However, it is through another method,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said seriously.

“What other method?” Gu Hai asked gravely.

“Her earthly soul is Queen Wa’s reincarnation. Queen Wa is here, and her remaining two spiritual souls and seven physical souls are here. Let them merge back,” Great Light Sovereign Deity explained indifferently.

As the Great Light Sovereign Deity spoke, he pointed to a mountain peak in the distance.

At this moment, all the cultivators stopped fighting. After all, now that Gu Hai was not occupied, fighting would not lead to anything.

When the Great Light Sovereign Deity pointed to the mountain peak, everyone looked together with Gu Hai.

Everyone saw close to one thousand black-robed men on the distant mountain peak, kneeling on one knee. They seemed to be kneeling to Xiaorou, who was in Gu Hai’s embrace. There was also a huge coffin in the center of the group of black-robed men.

“Let her return to Queen Wa and come back to life. Give her to me,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said gravely.

“Earthly soul?” Gu Hai’s expression changed.

At the same time, in a plaza:

“Queen Wa? How can that be? How is Queen Wa in this world? Furthermore, her earthly soul separated and reincarnated here? How can that be?” the first elder exclaimed.

“Queen Wa? That snake spirit is actually Queen Wa’s reincarnation? Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!” The sickly youth’s expression changed dramatically.

In a forest, Bodhisattva Lian Sheng also looked at the battlefield in the sky. He had never shown a shocked expression until now. “Queen Wa? Gu Hai seems to have gotten dragged into an overwhelming set of karma. Now that I think about it, that little snake spirit’s face does look very similar to Queen Wa’s.”

“Two spiritual souls and seven physical souls? How can the Queen Wa you speak of still have her two spiritual souls and seven physical souls waiting? Doesn’t the heavenly soul return to heaven when the earthly soul reincarnates?” Gu Hai glared.

“I do not need to lie to you. Quickly give her to me. Otherwise, you will not be able to deal with the consequences if you miss the timing!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said coldly.

“I cannot deal with the consequences? Weren’t you already trying to kill me earlier? Wasn’t I already dealing with the consequences then? I don’t believe you!” Gu Hai retorted coldly.

“You bastard!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity shouted.


The twenty peacock plume feathers in the surroundings suddenly released resplendent azure light and a destructive aura. The surrounding cultivators immediately moved back in fear.

“Hah!” the ferocious general that Gu Hai rode on roared, keeping his halberd pointed at the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

As Gu Hai held on to Xiaorou, it looked like a huge battle would erupt any moment.

“Division Master Gu!” Suddenly, someone called out to Gu Hai from below.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he lowered his head and looked. “Bodhisattva Lian Sheng?”

Gu Hai saw Bodhisattva Lian Sheng slowly flying into the sky from the forest below.

“Division Master Gu, the Great Light Sovereign Deity is right. The Xiaorou in your arms is indeed the reincarnation of Queen Wa’s earthly soul. Furthermore, you cannot delay this matter further. You have used the Century Lifespan Immortality Peaches to retain Xiaorou’s three spiritual souls. However, if you continue to delay, the Century Lifespan Immortality Peaches’ medicinal energy will slowly fuse her three spiritual souls and injure them. You need to make a decision quickly!” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng flew over with his palms pressed together.

“Benefactor, I don’t feel so good.” Xiaorou’s voice contained a hint of pain.


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