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Eternal Thief – Chapter 82: Searching For Treasury Bahasa Indonesia

Ace reached Javier’s room without encountering any Weston. He dismissed those maids who become even happier and leave, well it was more like they escape.

Ace was speechless by this and could only smile wryly. He looks at the luxurious room and was amazed by this Silkpants lavishing lifestyle. He quickly changes his clothes with Javier’s and looks in the big mirror in the room.

Ace was taller and leaner than Javier but this two-face mask has created perfect illusion and even his height was hidden under the illusion, no one can see his true appearance if they’re not River Core Cultivators.

Ace or Javier’s dinner was delivered to his room by a servant who also seems quite terrified of him. ‘It seems this family didn’t like this guy at all, they didn’t even eat with him. Heh, good for me though.’ He enjoys the meal with good wine.

At midnight, the prince manor was extremely silent, only guards were wide awake and protecting the manor with their hearts. But little did they know a thief was already wandering around the territory of prince manor like it was his own backyard.

Ace was amazed by just how big his prince manor territory was. He was wandering around for an hour now and still didn’t find the end of it. Suddenly, he felt the presence of a late-stage qi foundation expert and become alert.

This was his first time sensing this powerful expert here, he decided to go towards him since his stealth was impenetrable below Qi River Realm after, he built the perfect heavenly foundation!

Ace saw a huge manor in the distance and the Qi wave of that powerful expert was coming from exactly there. ‘This is Prince Manor. That late foundation expert is hidden somewhere between the gate and manor.’

After his soul core was reform by elemental orb remains, he could feel his soul cultivation at the juncture of breakthrough and he was just missing something very crucial before forming the next color soul core. It was just a pity he didn’t know what it was.

However, his Heavenly and Soul Senses reached a whole new level. Now with the flow of wind, he can sense the change of Qi fluctuation in the air from two hundred meters away. Although, the actual range of his senses was still fifty meters.

At this moment Ace’s irises turn golden because he uses True & False Eyes.

With the eye skill operating the ordinary-looking gate turns extraordinary. There were many runes symbols around the prince manor and Ace instantly knew they were trapping arrays.

‘Why is there so much security in his damn place!’ Ace was really frustrated and decided to retreat for the night. He already finds the position of the manor and it would not be a wise move to try infiltrating it without knowing where the treasury was hidden.

Ace once thought that since this guy was from a kingdom, he definitely has a storage ring so why did he need any treasury to store his treasure? But then he suddenly remembered something and concluded;

It has become a custom or habit of every race’s powerhouses; having a big treasury to show off their wealth, power, and status to the masses. By doing so, they let the others watch helplessly first, and when they finally envoke everyone’s ambition to possess the same kind of wealth and power. Just by granting them what they want they can easily control the masses with their greed and desire!

After all, why would everyone want status for? Of course, for control over power and wealth. Because if they only want power why the hell they needed these statuses for? When they can just cultivate peacefully in solitude.

After that time, Ace never become afraid or anxious about the future. There will always be treasuries until one abandons its greed to control others and most importantly avarice for wealth!

The more one becomes powerful the more they wanted to control others and the best way for doing it was also Wealth!

Ace returns to Javier’s room and though while lying on the comfortable bedding, ‘Should I use Weston Family status and go in the manor tomorrow? Nah, if were them I would never let this rotten egg roaming around my house.’ He was still pondering how to find that darn treasury!

Meanwhile, inside the Jade Pavilion Grand Hall.

Zelda was gracefully sitting in a chair while calmly watching a grey-haired old man with a peculiar look in her eyes.

This old man has the air of an old scholar around him. The most astonishing thing was this old man was wearing an Azure Robe with Flame Pill Mark just like Zelda!

He was Vance Golden an Azure Grade Alchemist and also the Grand Prince of Golden Hammered Kingdom. Furthermore, he was the one who discovered The Blood Rose a hundred years ago!

Hundred years ago, Vance was a young man full of vigor and very talented in alchemy. He became a Blue Alchemist at the age of twenty-four and hail as the most talented alchemist in the lands of kingdoms.

However, the splendor didn’t last long because even after ten years he can’t break into the ranks of Azure Grade Alchemists. Thus, he decided to roam around the lands to find his chance for a breakthrough.

After traveling around for years, he finally found an old rune of the devil clan and got some benefits from it, and manage to break through into Qi River Realm as well as into the Azure Grade!

Additionally, in that rune, he found the record about the Blood Rose and even found the legendary herb. He was so excited at that time; he even laughs in his sleep.

But there was still time for the herb to mature so he simply decided to tell his brother about it since their relationship was quite great. After, they easily control the whole red mountain city and secret within.

Moreover, if he got promoted his family would also reap the benefits so there were almost zero chances of his brother backstabbing him since he wasn’t an alchemist. Furthermore, even if the king kills Vance, he simply can’t bear the wrath of the Pill Flame Organization because they have a method to finding out who killed their people even if someone used assassination.

That’s what makes the organization so dreadful and no one dares to pick on its people anymore. They have eradicated an entire empire once just because a prince dares to assassinate a Blue Alchemist to make it clearer; a sect-made organization wasn’t one to trifler with.

As for hundred years period, for Qi River Realm Cultivators, hundred years were half of their life spam because cultivators of Qi River Realm can prolong their life span for hundred years!

That’s why Vance waited for hundred years so he could get his hands on the legendary herb and exchange it with a method for entering into the higher realm. If he were to succeed their kingdom might have a chance to become an empire and he could easily enter the purple grade alchemist with the help of Flam Pill Organization. Most importantly, his life span would go up to five hundred years!

But alas, all his dreams were destroyed by a little thief!

First, he wanted to come personally but the time was chaotic, and decided to go with his big brother the King plan to send Dulce here. He was very confident and proud of his talented niece so he wasn’t worried much.

However, when Vance heard the news of the Blood Rose robbery, he vomits a large amount of blood and fainted on the spot.

That’s why he comes here full of fury and beat Dulce black and blue without holding back anything. But he can’t kill her since she was still his brother’s daughter and he himself care much for her. Therefore, after beating her, he drags her back himself and comes back to find that rascal thief!

Yet, even after a whole year, he can’t find anything and that makes him extremely vex and he almost starts genocide in the lands of cities just like Dulce. But he forced himself back because he knew a legend and that even made him tremble in fear.

In the end, with gritting teeth Vance decided to accept Zelda’s help and share the blood rose with her after finding it.

It made him hate that thief to bone marrow. How could he not? If not for him, all of this would never even happen in the first place!

Zelda saw Vance’s face that was as dark as charcoal and wanted to laugh at this old guy’s misfortune but for sake of accruing that thief’s portrait held herself back.

But how could Vance an old fox who lives for more than a hundred years didn’t see the ridicule in Zelda’s eyes? This made him, even more, vex and his face fell.

‘Hmph! Still wet behind her ears, If not for that scoundrel of a thief I would never even speak with this girl!’ Vance grinds his teeth in hatred.


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