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Eternal Thief – Chapter 485: Witch Bahasa Indonesia

The mist domain terranes were filled with a faint layer of mist all year long and it was chilly in here as the sunlight seldom reached this place.

But for those who were proficient in the art of stealth, these terranes were like their home ground. Just like a certain thief.

A month passed since Ace has left the Blade Domain.

He was already in the Mighty Mist Province, but he didn’t go toward the Mist Domain. Instead, he continued to move in the North direction.

Because Freya’s actual body was in the Misty Rain Forest, which was a borderline between Mist Province and Spear Province, it was also an excellent location for him to claim his last reward as well.

Furthermore, the Golden Black Compass Point was still pointed in the same direction, which means the Mist Province wasn’t the last place.

Ace stopped in a remote place with a pond nearby.

“So, where is your main body? I’ll be in the Misty Rain Forest in four days?” He sends his voice into the thief’s space, where Freya was lazing around while eating translucent grapes.

His face darkened as he felt like a jockey who was carrying a young princess toward her castle.

Freya leisurely replied, “I don’t know, the moment you put me here, I lost contact with her.”

Speechless, he threw Freya out and looked at her. “Why didn’t you say so?”

Freya frowned when she appeared outside and noticed the mist around, and then looked at Ace’s dark expression.

She snorted, “I had already said I’ll be there, so contact didn’t matter. Besides, I can still feel my existence, so it doesn’t matter if we had contact or not. But I have to say, that space of yours can cut out my connection with my actual body and I can’t feel the location as well.”

Ace helplessly said, “Now, where are you?”

Freya looked meaningfully at Ace before she looked around and then she replied, “Oh, I’m a day away from this place. But you are still four days away, so wait here. I’ll come to you.”

Ace nodded and then asked, “Fine. Do you know the condition of the blade domain after we left?”

Freya didn’t reply and close her eyes for a while before she opened them as a hint of shock flashed past them.

She said in astonishment, “It seemed something big has happened in the eight provinces after we left. Some kind of corpse army is spreading between Blade and Moon province, and many noble demons are summoned to defend the borders.”

Ace’s eyes suddenly narrowed when he heard this. “What about the Demon Kings?”

Freya instantly noticed the change in Ace’s reaction. “You knew something, don’t you?”

“I only knew the corpse army originated from the same ruin where I was captured. But I knew someone who can tell me the entire story.” Ace mysteriously simile.

“Who? I don’t know how, but it seemed even the collective force of the eight demon provinces and the royal demon council weren’t able to suppress that army. Just a week ago, the envoy from the royal zone summon wild demon kings as well.” She told with a frown.

Ace was astounded. “How did you know?”

“Heh, do you think my reach is only in the eight provinces?” She looked disdainfully at him. “Anyhow, this matter seemed to be quite important, and they didn’t want that corpse army to enter any province. Now tell me what is going on?”

“I’ll tell the real you.” He sighed. “But what about the demon kings of eight provinces?”

He had seen the Earth Demon King, Ghost Demon King, with the group of masked demons and two other unfamiliar demons, but he didn’t see Blade Demon King that day.

Freya said with uncertainty, “There wasn’t any information about them. But it seemed only Earth and Ghost Demon Kings were holding commands in Blade and Moon Provinces. It seemed they had suffered casualties, which they don’t want to reveal.”

Ace couldn’t help but sighed, ‘Even demon kings gone missing? What about Thomas and the others?’ He was only concerned about Thomas.

Freya, on the contrary, was quite in a good mood, “It seemed the demons are going to suffer big this time. I wish they would lose all of their territories. Then let’s see if they continue to be dominated as they were in the past, humph!”

Ace couldn’t help but shook his head. “We don’t know the true strength of demons. Their actual strength lies in the Royal Zone, even you weren’t able to infiltrate that place despite your abilities.”

Freya’s elated expression darken as she coldly looked at him, “Are you on their side?”

Ace shrugged his shoulder. “I’m on your side, naturally. I’m just telling you the fact. I bet they had already asked the royal zone for reinforcement, and this thing will end quickly than both of us expected.”

Freya didn’t have words to rebut Ace because she knew the foundation of the demon race wasn’t something anyone could shake. Not some corpses, at least.

“How about you tell me about this soul clone technique of yours? It is quite interesting, you can share everything between your body and this body.” Ace changed the topic since he didn’t want to upset Freya.

Freya looked meaningfully at Ace. “You can’t use it.”

Ace chuckled, “You told me you needed to retrieve it before you can re-cultivate? I didn’t have time to ask about it that time, so tell me now?”

Freya thought a moment before she said, “This is a connate ability of my race, Witch’s Avatar. I can split a part of my soul and then plant it into a fetus and make it my Witch’s Avatar.”

Ace frowned when he heard it. “So, this demon?”

Freya coldly said, “This body’s real owner was the illegitimate daughter of the Exalted Demon King’s Second Son!”

This time, Ace was really shocked. “Then how did you get your hands on that woman?”

“Although my Witch’s Avatar is a unique and powerful ability, it had its own limits. The fetus has to be three-month-old, not above or low. Then it needed to be talented in the soul path, and its bloodline can’t be higher than mine or lower by two grades.

“Most importantly, if it dies at any time, I’ll suffer an unrecoverable soul injury and can never enter the manifest realm or create another Witch’s Avatar. So, what do you think I have done to make sure I reached this point?” Freya’s eyes were exempt from any emotions, as only darkness could be seen.

Ace suddenly felt cold from that emotionless gaze and finally understand why her race was called the Evil Witch Race. They were ruthless and can do anything to reach their goal!

He took a deep breath and said, “I think you seduce that Second Prince like you once try to do the same thing with me by using Aliya. Then it wasn’t hard to guess what happened next.”

Freya chuckled darkly, “This avatar was too important for me if I wanted to control my syndicate. Besides, only the Demon Tamer Tribe had the bloodline that can control beasts, and this suits my needs well. So, I did what I have to do. But now it’s a pity I have to abandon this body.” She lamented.

Ace snorted. “You are getting a cultivation technique far more powerful than anything in this world. I’m afraid; even your ancestor might abandon their entire bloodline to get this chance.”

Freya giggled suddenly, “Well, it’s me now, so they can only cry in their grave.”

Ace’s eyebrow spasmed. He couldn’t help but thanked the system for those restrictions in the Thief House or he might never trust his woman with his back. She’s just too dangerous!

Afterward, they wait for the real Freya.

A day passed, and night descends.

Ace suddenly felt a strong soul signature heading in their way and it was even stronger than Life Grandmaster Gatlin!

He looked at Freya, and she merely nodded.

Thereupon, a euphonious voice rang, “We finally meet Leader Ace!”

Ace saw a figure appear in front of him without hiding her presence.

Freya’s long white hair was like a hanging shawl. Her sharp, beautiful face filled with pride and an aura of coldness. Her slightly knit curved eyebrows combined with the pair of eyes with gray irises, and golden tri-pupils excluded a mysterious yet majestic aura, which was now mainly focused on Ace.

Even though she was wearing domineering black armor, it could still not conceal her curvaceous and mature figure. Every part of her body was equally attractive.

Along with her white hair, cold and proud temperament, peerless mature face, and proud and erect bosom, which could be clearly seen even though it was closely wrapped by the armor, made even Ace’s eyes widen.

Especially that pair of eyes with golden tri-pupils, giving off an impression of maturity, elegance, tyranny, and pride, which was filled with a bizarre kind of enchantment.

She was nothing but a Witch!


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