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Eternal Thief – Chapter 450: Sword Art: Dark Life Plexus Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone felt relief when they heard Feng’s courageous words.

At this moment, they finally spotted the beasts in that white mist.

They were three-meter in size while they were covered in snow-white fur, only their gray vicious eyes were visible and long beastly teeth, and they were over fifty.

However, Ace also notice what other’s failed because of the white mist, at the very back of these late-grade-3 Ice Dire Wolves were eight more Ice Dire Wolves, but they were over five meters in size while four of them were early-stage grade-4, three of them intermediate grade-4, and the most powerful of them all was a late stage grade-4, and it was six meters in size.

‘That must be the wolf king of this pack, and there might be more. Although I can leave, they won’t be able to handle these many wolves. I still haven’t done with them, and I need them alive…’ Ace mused while looking at those madly charging wolves.

“Peter and Thomas, take the command,” Feng said at this moment.

Peter’s expression changed. “What do you mean?”

Feng said in a gloomy tone, “I’m going to kill the wolf king, as long as he died we can easily kill the others or those guys will keep coming at us, and I’m afraid if this drag long more wolves will join them.”

“Are you mad? You have to cross that wolf wall first, and we still didn’t know if there’s a wolf king or not, and you won’t able to find it even if there was one. Don’t act recklessly.” Thomas retorted seriously. He differed completely from his jolly self.

“Don’t worry about me. I can feel the wolf king behind that horde. Just focus on cleaning those wolves. We have to leave quickly after I dealt with the wolf king.”

With that, Feng instantly left the barrier, wasting no more time.

“Fuck, that reckless fool!” Thomas cursed as he watched Feng charging right into the wolves.

Peter also had an ugly expression. Although he was a sword cultivator like Feng, he could tell this was a reckless move.

But alas, they were already late, and Feng was already gone without waiting for anyone to stop him.

Brenna spoke at this moment with a hint of shock, “Look!”

They all suddenly looked in the direction Brenna pointed, and they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Hundreds of sword shadows suddenly formed above Feng’s head before he slashed his sword, creating a humming sound, and those sword shadows shot toward those wolves like heavy rain.

Almost all the wolves let loose ghastly cries and ten of them were dead on the spot!

“Powerful!” Carlee muttered with astonishment.

While Alora also had stars in her eyes, no one know what she was thinking.

Gibson exclaimed, “It seems we are the ones who underestimated him. Don’t forget, he is the number one talent in our province!”

Everyone nodded in a daze.

Peter’s eyes were filled with battle intent as he thought of the scene of hundreds of swords, shadows forming above Feng like a sword crown.

“I’m also going!” with that, he also left the barrier and charge toward those wounded wolves; who went into a frenzy after Feng’s attack.

“Peter!” Brenna cried in alarm and wanted to go after him.

However, Thomas appeared in front of her, stopping her, but he had a smile on his face right now, not terror.

“Get out of my way!” Brenna glared at Thomas.

Thomas’s expression turned stony. “You’ll only get in his way.” He then shot a meaningful glance at Gibson.

Gibson quickly react and approached Brenna and said, “He’s right princess, Peter also had sword intent like boss Feng, so he’ll be fine. But if you left, he might lose focus on battle and get injured. We don’t want that, right?”

Brenna bit her lip but didn’t try to leave anymore. She knew they were right and could only pray for her lover’s safety.

Thomas finally smiled, “Don’t worry, those two sword-brain guys won’t die that easy. Let’s just clean up those little dogs first before supporting them.”

Everyone nodded as they circulated their Qi as it locked onto those reaming wolves with killing intent.

In the meantime,

Ace has already spotted the enormous wolves a few meters away from the horde. He just used the first move of his Dual Sword Mirage to weaken the wolves to a great degree.

As for the consequences of showing his sword art, he wasn’t worried anymore, since he could always tell he stumbled upon this move within a ruin close to his tribe.

No one could tell the nature of Qi in dual sword mirage, not as long as they didn’t experience it themselves. To others, those dark swords are like sword shadows.

Besides, Ace was feeling uneasy about this situation, so he quickly reacted, or he didn’t mind dragging this fight.

His eyes flashed at this moment. ‘That idiot is hot-blooded.’ Ace smiled wryly when he sensed Peter has also left the barrier and was fighting his way toward him.

At this moment, those big dire wolves had already sensed Ace approaching. The Ice Dire Wolf King let loose an angry roar before the other nine wolves charge straight at Ace.

However, their white fur suddenly glowed in silver light and the ground started to tremble.

Ace noticed the Qi ripples in the snow, and he quickly dodged, but it wasn’t enough as ice spikes started to shoot out from the snowy ground at a fast pace, without stopping.

This wasn’t the end, as those wolves opened their maws and silver Qi started to gather between them.

Ace’s eyes contracted when he felt danger from those silver Qi balls in those wolves’ mouths, but he was also busy dodging the ice spikes.

“You’re asking for it!” his eyes suddenly turned misty at this moment.

Those nine wolves suddenly jerked and the silver Qi in their mouth also undulate before becoming unstable and detonating in their mouths!

Although Ace’s soul bullet wasn’t enough to kill those wolves, it was enough to hinder that skill and used it against them.

Those ice spikes also stopped forming after the blasts.

However, Ace could sense those wolves were alive and only injured. So, he quickly reacted as he moved toward them at full speed.

“Twin Demon Emergence, Twin Demon Roar!” Ace instantly used the sword-draw art’s second move.

Winds whistled as two green arks like crescent moon formed by Ace’s lighting-like draw and headed straight toward those nine wolves who were still in a stupor.


However, Ace suddenly felt his scalp tingle with trepidation after hearing that infuriated cry. Thereupon, the snowy ground beneath those wolves trembled before a thick ice wall emerged and took them off the ground, and the two sword arks missed their targets and landed on the ice wall.

But Ace didn’t have time to worry about those wolves because thousands of sharp snowflakes were raining down on him like small needles.

He finally understood why he had this bad feeling that the wolf king wasn’t simple at all and a cunning fellow!

If he hasn’t moved, the entire team might fell into a huge dilemma at that time, and then he might have had to use his actual skills to escape. Then his plans would go to the drain.

However, he also had to deal with this wolf king now while someone was still monitoring him. But without using his actual power, it would be quite the tidiest task.

Nevertheless, he was getting the EXP out of it, so it wasn’t like he was doing it for nothing.

Ace again used his dual sword mirage to counter those snowflakes before using his silent steps to charge at the wolf king.

‘It seemed I have to use that new move, but I have to create a distraction first…’ Ace’s eyes turn icy as the sword in his right hand disappeared.

He waved his sword in hand, creating a huge torrent of earth Qi before he focused that Qi toward the wolf king.

But how could that crude attack land on the wolf king?

He roared, and another ice wall appeared, blocking the earth Qi. However, because of that collusion, a vast cloud of snow filled the surrounding and Qi undulation, completing cutting off other’s visions and making the Qi senses chaotic!

Right at this moment, Ace’s right hand turned pitch black as lighting crackled around it.

‘Dark Life Plexus; Lighting Sword Fingers!’

This was the first time Ace was using his second sword art he created to enter the sword as finger realm, the Dark Life Plexus Sword Art!

Thereupon, the wolf king suddenly felt death approaching as all the hair on his body stood. It wanted to escape, but before it could, five dark streaks filled with lightning and shadow sword intent appeared right before him with a zap!

Without any chance to evade, he had to block but alas, those five strikes were just too deadly and directly crushed on five main acupuncture points, destroying them and the wolf king died within an instant!


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