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Eternal Thief – Chapter 447: Another Thief Helper Bahasa Indonesia

“No, the Yin Soul Possession Technique is something only passed down in my maternal clan. Even my deceased father didn’t know about it, and only women can practice it!”

Ace’s eyes flashed with disappointment when he heard this. He finally thought he can have a clone technique reference to create his own somehow, but it seemed he was destined to be disappointed.

He pursed his lips. “Then, this means your soul clone can help you with the backlash of a soul contract as well, right? But won’t you already say you know I can also bypass the royal council’s loyalty contract? How are you planning to deal with it?”

Freya smiled slightly, “No, you didn’t know the soul contracts aren’t easy to bypass, like those slaves or loyalty contracts made with martial materials. Although, the method of forging soul contracts is only in the hands of the imperial family.

“But every one of the soul contracts is absolute if you don’t have a soul type substitute like my soul clone to bear the contract. That’s why I wasn’t worried you’ll back down after signing the soul contract.

“However, who would’ve thought you’ll fool me into joining you instated!” She smiled wryly in the end.

Ace said nothing about it and only smile subtly. “Well, I trick you into an opportunity? This didn’t count, right? So, what is this hex magic?”

She pursed her lips, but still answered, “You can say Qi is Magic and Magic Qi. But Magic differs slightly from Qi because as long as you know ‘Spells or Chants’ you can use any element Qi or Magic, while you have only one innate element Qi.

“Magic or Qi both have the same fundamentals, while Qi is difficult to master when Magic can be grasped by spells. If you knew a law spell, you can even cast a law skill if you can support the Qi consumption!

“As for Hex Magic, it’s the branch of Black Magic. With hex magic, you can curse someone to death, control their mind as I do with small creatures, possess someone’s mind to do things, or you can even perform healing curses and many more.”

Ace’s eyes lit up. ‘I can even perform a law skill if I had a magic spell? Didn’t this mean I collect a bunch of law spells, I don’t have to worry about enemies?!’

Freya seemed to guess what Ace was daydreaming about and snorted disdainfully, “Do you think a law spell is a cabbage which you can find anywhere? Even our race didn’t have one!”

“What? So rare?” Ace felt his dreams shattered.

“Hmph, I know little, so forget it. As for a grimoire, it’s a spell book where you can write and store magic spells and even release them instantly, like a talisman. But only some races can make a Grimoire recognize them and for others, they are nothing but simple books.” said Freya.

“Wait a moment, that book you mention…” Ace’s eyes flashed.

“Yes, the Myriad Hex Manual is a Grimoire of my ancestor, and it also records her spells as well. It’s also indestructible or Devil and Demon Ancestors won’t leave it alone and destroyed it like other grimoires, but they can’t use it either, so they let their juniors take care of it.

“It seemed the Grimoire landed in the imperial demon family’s hand and after all these years, they might’ve already forgotten about the terror of that grimoire. So, they let that demon price use it to draw us out in the upcoming auction of the Life Demon Association.

“But after I mention that grimoire you show only momentarily interest and that’s led me to think you have your own grimoire.” She smiled bitterly in the end.

“Oh, I was still seen thought in the end, huh?” Ace chuckled, “Don’t worry, I’m sure the grimoire in your shop is more powerful than the one in the imperial family’s hand.”

Freya retorted lightly, “No, that grimoire is also a rank nine, and it had many hex spells. You can say it’s a full inheritance of my ancestor, so I need it! That’s why I wanted to control you because of your thievish skills, but it seemed now you have to help me, anyway!”

Ace didn’t reject her, “As long as you show your worth, I’ll steal anything for you, but only if it won’t put anyone of us in jeopardy.”

“I understand.” Freya nodded. She had to admit, with Ace’s skills, it wasn’t impossible to get the grimoire.

“So, now you know everything, but you still didn’t tell me how did you come here from the blood continent and cross the barrier around the demon continent, and what’s your end goal?” She asked with slightly narrow eyes.

Ace smiled bitterly, “I’m not a hunter but a human from Azure Wind Continent and I entered here by accident.”

He can’t tell her he almost died, and the system teleported him to the middle of the demon continent. He has to maintain his leader’s image, after all.

Freya’s eyes widen slightly and exclaim, “Human? That hateful race?”

Ace’s expression fell and retorted, “What do you mean hateful?”

Freya said with a hint of anger, “They are hateful because they also join demons and devils to kill our race at that time, and they’re loyal dogs of devils, Hmph!”

Ace’s eyes narrowed, “You mean devils control humans?”

He naturally does not know about the main azure wind continent since he came from the lower lands, but from Freya’s tone, he could sense something was amiss.

Freya nodded, “I don’t know where you came from, but the human continent has long been under the devil race’s protection and devils had their sect in the azure wind continent.”

Ace was shocked inwardly and couldn’t help but think about what Patriarch Empty Dream told him years before.

‘It seemed they did scheme against Patriarch, and then they allegiance themselves to devils. Do they really stoop to such a level?’ He grimaced.

Although Ace didn’t have any ties with humans, he was still a human, and he felt sad about their conduct.

“Forget it, they have nothing to do with me.” Ace shook his head.

Freya said nothing, but she was still astonished about Ace’s identity, and now he can order her around. How ironic.

“Then what’s your end goal?” She changed the topic.

Ace said with uncertainty, “I don’t have any end goal. I just want to become strong for the time being, and I can only rely on the ‘goddess’, which means I have to theft. As for my current goal, it’s the life demon treasure pagoda!”

Freya felt he had just heard something absurd. “Life Demon Treasure Pagoda of Life Demon Association?”

“What, there’s another one?” Ace pretended to be startled.

She pursed her lips. “Are you trying to get killed? Don’t you know those buildings are the most secure places in eight provinces? Even I can’t infiltrate too deep into the Life Demon Association, they’re just too careful.”

Ace sighed and lamented, “I don’t have any choice. It’s the order of the goddess. I can only grit my teeth and walk forward.”

Freya’s eyes suddenly glow in understanding, ‘So, that’s how it is. No wonder, he had an ample amount of HP. It’s all because he can directly receive a mission from the goddess, but they also seemed quite dangerous.’

Ace guess what she was thinking, but he didn’t correct her and smiled, “You see, I already have the entire structure of blade domain’s treasure pagoda, including all the ranks of traps, formations, hidden treasuries, and other stuff.”

Freya was startled. “How do you get this kind of secret?”

“Hehe, I have my means, so tell me, are you in or not? I’ll issue you the same mission as your senior, but different from her since you’re a control type thief.” Ace asked, even though he already knew the answer.

Freya felt she had underestimated Ace again, and she had to reevaluate this leader of her.

She said, “What kind of thief is my senior, can you tell me?”

Ace said ambiguously, “You can ask your senior after you both meet. I won’t divulge anyone’s information since it would be unfair to both of you. Although we are like family now, we have to respect each other’s privacy, right?”

‘Family, huh?’ She looked meaningfully at Ace.

Freya pouted beautifully, “Fine, I’ll just have to wait, so what do you want me to do?”

“How much time do you need to change your cultivation technique?” Ace asked.

He knew she was already a peak platinum soul embryo cultivator, so she won’t need to reset her foundation like Noa.

Freya thought for a moment, “I have to see the cultivation technique first, but I don’t think I can buy it with my current credit, and I also didn’t meet any requirements.”

Ace know the meaning behind her hints and smiled subtly.

“I’ll tell you the method to earn house points without missions. But I don’t want to you change your cultivation technique until I’m done with this theft.

“Because the cultivation technique is the most precious one you have ever seen, it can grant you an innate soul ability in every realm, so it would take quite a while to recover your original cultivation after you started.

“I’ll also leave the building’s blueprint with you, and you have to…”


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