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Eternal Thief – Chapter 446: Evil Witch Race Bahasa Indonesia

Ace had already seen her entire shop and status, and he looked at Freya with a hint of delight. ‘Her skills and techniques are completely different from thief assassin. Her actual strength lies in control and deception!

‘She can easily sway the targets and create an opening in their securities and get the keys of treasuries for me and so much more. This will make my life much easier and I don’t have to worry about collecting information and hidden danger anymore.’

Freya finally snapped out of her own fanatics and noticed Ace’s smirk. She took a deep breath before a peculiar glint flashed past her eyes and bow her head, “Leader Ace, please accept Freya’s humble apology about what happened before!”

‘She changed colors even faster than blinking.’ Ace thought.

He teased, “What, you want House Points?”

Freya’s expression didn’t change. “No, I want a mission, and I’ll earn them myself. You just have to issue the mission.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not a frivolous person, and you’ll get what you deserved.” Ace smiled hintingly, “Now tell me about your Evil Witch race and what this had to do with hex demon. And, what is this hex magic and witchcraft they seemed to relate to each other?”

Freya knew she can’t hide her biggest secret from Ace anymore, and he was the leader who controlled the mission, which she desperately needed.

Furthermore, after she looked at the items in the shop and their prices, she became curious about how much HP Ace had since he could use them to give her tasks and how did he get them.

She also came to a startling conclusion that Ace might have far more privileges than the members, which she couldn’t imagine. Just the privilege of seeing her ‘house status’ was enough to give her the idea.

‘Although he looked like a happy-go-lucky person, he tricked me and I can’t tell when he’s lying as if it’s his second nature. I should not antagonize him much, or he might get rid of me with the missions. I still didn’t know the limitation of these missions he can issue!’ She mused.

She spoke, “The Evil Witch Race is not inborn, but a fallen race of Spiritual Witch Race. I know little about the Spiritual Witch Race, but according to the records left by my ancestors, the first Evil Witch was born after she fell into the path of evil.

“She stole the Forbidden Evil Grimoire, which was left behind by some evil god, and practice the evil witchcraft in that grimoire. Afterward, that Forbidden Evil Grimoire changed her entire anatomy, and she became the first Fallen One, the Evil Witch!

“The Spiritual Witch Race naturally won’t let this kind of evil existence live who was born from their race and hunted the first Evil Witch with everything they had, but the Forbidden Evil Grimoire was much more powerful than they expected.

“Not only did the Evil Witch escape their pursuit, but it’s recorded that she managed to kill half of the Spiritual Witch Race with the Forbidden Evil Grimoire, making the Spiritual Witch Race cower and gave up on killing her.

“After the first Evil Witch was born, she created more Evil Witches with the Forbidden Evil Grimoire and that’s the background of our Evil Witch Race!”

Her voice was filled with pride and awe for this first Evil Witch and longing for this Forbidden Evil Grimoire.

Ace’s eyes flashed with astonishment. He didn’t expect the Evil Witch Race has such a history.

She continued as her expression turned grim, “However, when the other races found out the potential of the Evil Witch Race and their ability to control the mind of the living being without them knowing, they all felt threatened, and they banded together with the Spiritual Witch Race to eliminate us.

“I don’t know what happened in that war, but according to the records, some of our low-rank clansmen appeared in Golden Sky World, on the mighty demon continent over tens of thousands of years ago.

“It’s stated that the Magic or Qi density of this world was thousands of times lower than the world where my ancestors came from, and it also lacks something more, but it wasn’t stated what. But they were shocked that this world was quite peaceful, and they can live here without any worry and never wanted to return.”

‘Could it be they’re from another heaven?!’ Ace instantly thought of the possibility.

Freya’s eyes turned icy at this moment, “But who would’ve thought that the demon race would attack my ancestors and try to enslave them for their blood?

“It’s stated that the Demon Ancestor somehow found out that our race’s blood was extremely useful for the king-level clans to evolve into emperor-level clans, and it was even more potent than their own race!

“But the real reason was the longevity in our blood, which even drew Devil Ancestor into the mix.

“At that time, a huge war break out between the three races, but the demons outmatched the evil witch race by their massive numbers, and they even had the support of the Devil Race.

“Although we have powerful hex magic, and we can easily manipulate some strong demon tribes, the devils had extremely powerful souls, and it wasn’t easy to control them. Faced with Demon Ancestor and Devil Ancestor, our Ancestor perished.

“They even called us Hex Demon and make us look like villains while the actual villains became heroes!” she gritted her teeth in the end.

Ace felt his horizon broaden, hearing Evil Witch Race’s tragic ending.

‘Devil Ancestor and Demon Ancestor, what kind of existences they are to eradicate the evil witch race who were from another heaven!’ Ace felt chills just thinking about them.

“But some of our clansmen still managed to survive, and I’m the decedent of one of these survivors. But most of them are dead because of the harsh conditions of wildness, and the demon race never stops hunting us.

“I’m probably the only one who left of my race until I found out about you.” She looked at Ace with a hint of embarrassment.

Ace smiled meaningfully, “But it seemed you didn’t have kind intentions toward me and found me a threat, or you just didn’t want me to get in your way, right?”

Freya didn’t hide her intentions, “First, I was only curious about your real identity when the Mist Demon King requested to find out about your whereabouts. You have stolen something from her, right?”

“Heh, yes, I indeed stumbled upon something belonging to Mist Demon King.” Ace admitted, but he would never tell anyone that he got a fragment of eternal provenance treasure from that theft!

Freya nodded and didn’t ask what he had stolen, “Afterward I keep an eye out there for you in the iron demon city and I accidentally discovered you comprehended the element sword intent and then stealing Henrik’s storage ring.”

Ace’s eyes flashed, “How did you do it?” he was really curious about this thing for a while now.

Freya’s lips curled into a charming smile. “I can control the small mortal creatures and see everything they see with their own eyes. That’s how I always acquired information without being noticed by anyone. Everyone ignored these small creatures, and only some paid attention to them.”

Ace’s eyes widen slightly in understanding and smiled wryly, “So, that’s how it is. You taught me another essential lesson, thank you.”

“Hmph.” Freya scoffed. “Anyway, afterward it was easy to find your disguise, and Feng’s rise was just too unnatural. But no one noticed it except me, though.

“Seeing your talent, I suspected you had a grimoire, and that’s why I wanted to draw you here and used the soul hex imprint to make you loyal to me.” She said while carefully noticing Ace’s expression.

Ace clearly didn’t mind, “So, first you decided to see if I know about this soul hex mark or not, and I guess it’s something only some witches can perform, right?” He smiled.

Freya’s eyes flashed, and she nodded, “Yes, the soul hex pack is something two evil witches performed when they decided to live and died with each other, and they can only perform this once in their life.

“While the soul hex imprint is an unbreakable slave imprint that brands the essential soul and makes the bearer absolute loyal to their master, both ritual processes are almost similar. I would’ve drawn the magic circle myself for the ritual, making it even more difficult to escape the inevitable.”

Ace’s eyes turned somewhat cold hearing this and utter, “Don’t you think I can also be a clone like you?”

She sensed Ace’s unhappiness but knew it was meaningless to hide. She could only tell the truth, to earn Ace’s trust.

“No, the Yin Soul Possession Technique is something only passed down in my maternal clan. Even my deceased father didn’t know about it, and only women can practice it!”


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