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Eternal Thief – Chapter 444: Second Thief House Member: Freya Witch Bahasa Indonesia

“First relax, there’s no need to agitate anymore.” Ace calmly said as he looked at the magnificent demoness.

All-Knowing Parrot know she was now completely at the mercy of Ace right now and if he wanted, he could easily get rid of her, so there wasn’t any need for any of this. She quickly regained her calm and looked at him with vigilance.

‘Is he going to order me to do something for him?’ She thought indignantly.

She knew if it was her, and someone had tried to scheme against her, she would never let that person go no matter what!

Ace spoke with a confident smile, “As I said before, I gave you opportunity not enslavement and, in this world… no, between heaven and earth, I’m the only one who could provide this opportunity!”

All-Knowing Parrot wanted to scoff, but she held back and questioned, “What kind of opportunity? I’m not sure if this opportunity of yours is suitable for demons. I hate to break it to you, but we are not of the same race.

“I don’t know how you infiltrate this deep into the demon continent and what you’re after or why the royal zone didn’t notice your existence, but let me make it clear we are not the same!”

“I’m aware of this, but the opportunity I’m giving you is bigger than racism and in the thief house, no matter what you are, you can grow stronger than anyone else and touch the boundaries you’ve never imagined!” Ace said with a passionate voice.

All-Knowing Parrot’s eyes shone with uncertainty. “If what you said is true, I don’t mind working with you. But I have to see the opportunity myself!”

Ace curled his lips, “Why of course, who would’ve believed just empty words, right? I’ll let you experience the power of the ‘Thief Goddess’ first. Just say ‘Thief House’ or thought of it, and you’ll understand everything!”

‘Thief Goddess?!’ All-Knowing Parrot’s heart trembled and said without hesitation. “Thief House.”

However, Ace’s face fell when he saw no status panel appeared and suddenly thought of something, he puckered his lips, “It seemed only your main body can use it. Well, it also made sense. How could a mere clone have the privilege of the main body?”

“Alright.” All-Knowing Parrot was hesitant this time, but she knew if Ace wanted to harm her, he didn’t need to play petty tricks anymore.

Ace also used the thief house interface to see the All-Knowing Parrot information while she was doing the same.

On the other side,

All-Knowing Parrot’s main body mutter, “Thief House.”

She yelped when a dark screen appeared with the words and the same mysterious static voice rang in her head.


[Welcome to Thief House]

[Rules & Regulations of Thief House]

0. Any violation of Thief House Rules & Regulations will result in Absolute Death!

1. The house members cannot betray, scheme, sabotage, or held malicious intentions against Thief House or its members.

2. The house members cannot insurgent thief house or rebel against the House Leader (Ace White)!

3. The details about the Thief House and its members cannot be shared with any non-members under any circumstances, or it will violate rule zero.

4. The house members cannot leave the Thief House once joined.

5. Internal fighting is not allowed, nor other members can have any kind of malicious intentions against a fellow member.

6. The house members will get House Points with every successful house mission, or any mission issued by House Leader (Ace White).

7. House Points are the currency of Thief House and members can use them in House Shop. No other sort of currency is allowed!

8. If any member failed the House Mission or House Leader (Ace White) Mission, the house points will be deducted, followed by a punishment based on the importance of that mission!


‘Is this some kind of cursed magic?’ She didn’t dare to believe in her eyes because it was just absurd, and she never heard of anything like this before.

As she read the rules, she finally understood what has happened to her when she showed killing intent to Ace.

“Is this really the work of a god? Are they real?!” She felt goosebumps all over her body just thinking about it.

She didn’t believe in any God, but now she felt her beliefs turned upside down and her breath quickened.

“I-if it’s really the blessing of a god, then everything he said is true, and it seemed only he can share this blessing with others. It’s just that if he told me directly, I would’ve never believed him… no, I have to see more!”

She quickly focused on the [Continue] and the interface changed again.


[Thief House]

[House Leader: Ace White]

[House Members: 2/3]

[House Member: Freya Witch (Female)]

[Race: Evil Witch]

[Bloodline: Illusionary Witch (Grade-6 Bloodline) (Upgradeable)]

[Thief Genre: No Appointed (Only House Leader can appoint a Thief Genre)]

[Soul Cultivation: Platinum Soul Embryo Realm (Advance Stage-9)]

[Talent: Average (Upgradeable)]

[House Point(s): 100]

[House Mission(s): 0]

[House Leader Mission(s): 0]

[House Punishment(s): 0]

[House Shop: Available (Empty at this moment)]


All-Knowing Parrot or Freya’s eyes contracted the moment she saw her real name and ‘Evil Witch’ race, her heart turn cold because this was her biggest secret.

“How is this possible?!” she exclaimed. The more she read, the more she felt her scalp tingle with trepidation.

This was simply unimaginable that all her secrets were revealed.

“Is this done by goddess?!” She didn’t dare to take Ace’s words for wind anymore.

Inside the lionheart shop,

Ace naturally saw Freya’s status and looked at her clone with a hint of bewilderment. “Evil Witch? What kind of race is this? I never heard of it before?”

The soul clone naturally knew what her body just saw and narrowed her eyes at Ace with a hint of nervousness, “Can you see this information as well?”

Ace smiled mockingly. “I’m the leader, of course, I can see everything. We are members now, so it’s won’t be good to hide things from each other, right? So, what is an evil witch?”

Ace was extremely interested in this Evil Which since he has never seen this race in the records, and they seemed quite powerful. Her bloodline and potential were both higher than Noa’s!

“I’ll naturally tell you everything since you’re the leader, but first, tell me, is this really a work of god? Then why can you select the other member and why we are thieves? Can I evolve my bloodline and potential, and what is this Thief Genre only you could select?” Freya threw a volley of questions sternly.

Ace answered without minding her tone, “Showdown, will you? I’ll answer your question one by one. First, do you think I’m capable enough to make something like this?”

“No!” she answered without any hesitation.

Ace pursed his lips, finding this somewhat offensive, but he continued, “Then only a being like gods can make this and increase your talent and bloodline. As for why we are thieves, it’s because we bless by the goddess of thieves, so we naturally have to be thieves. What are you, dissatisfied?”

Freya deeply looked at Ace’s dark blue eyes and wanted to see through him, but she found nothing. In the end, she sighed, “No, if I can become strong, I don’t mind becoming a thief or a monarch.”

“Good, as for why I can select the members, it is naturally because I have more merits than you, and I’m the leader. As for thief genre…” Ace coolly stated the obvious while he explained the thief genre, house points, missions, and house shop.

‘She’s harder to deal with than Noa!’ Ace thought bitterly after speaking for half an hour.

Noa blindly believe everything he said and never question him, but Freya differed completely from humble Noa.

“Then this means if I have more merit, I can also become the leader?” She asked impassively. She had more understanding of Thief Hose after Ace explained.

It was simply magical that she didn’t dare to believe, but the proof was right before her eyes and her calculative nature appeared again.

Ace narrowed his eyes at this question. Even Noa didn’t dare to court his leadership position, but this woman’s ambition was on another level.

His eyes went sharp like blades as he said, “If you want my position, you can try. But let me warn you, if you try to scheme or sabotage me or another from the Thief House, I won’t stop the punishment next time. You might hide your emotions for me, but you can’t hide it from the goddess!”

Freya believed Ace’s words. She still didn’t forget that torture and the rules. She was only an ant in the face of a god and didn’t dare to cross her boundaries. If she wanted to subvert Ace, she had to fight fair and square and please the ‘goddess’.

When Ace saw her determined expression, he couldn’t help but coldly laugh inwardly.

‘You want my position? I’m afraid you have to kill me first!’


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