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Eternal Thief – Chapter 429: Life Demon Association Structure Bahasa Indonesia

Inner Blade Domain, the business district, was the area where all the important businesses of the blade domain were.

Furthermore, this was also the location where one of the wealthiest organizations of the entire mighty demons’ continent and a haven for life professions, the Life Demon Association’s branch, were and also the Life Demon Treasure Pagoda!

No one dared to provoke those eccentrics because of their arrogant and erratic natures.

At this moment, inside a grand, lavish hall, two old demons were staring at each other with hostile and vexed gazes and behind them were two middle-aged demons and three young demons who had fierce expressions on their faces as they glared at each other.

The common thing about these two groups as they all wore white and green robes. The only difference was one group had a golden pill emblem imprinted on their robes, while the other group had a rune symbol.

There was something more. They all had different numbers of small silver star shape emblems on their shoulders. The lowest number was 4 stars, while the highest was 9 stars.

The four middle-aged demons had one golden star and one or two green stars.

As for those two old demons, they had astonishingly four golden stars and two green stars.

If anyone saw them, they would instantly know they were Intermediate-Grade-4 Alchemist and Intermediate-Grade-4 Rune Crafter!

Those Silver Stars represent the first nine ranks, while the golden stars represent the symbols of a legendary grade and the green stars indicate toward low, intermediate, and high stages of a legendary grade.

The last thing that differs from those professions were the unique symbols in their robes. Alchemists had a golden pill symbol, and Rune Crafters and Runic Crafter Smiths had a golden rune symbol.

Lastly, the Crafter Smiths had an iron sword symbol, and they had the lowest status in the Life Demon Association, despite being the most in number.

Each branch of the Life Demon Association was controlled by one ‘Life Grandmaster’ while the second in command were two Life Masters and these two old demons were exactly Life Masters of the Blade Domain, Life Demon Guild.

As for why these two Life Masters have such hostility toward each other, it was because of the rivalry between Alchemists and Rune Crafters, and it wasn’t just the case with these two old demons, but the entire life demon association was this way.

These were the two biggest factions and always compete with each other for rich resources and prominent positions in the association, and the association also promotes this faction rivalry as long as they won’t break any rules or do something unethical.

The Alchemy Life Master, who had yellow skin and bright red eyes, finally said with pursed lips, “Samuel, what are you doing here? Wouldn’t you be cooped up with your stinky lines?”

The Runic Life Master named, Samuel, had crimson color skin with gray fiery eyes and long hair, he replied with a sneer, “Old Ghost Kenny, you didn’t know the immensity and beauty of runes so don’t compare your fire play with noble rune crafting!”

“Heh, how about I use that fire play to burn your whole facility down?!” Kenny’s eyes suddenly burned in a translucent crimson fire as the temperature plummeted.

Samuel’s aura also spiked as white runes started to appear on his fingertips, and he snorted, “Just try it. If I didn’t seal that rotten mouth of yours, I would write my name backward!”

However, before those two old demons fight, an even more profound aura suddenly appeared in the grand hall and a sighing old voice sounded, “Can you two stop quibbling like children each time you confront each other?”

Both old demons’ eyes widen slightly before they quickly retracted their auras and quickly bow slightly toward the doors where a fossil-like brown skin old demon, with snowy long hair, was standing with an ambiguous smile on his wilt face.

Everyone greeted in unison.

“We pay respect to, Life Grandmaster Gatlin!”

Gatlin slowly walk inside the hall and said coolly like an elder, “No need to bother yourself with formalities.”

Everyone became extremely respectful, even two life masters in front of this extremely old demon who seemed to be as weak as a dry tree branch, but his snowy eyes were full of vitality and profoundness.

Furthermore, this old demon wore the same robe with a golden pill symbol, and he had five golden stars on his shoulder and one green star, which was the symbol of a Low-Grade-Five Alchemist.

Moreover, the fifth grade was the highest grade anyone could reach in eight provinces and there were only eight in the eight provinces, including Gatlin.

All of these Life Grandmasters were extremely respectful figures, and even Demon Kings have to put a request if they wanted them to make pills or runic treasures.

Gatlin coolly said, “I know why you two are here and what made you two come out of your old caves. I heard a genius had appeared in our branch. She passed the test of the 4-star alchemist in soul alchemy twenty days ago, and yesterday, she passed the assessment for the nine-star alchemist.

“Even this old man was astonished by this news, and this progressing speed is very close to the record of the founder. Even the Life Grandmaster in core domains investigating that little demon.”

Both Life Masters have an awkward expression on their faces as their hidden intentions were seen thought by Gatlin.

They were indeed here to fight over this mysterious genius who appeared right out of nowhere and took the entire eight provinces by storm with her dazzling aptitude in alchemy and control of the soul.

“Grandmaster, since you knew this, why don’t you let me take her to the runic facility? I think she’s more suited to be a rune crafter with her soul cultivation.” Samuel shamelessly declared.

Kenny spat disdainfully, “Stop your nonsense. She’s a soul alchemist, and she didn’t choose rune crafting. You’ll just ruin her if you teach her those swinger lines!”

Gatlin uttered imposingly before those two-start bickering again, “No need, even those Life Masters wanted to accept her as their core apprentice. Do you think it’s your turn to fight over her?”

Both life masters’ expressions suddenly soured, and they looked toward Gatlin with disbelief expressions on their faces.

Gatlin suddenly grin and said with a hint of elation, “Too bad for those old ghosts. The genius appeared in my branch, and I also happened to be a soul alchemist who had never received an apprentice before.

“Do you think I would let go of such a gem that can inherit my techniques and skills? Heh, I already accepted her as a core disciple yesterday, and I’m only here to tell you two to announce this news. Hahaha… being a master is really a unique feeling…”

Gatlin left while laughing heartedly, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

Soon this news flooded the eight provinces that the eccentric life grandmaster, Gatlin, of the Life Demon Association, finally accepted a disciple who happened to be an absolute genius which startling aptitude in soul alchemy.

Many send congratulation gifts to curry favor with this rising star before she could mature, while those other life grandmasters cursed Gatlin to snatch such a genius from them.

However, those young male demons in the association have different plans altogether because that genius also happened to be an absolute beauty.

Nevertheless, this commotion had nothing to do with this particular demon who was standing outside a large shop which had a golden name board, ‘Lionheart Medicinal Shop’ and many customers were going in and out.

Ace couldn’t help but think in admiration, ‘No one can tell this shop belongs to a syndicate boss…’

Ace had come here after changing his appearance into another demon and no one could tell he was the rising sword earl, nor would they be able to monitor him.

After what happened to Flora and Dolly, he told them to stay in his room and sneak out to visit this shop because he needed something, and he can only buy it from here while remaining hidden. He also observed what kind of influence All-Knowing Parrot has and what can he do.

Ace entered the bustling shop, which had ten floors. The interior was lavishly decorated and there were all kinds of medicinal herbs behind glass displays.

A young, beautiful demoness approached him and respectfully asked in a gentle tone, “Welcome dear customer, what kind of medicinal herbs you’re looking for? We have many types of herbs from 1-stars to high-grade-1.”

Ace looked at this young demoness and said with a smile, “I want to meet this shop’s owner. Can it be arranged?”

The demoness was startled and take another glance at Ace’s appearance and no matter how much she looked; he looks extremely ordinary. But she didn’t dare of offending him because anyone who can enter the inner domain wasn’t ordinary.

“Please wait. I’ll inform the manager, only she can help you with your request!”


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