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Eternal Thief – Chapter 423: Clash with House’s Assassin Bahasa Indonesia

In the outskirts of the blade domain were Stone Hills,

Deep inside stone hills, inside a well-hidden cave filled with darkness.

At this moment, a pair of glowing dark eyes snapped open and if anyone would’ve peered in them, they could’ve bewitched in an instant and might’ve lost their soul.

Thereupon, a melodious voice sounded full of rapture, “I finally managed to breakthrough in Soul River Realm and this new ability… hehe, I can’t wait to show it to the leader. House Status!”

[Thief House Member Status]

[House Member: Noa Night (Female)]

[Race: Demon]

[Bloodline: Night Demon (Grade-1 Bloodline) (Upgradeable)]

[Thief Genre: Thief Assassin (Novice)]

[House Rank: Old Member (Upgradeable)]

[Next Rank [Excellent Member]: 3/5,000 Thieveries]

[Soul Cultivation: Soul River (Empty Soul River)]

-Innate Soul Ability(s): 2

1. No Kill

[Description: Completely hide Thief Assassin’s Killing Intent and Life Aura]

2. …

[Description: …]

[Talent: Low (Upgradeable)]

[Technique & Skills: 7]

-Cultivation Technique(s):

1. Thief Assassin Principles: Third Realm

-Body Refinement Technique(s):

1. Night Demon Body Transformation: (Not Cultivate)

-Cultivation Art(s):

1. Endless Shadow Daggers Rainfall:

Shadow Rain Dance: Low

Stormy Shadow Rain: None

Endless Shadow Rainfall: None


1. Thief Assassin’s Soul Steps: Low

2. Thief Assassin’s Soul View: Low

4. Thief’s Charity (Inverse & Reverse): Low

3. Soul Threats: Intermediate

-Treasure(s): 1

1. Endless Night Daggers Set [32 Pin-Daggers]: Grade- 4

[House Point(s): 7,350]

[House Mission(s): 0]

[House Leader Mission(s): 0]

[House Punishment(s): 0]

[House Shop: Thief Assassin]


Noa couldn’t help but marvel at her status, which had gone through a tremendous change from years ago, and it had become extremely detailed. She couldn’t help but admire this ‘divine blessing’ again and again.

‘I should start cultivating the body refinement technique while advancing in my soul alchemy. I need to be a grade-1 soul alchemist before I can create those medicinal liquids.

‘Only then I can purchase the Thief Assassin Invisible Cloaking the last soul art in the shop. Then I can solely focus on upgrading my bloodline and I will also increase my cultivation speed.

‘But to do all this, I have to enter a king’s domain, but it’s hazardous. Some people were searching this area three months ago and without my No Kill, I would’ve been discovered.

‘I wonder when the leader will come for me and take me away…’ She couldn’t help but think with a hint of anticipation and yearning.

However, a sudden voice snapped her out of her daydreaming,


[Thief House Leader (Ace White) has issued a mission]


Noa was startled before happiness filled her heart as she quickly opened the mission. She knew Ace would seldom contact her and last time he did, to inquire about her safety, though.

She was looking forward to it, this time.

[Thief House Leader Mission]

-Mission: Time to meet!

Description: Meet me at Stone Hill Pass.

-Reward: One Life Escape Coin

Time: 7 Days

Punishment: None!


“Finally!” she rumbled in elation before she quickly left her hidden cave and vanished into the dark night.

Stone Hill Pass was like a barricade that marked the final boundary between Blade Domain and the entire Mighty Blade Province, and only after crossing this stone hill pass will one truly enter the Blade Domain.

Furthermore, this stone hill pass was tightly secure and a blade demon envoy command it the entire year to make sure no one unqualified entered Blade Domain, and it was also the first defensive line of blade domain.

At this moment, a hooded figure completely invisible to all those guards and all the arrays and formations cross the enormous gates of the stone hill pass, leaving the blade domain.

No one notice anything and keep doing their usual work, nor did it trigger any kind of trap, as if that hooded figure could easily see the positions of those traps.

‘Heh, I never thought Live Mapping’s ability to pinpoint traps will be so useful, I can avoid all of them and I don’t need soul-shattering eyes as long as I don’t want to theft some treasury…’

This invisible hooded figure was indeed Ace in his heartless stealth and as for what he was doing here instead of the shadow mountain range, it was obviously to meet Noa.

The boundary of the entire shadow mountain range was covered with poison mist, so the participants couldn’t leave before the competition ended, or someone else won’t enter.

However, Ace easily passed though that deadly poison mist since it didn’t fear that level of poison and the array that can create that poison.

After he got the legacy treasure of Mist Demon Tribe, Mist Camouflage Mask from Santos, he was planning to do this all along, so he could bring Noa inside the blade domain and also deliver her soul medicine herbs he collected for her practice.

That was also why he was controlling his own ranking all this time, so he could leave without being worried, and Thomas also seemed to be doing just fine.

Furthermore, he also had another plan for Noa, and it would be beneficial for both of them in a long run, especially Noa. He also felt bad to leave her alone on that remote stone hills.

‘I should be back before the first phase end and start my investigation for my mission…’ Ace mused as he speeded up and moved toward the dense forest.

Ace found a secluded place close to the stone hill pass and waited for Noa.

Although they didn’t have a meeting point, he could find her with her soul signature.

Time passed, it was already the second last day of their meeting deadline.

The full moon illuminates the surrounding with its gentle light. Ace’s eyes suddenly snapped open at this moment and a smile appeared on his face before he vanished from his spot.

Three hundred meters south from Ace’s waiting spot, a shadow flashed past trees with astonishing precision and moved toward the stone hill pass.

However, at this moment, an icy voice rang, startling this shadow. “Who are you sneaking around this place? Show yourself!”

The shadow trembled slightly before it turned around, revealing a cloaked person, and in front of this person was standing a tall green skin demon, completely visible under the moonlight.

“Hmph!” A cold snort rang before the cloaked person completely vanished. Even her presence was gone, with no trace.

Ace’s eyes narrowed. ‘This no-kill is really something even my soul sense can’t detect anything, and she had already entered the Soul River Realm.’

At this moment, Ace suddenly felt a cold sensation surrounding his neck from all directions, and quickly used his misperception steps to dodge!


Sharp voices of metal smashing together rang after Ace moved from his position, and Ace’s eyes contracted when he saw twelve pitch black daggers hovering in a circle.

Those blade daggers were eight inches long and extremely thin and sharp like pins. If not for their small handles, one couldn’t fathom they were daggers or ordinary pins.

‘Endless Night Daggers Set! Even a river core realm will be dead by that ambush!’

Ace’s expression turned serious when he realized just how deadly a thief assassin was with that dagger set and soul cultivation art.

However, Noa didn’t give him any chance, and those twelve daggers suddenly turned into black streaks and shot toward Ace.

“Not happening!” He coldly grunted before using his swords, brandished with light Qi.

“Hehe, you’re dead!” Noa’s voice buzzed at this moment from a few inches away from Ace’s ears, which make Ace’s heart tremble.

“Not good!” Ace felt goosebumps all over, and he knew if he didn’t do anything, he really might be died by his own member’s hand.

The white Qi suddenly turned into pitch black and a dark sheen surrounded the edges of his sword. “Dual Shadow Mirage: Ten Thousand Shadows Mirage!”

The dark Qi suddenly turned into a dark sword storm before clashing with Noa’s daggers and her sneak attack.

Noa’s eyes went wide, and she yelped in alarm, but she didn’t back down and used her movement technique to dodge all those dark sword streaks. But she still underestimated Ace’s last move of his dual shadow mirage sword art.

She didn’t even know how, but those shadow black streaks multiplied suddenly and turned into thousands!

However, before those thousands of sharp blades enveloped her, they all suddenly vanished and Ace appeared again with an embarrassing smile on his face.

He said with a defeated sigh, “You know, from the start, it was me!”

Noa couldn’t help but complain with a hint of smugness, “Humph… It’s the leader’s fault for playing this kind of prank on me. But how do you know so quickly I was playing along?”

Ace said while rubbing the brig of his nose in embarrassment and replied, “Well, if you have killing intent toward me, you would’ve been punished because of house rules. I just realized it later.

“But I have to say, you force me to use my sword art and my real Qi. But I still didn’t understand how do you know it was me since you didn’t know I can use light element Qi?”


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