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Eternal Thief – Chapter 415: A Demonic Soul Beast! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace naturally saw and heard everything with his heavenly sense, and he was even more glad that he didn’t take impulsive actions and left Santos alone.

Because Santos led him to this place where a very rare demonic beast lived with a demonic core. But he frowned a little thereupon.

‘Although, this fire demonic core can be used for creating the Tier-6 Soul Blast Heavenly Talisman. So, does this mean the silver color fate point was referring to this demonic core?’ Ace mused, still unconvinced.

“Moira, what do you think?” Ace asked Moira since she was the brain of the Eternal Thief Fate Compass.

Moira replied ambiguously, “I don’t know, since I can’t completely evaluate the hidden opportunity on his silver fate point. But I’m sure this wasn’t limited to some beast cores.

“The fate points and fate locations that indicate a treasure or favorable location to Sir Ace are divided into three colors and three shades of these colors; Silver (Light, Bright, Glittering), Golden (Light, Bright, Glittering), Amber (Light, Bright, Glittering), respectively.

“Since this demon had Glittering Silver-point, this means the opportunity or treasures have to be at least something more precious than a beast core. Sir Ace should wait and also observe the Fate Live Map.

“If this demon’s purpose was really to lead you to a location, then the Live Fate Map might also undergo a chance. Fate is the most mysterious thing between heaven and earth, and it can be changed at any time with simple actions or some variables… I can only say this much. Please be careful.”

Ace’s eyes narrowed slightly. There was some kind of warning and a hint in Moira’s last words, “Fate can be changed by actions or variables? What do mean?”

Moira’s helpless voice sounded, “Apologies, but I can’t answer your question.”

Ace was perplexed because he knew why Moira can’t answer, and he also noticed long ago that Moira never mention the system even once. He found it strange but never asked because he knew the system had restricted her, so if it didn’t want Moira to talk about it, she can naturally do nothing.

‘Sigh…’ Ace merely sighed helplessly and didn’t make things difficult for Moira, since she never refused his question and always answer him as long as she can, unlike a certain something!

‘Fate can be changed by simple action or variables… and I have to be careful. What did it mean? She even told me to observe the Live Fate Map. Could it be there’s some kind of connection, or I’m just thinking too much about it?’ Ace couldn’t help but become alert.

He had already got a warning from the system that messing with fate can draw heavenly punishment and even make his next realm crossing heavenly punishment more powerful.

As for how he didn’t know, but he knew it was related to his half-complete eternal provenance treasure.

‘Well, since the system didn’t warn me or limited my use of Live Fate Compass, it means there’s no problem to use the Live Fate Map. I hope so…’ Ace thought before again focusing on the group.

Right now, they were sneakily creepy toward Alora and Carlee’s position, making no sound.

Santos had already planned to observe and, at the last minute, made his move and win it all.

Ace had also activated the Live Fate Map and observed it as Moira recommended, but he didn’t see any change. Santos was still shining in a glittering silver circle.

On the other side,

Alora had already set up her array, and she was ready to act as long as the beast appeared while Carlee was standing right in the center of the array, holding the aromatic lave core apple, clearly didn’t mind being the bait.

The Lave Core Apple truly didn’t disappoint Alora as, within an hour, half of the swamp was covered with its sweet aroma.

Even Santos’s group couldn’t help but eyed the crimson apple in Carlee’s hand, and Santos had already got it, even if the demonic beast with the demonic core didn’t appear.

Another two-hour passed and everyone was waiting for their opportunity.


At this moment, a strange sound rang in the silent vicinity, drawing everyone’s attention toward the dark swamp surface, there were bubbles were rising on the calm surface while the swamp dark water became restless as if something was rising from deep within toward the surface.

It also clarified that this dark swamp was extremely deep.

Everyone held their breath as they looked at the rippling dark water with anticipation, greed, and trepidation…

They also didn’t have to wait for long before two big dark gray eyes rise from the and a long-narrowed jaw.

This beast’s eyes weren’t like other demonic beasts, they were filled with vigilant as it coldly looked toward Carlee a hundred meters away from it and then its eyes landed on the crimson apple in her hand, and they turn into slits and shimmered with desire.

However, it didn’t lunge toward the crimson apple nor did it show its entire body, but an invisible force suddenly gushed out from the water and enveloped a 150-meter radius area.

Carlee’s expression changed as she shouted, “Not good, this beast might be at the peak of Platinum River Core Realm, and it might be a soul-type demonic beast. We’re in trouble!”

Alora’s expression also turn a bit ugly, although they had found a beast who had formed a demonic core. Not only was it at the peak of the river core realm, but it was also a soul beast, not a marital beast!

This greatly decreased her chances of killing it because they aren’t a match for a soul beast at the peak of the platinum river core realm with no soul protective treasures.

However, Alora knew if she missed this chance, she might not get a second chance again, and she won’t be able to complete her secret skill.

The soul beast seemed to sense Alora’s presence as well, and it also glanced in another direction where Santos’ group was hiding, 100M away from it.

Santos’s heart palpitated when he felt the soul beast’s gaze. ‘This is bad, this thing is not ordinary. It can even detect me. Now I understand how it managed to grow until now without alarming anyone. Should I withdraw, or should I kill it?

‘Its demonic soul core would be far more precious than a normal one if I slay it. But I need to reveal my cultivation, and this would alert those damn fellows. However, since this is a beast releasing beastly Qi, they can’t move against it as well.

‘If I use my talismans, I should be able to gravel injured it since, but they are for emergencies and I can’t mess up Majesty Mother’s mission, or I’ll be punished…’

Santos suddenly fell into a huge dilemma after sensing the risk of hunting this soul beast, and he can’t mess up his mission for personal selfishness, so he decided to observe what Alora would do before fleeing or taking advantage of the situation.

The soul beast’s eyes shimmered in disdain when it found there wasn’t anything danger around it and there were only insects who were hiding, so it made it move and drove toward Carlee as the soul sense became even more powerful.

But this beast didn’t lose its vigilance, and if it sensed anything awry, it would run. It had been living in hiding and avoiding dangers all its life, and it knew there were stronger beings here. That was how it could grow to this degree.

“Run backward!” Alora’s resolute voice sounded from her hiding spot. She had decided to gamble it all!

Those words were music to Carlee’s ears, and she dashed in the same direction as instructed, and she heard water splashing from behind.

The beast’s enormous body finally appeared in everyone’s view. It was an eight-meter-long, black scale crocodile with red strips on its limbs and a red scale tail.

Ace looked at this beast and his eye narrowed, ‘Blazing Soul Crocodile, this is a troublesome beast to deal with even. With its soul attacks and hard body and agile tail, even if I were to go all out to fight it, I can still only run!’

Blazing Soul Crocodile suddenly opened its huge narrow jaw and rows of sharp pointy fangs appeared, and it roared toward Carlee, who was fleeing for her life.

That roar made everyone’s soul shake with a hot piercing soul Qi and six people from Santos’ group puke blood from that fire-type soul attack. While the others were only the slightest better, but still took damage and their faces turned pale with fear.

“Elder Brother, I think we should leave. That thing is not something we can hunt without revealing ourselves.” Rashad said with a pale expression.

They finally understood just how wrong they were when they thought of killing that beast.

Santos coldly looked at every hand rebuked.

“Are you an idiot? If we leave, the girl would surely be killed and become that beast’s snack, and it’ll be one less head for us. Let me observe and see if that Blazing Soul Crocodile would return after acquiring that apple, or we can just… give up!”


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