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Eternal Thief – Chapter 414: Everyone Arrives Bahasa Indonesia

Four days later,

Two voluptuous demonesses were standing at the edge of a swamp.

The red demoness had smooth skin with a buxom figure. She was 2.2-meter-tall, and she wore completely, revealing her every curve.

She had an oval face with a small thin nose and rosy lips, a pair of black eyes and black long silky hair, and a pair of back long horns giving her a bewitching look, she was Alora Yisrael from Dark Fire Yisrael Clan of Yisrael Demon Tribe.

Standing next to Alora was another beauty with a plump figure, violent blue smooth skin, sky-blue eyes, and long hair. She was 2.3 meters tall wearing a light blue chest armor completely revealing her masculine stomach and tight pant.

She was Carlee Violent from Sky Violent Demon Clan and also Alora’s loyal follower.

These two were more like close friends than superior and subordinate, and Alora even treated her as a close sister. That was why she always brought her whenever she goes, and Carlee followed her with no question.

Both of them were here on the conquest of searching for the fire-type demonic core of an extraordinary river core demonic beast, and this lead them here to this swamp.

Alora said with a gloomy expression on her gorges face, “I’m sensing powerful fire Qi fluctuations deeper within his swamp. But if this really is that beast, then it would be extremely dangerous to move into this swamp. What do you think?”

Carlee had the same opinion as Alora and said with uncertainty, “There aren’t many fire-type beasts who lived in swamps, and each one of them is extremely toxic.”

But the next moment a resolute glint flashed past her eyes, “But this is also whether young lady wants to complete her secret skill or not, I’ll follow you anywhere, even if it’s mean hell!”

Alora’s alluring lips curled upward into a gorgeous smile as she said, “If we pull this off, I’ll help you pass the demon gate trail with everything I had!”

Carlee seemed touched by Alora’s heartfelt words and nodded with slightly misty eyes.

Alora’s smile widen and said, “I don’t think we need to go in the swamp. If this is a fire-type demonic beast, then it won’t resist this…”

Just as her melodious voice trailed off, a crimson apple appeared in her hand with a strange red pattern on it. The moment this apple appeared, a very rich sweet aroma filled the air, making even Carlee gulp.

Alora teased, seeing Carlee’s silly expression. “Hehe, you can’t eat it unless you want to disintegrate. This is a Lava Core Apple, a high-grade-5 fire type Qi-Fruit and only someone with extremely high attainment in fire element can consume it.

“Even I can’t consume it without entering the Qi soul realm. I only borrow it from my mother without letting my father find out, or he would never let me take it. Only three Lava Core Apples are remaining in our clan, so this is quite precious, so I have to safely return it if I didn’t find the fire demonic core.

“Nonetheless, this Lava Core Apple is extremely entrancing to fire-type demonic beasts as well. No matter if it’s a Martial demonic beast or Soul demon beast, they can’t resist this Qi fruit’s temptation because it had a direct effect on fire-type demonic beast’s bloodline!”

Carlee was astonished when she heard the true value of the Lava Core Apple and became even more assured about their ability to find the demonic beast with the fire core.

“You hold this Lava Core Apple and stand here while I arrange the array plates and hide. We can’t let this beast escape once it appeared.” Alora’s eyes turned sharp as she sprang into action.

Carlee didn’t mind being the bait and does as she was told, asking no questions. She had complete trust in Alora and wasn’t afraid she would betray her, not after giving her this precious Lava Core Apple, which was extremely hot to touch.

Unbeknownst to both beauties, their every action was being monitored by an ebony color demon fifty meters away from their position and after hearing their conversation, greed shone in his dark brown eyes.

‘If there is a demonic beast with a beast core here, we can exchange it for huge cultivation resources from mist domain and even auction it in the upcoming auction.

‘I have to disclose it to big brother or those mist tribe scions will snatch this demonic beast from us… but what if I leave, and they acquired the demonic core and leave? I won’t have a chance to ambush them, and I’m not strong enough to overpower those two women alone…’

Just as this ebony demon was in a huge dilemma, he felt something and a dark diamond with white symbols appeared in his hand and all the symbols were shimmering at this moment.

‘Fuck… there’s already here!’ he cussed before gritting his teeth and left toward the other direction after making sure Alora was still busing with the setting array.

Five hundred meters away from the swamp, a group of demons appeared and one of the ebony demons in that group was holding the same dark diamond, with white runes, as the other ebony demon.

“Dom is here somewhere. Since his reactor is active, then he might be on his way here. Look, it’s becoming brighter… he’s coming!” the dark Wood demon said to Mural.

They had followed the markers left behind by Dom for four days and finally reached this place where his Diamond Trace Reactor reacted to its other half of the pair.

These diamond trace reactors were the easiest way to find someone, but their range was very limited, and they had to be active with peak Qi stones all the time.

Nevertheless, they were the best thing to find each other or even tracked enemies’ movements if you snuck one of these into their rides or clothing.

Thereupon, the ebony demon appeared and jumped from the tree, and greeted everyone with an ambiguous expression in his eyes, “Brothers and Young Masters!”

The dark wood demon said with a smile, “Where’s the target?”

Dom pulled an embarrassing expression and said, “I lost them two days ago because of a small tide of Bronze Monkeys…”

Everyone’s expression changed, especially Santos’s group, and only Santos’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Mural barked with an ugly expression on his face. “What do you mean, you lose them?! You can’t even avoid a group of monkeys? Are you guys playing with us?!”

Although Mural was enraged, he knew the tide of demonic beasts who lived in colonies was quite difficult to handle, especially cunning and agile Bronze Monkeys.

Those beasts were very difficult to deal with, and it wasn’t news if Dom become occupied with them and those two demonesses escaped his view.

But this still pissed Mural off because this was the first person they found on the five-name kill list, and they missed the chance after coming so close to it… this was truly frustrating.

However, at this moment, before anyone could inquire further, Santos’s aggravating voice rang filled with killing intent, “I have enough of you five slaves, tricks. Rashad, open up the Dark Barrier!”

The burly demon with dark gray skin instantly reacted, and black rune symbols shimmered from his chest plate of his metallic armor before a ten cubic meters dark barrier appeared around everyone, closing all the escape routes.

Everyone in the scout group’s heart trembled when they saw all the routes were closed off with this ordinary-looking demon’s command.

“You, what…” Dom’s expression turn nasty, but before he could utter another word, Santos’ murderous voice cut him short, “Kill everyone, expect this trash…”

Rashad smiled coldly before needle-like red beams manifested in thin air and shot toward everyone in the scout group except Dom.

Those dark wood demons perform some skills and even took out some defensive treasure to block those red beams, but they soon found out it was all useless because those red beams passed through their defenses, completely ignoring them and penetrating their skulls!

They were all dead in an instant.

Dom’s legs went lump seeing his associate die without being able to put any kind of resistance and felt his heart grow colder and colder.

At this moment an icy voice rang which spell a ticket straight to hell for Dom, “Torture him, since he dared to lie in front of me, he had to be punished. But don’t kill him, or we won’t be able to find out what gives this slave the guts to lie!”

Half an hour later, the dark barrier finally vanished and only Santos’s group of ten appeared. The group beneath them was filled with blood and gore.

Santos had an ecstatic smile on his face with a hint of disbelief, “I never thought there’s a beast with demonic core here, and I would be stumbled upon it by just following Majesty-Mother’s mission. Hehe, my luck is really great. This will be my extra reward for my effort!”


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