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Eternal Thief – Chapter 404: Return to the Playing Fields (2) Bahasa Indonesia

This youngster was 2.6-meter-tall with a hefty build and blue skin. He was using a 3-meter-long white spear to attack and release pure blue water Qi to form a water barrier around himself to protect himself from brown earthen spikes.

This youth was only a peak Qi river cultivator, but he was challenging an intermediate grade-4 demonic beast that could speak for his astonishing battle prowess.

The youth sudden thrust his spear and the very next moment thereafter, the water Qi shot from the spear releasing a five-meter-wide crystal blue spearhead which caught the Spike Lizard off guard and didn’t give it a chance to form a protective barrier around it and like a sharp blade it pierced through all those spikes and landed on the lizard’s furious face.

A deep gush appeared on the lizard’s ferocious face, and a huge amount of blood splashed on the ground. However, it wasn’t deep enough to take this Spike Lizard’s life, and it only made it go mad with anger and fell into a frenzied state.

It opened its gigantic mouth and its whole body shimmered in the brown light.

“Fuck. It’s the ultimate move of spike lizard, Spike Mirage, if I can’t kill it in ten seconds I’ll be deeply wounded and died!” The youth’s calm expression suddenly clouded as it cussed before he was about to use one of his trump cards.

However, at this moment, the youth’s heart palpitated as he twisted around, and he only saw a green blur flash past him.

Thereupon, he saw a towering figure standing right a meter away from the glowing spike lizard while he held on his two hilts of his long swords around his waist with cross hands.

A calm oppressive voice sounded at this moment, “Twin Demon Emergence, Twin Demon Rise!”

Thereafter, two sharp green beams with a hint of white hue suddenly appeared at an extremely fast speed, forming an ‘X’ which landed directly under Spike Lizard’s jaw completely piercing through it like a hot knife in butter before hitting inside the lizard’s upper jaw.


The lizard didn’t even get the chance to release its ultimate skill before the life in its eyes faded and, like a lump, fell on the stony ground right inside its own pool of blood.

Ace smiled in satisfaction when he saw just how powerful Feng’s clan sword drawing art was, and it was completely worth learning.

As long as the other party is slower than him, he can kill them in an instant, and he knew he can use it with his black blade swords much better than Feng’s swords and faster.

“Who are you?!” The youth’s angry yet vigilant voice sounded at this moment.

He left shocked when he saw Ace killing that spike lizard with one move.

Even if it was already deeply wounded by him, it didn’t change the fact that it was an intermediate grade-4 demonic beast with a very sturdy body.

Yet, this newcomer easily cut past its defense. This made this youth apprehended and wary of Feng, or he would’ve already attacked him for stealing his prey.

These types of events were extremely common within this competition and this demon was powerful, and he was in the deep part of the middle region, so he never thought someone would reach here, and he didn’t seem any less powerful than him!

When this youth thought if this guy was eyeing him instead of the lizard, he could’ve easily ambushed him and then kill him, which send a chill to his spine!

Feng finally turned around. His long swords were already returned to their scabbards, and he wore a faint smile on his face as he looked toward the heroic demon youth.

He coolly said, “Won’t you be thanking your savior instead of questioning him?”

As a result of Feng’s satirical remark, the youth’s expression clouded as he tightly clenched his spear’s shaft.

But he didn’t make any rash move because his Qi was already depleted, and he was also slightly injured by fighting Spike Lizard. He could tell the youth in front of him was still fine with just his nonchalant attitude.

He never thought there would be this kind of talent hidden in the youths among the blade domain.

In the end, he performed a royal salute and said amiably, “It was indeed unbecoming of me to act rudely in front of this brother who lends a helping hand. Please forgive me for my previous obscene conduct. May I know your name?”

‘Heh, he didn’t attack me despite being vexed about stealing his prey. Well, I seemed I won’t be able to test my Demon Sword Dance on him now, a pity.’ Ace though.

If Ace wanted, he could’ve simply assassinated this guy, and he won’t be able to resist either. But he didn’t do it and only killed the Spike Lizard because he wanted to see if this guy would attack him, and then he could test Feng’s sword skills on him.

He also had another reason to not kill him, it was because he didn’t know if this guy was from a prominent demon tribe, and he wasn’t sure if this wristband can also record the participant names one killed.

If this was the case, then he would make another powerful enemy for no good reason, and he didn’t want that. He would only kill someone if there was absolutely necessary.

He still needed Feng’s identity, and it would be troublesome if he was forced to abandon it.

“No worries, I’m Feng Demon Sword. What about you?” Ace replied with a smile.

The youth’s expression falter and blurted, “Rising Sword Earl, Feng?”

“Yep.” He nodded in affirmation. There wasn’t any point in hiding his identity.

“I never thought I would meet Rising Sword Earl, of all people, in his place. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ramiro Lion!” Ramiro introduced himself with a hint of pride.

“Ramiro Wild Lion, second on the ranking?” Ace was also surprised slightly after finding the second-rank participant, and he was from the tribes of nature.

He also felt it was the right decision to not kill him!


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