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Eternal Thief – Chapter 398: Provenance Life Bond Bahasa Indonesia

When the Heavenly Fate Compass Needle was completely revealed, it was bright as the sun, but Ace still couldn’t get his eyes off the treasure and look at it with a bewitching look on his face.

Right at this moment, right on the silver disk of Heavenly Fate Live Compass Needle, the dark golden partials started to gather and begin to form a shape.

Thereupon, a humanoid shape was formed and a tiny blurry golden figure appeared. It was the treasure spirit of the compass needle!

The same melodious voice filled with malice and hatred rang again in the silent cave, “Heh, Heavenly Will, your little plaything seemed to be in a trace just after gazing at my eternal treasure charm… It seemed you reach here really isn’t all that great, and you calculate wrongly for the first time… hahahahaha… let me kill this pet of yours!”

Ace remained completely captivated without being able to pull himself from this treasure charm while the HFL Compass needle began to spin giving off a cold light, it looked completely like a round blade from its decagram form now, and it was ready to slice past through Ace’s throat.

While Ace was being a sitting duck, above the sky of the shadow mountain range core region, inky clouds suddenly started to appear rambling with tri-color thunder and slowly covering the entire core region.

The whole gloomy mountain was enshrouded in complete darkness!

The old demonic beasts living on the mountain start to howl and roar in hysteria and dread while they hide in their layers.

The pressure also started to increase, even peak diamond soul realm beasts were suppressed and started to tremble on their knees.

Furthermore, the center spot of these raging inky clouds was right about a cave.

Inside Ace’s temporary cave resident,

The HFL Compass Needle was about to move when suddenly a contemptuous voice full of imposing authority rang from Ace’s mouth,

“[Heh, intriguing.]”

This voice wasn’t Ace, but it also cleared Ace’s eyes as he blinked in confusion for a moment before his heart palpitated when he saw the spinning HFL compass needle was four inches away from his neck and the blurry golden figure on top of it was suddenly seemed… quivering!

The treasure spirit’s bewildered voice rang with a hint of incredulity, “W-who are you?! You’re not Heavenly Will, but you’re like… like… s…”

However, before it could complete its sentence, a dark blue chain suddenly shot from Ace’s glabella like an unstoppable arrow and directly pierce through the quivering, blurry, golden figure.

The HFL compass needle suddenly come to an abrupt stop this very moment and started to flutter.

Ace was shocked seeing this scene and the dark blue chain from his glabella and instantly know it was the doing of the system and felt immense relief because for a moment he thought he had bought calamity upon himself.

At this moment, the system’s impassive voice rang in his head.


[Eternal Provenance Treasure [Damaged] has been detected!]

-Name: Heavenly Fate Live Compass [Needle]

-Type: Soul

-Condition: Damaged (95%)

[Please choose which type of bond the host wants to form with Eternal Provenance Treasure!]

[Bond options]

-Equal Bond: Contract [Enter Years Here]

-Life Bond:

1. Master for One-Life

2. Together for Life

3. Master for Life

-Provenance Life Bond: One Time Life Bound (Unable to unbound)

[Warning (1): Heavenly Fate Live Compass is 95% damaged if the host formed Provenance Life Bond, host needed a vast number of soul-type treasures and soul-type materials to repair the Eternal Provenance Treasure. While it will also grow in a completely unknown direction because of host influence, losing most of its previous (original) functions.]

[Warning (2): Please Choose within a minute or the World Eradicating Heavenly Punishment will descend!]


Ace inhale sharply as the choice was finally here. He deeply looked at the HFL compass needle quivering with the blurry golden figure on top. All its previous brightness was completely gone, nor can it speak any longer, which was the system’s doing.

He saw the decagram shape compass needle was full of cracks, and he finally understood why the system say it had barely been able to escape when it was born. He could also sense the deep hatred it had for this heavenly will, which was also his enemy.

Truth be told, he was thinking from the moment he had found out about those bonds, especially the Provenance Life Bond, which will have a completely unknown effect on him and the treasure itself.

Furthermore, it was only once a lifetime chance, so he didn’t want to waste it on something he won’t benefit from in the future.

But he also hesitates when he thought about just how he could acquire a soul-type Eternal Provenance Treasure which many dreamt of having but can’t find or can’t form the Provenance Life Bond.

He knew just how rare soul-type materials and treasures were, and he didn’t have any luxury for another choice, or he wasn’t sure if he would be able to find another complete soul-type Eternal Provenance Treasure in the future.

Although he easily tames this broken Eternal Provenance Treasure with Master for Life Bond, he knew then he would lose the opportunity to respire it forever or make it grow with him in the most prominent way that suits him and his path.

Ace understood one thing very clearly; he was walking on the path of a thief and there wasn’t an Eternal Provenance Treasure that suits a thief unless he forged one himself, which was nothing but a pipe dream.

Furthermore, for some reason, he could feel the system wanted him to form his Provenance Life Bond with HFLC and let it grow into a treasure suitable for a thief despite its previous warnings.

Ace suddenly uttered in the same language as the treasure spirit in a calm voice at this moment while looking deeply at the treasure spirit, “I don’t know what you experience from the moment you were born, but I do know what it’s like when heaven tries to destroy you.

“I’m the Eternal Enemy of Heaven, Heaven’s Stealer, and I chose to walk on this path willingly, and I don’t know if I would ever see the end of it. But I can use someone’s help. Who knows what’s like to be the enemy of heaven and wasn’t afraid of going against it.

“I know I might be unworthy of you even if you’re broken, but you could never find someone more willing than me to go against heaven, who is willingly walking on this path of no return, so help him walk on his path until I reached the very end or perish while trying…”

“[Host has ten seconds before the heavenly punishment will descend!]”

Ace completely ignore the system’s voice and calmly looked at the treasure spirit, which started to flutter more violently after hearing his words.

He said decisively at this moment, “I chose the Provenance Life Bond!”

Ace knew there was no going back after this and this sentence will affect his life forever, but he won’t regret it ever and always chose to do the same because…!


[Host has chosen the Provenance Life Bond!]

[Provenance Soul Life Bonding process has been started!]


The very next moment, the dark blue chain shimmered darkly before it pulled the HFL compass needle toward Ace’s glabella at lightning speed.

“What the…”

Ace was shocked and thought his head was going to pierce in half, but the very next moment thereafter, the HFLC needle vanished within Ace’s glabella from a hair away distance.

Ace sighed while sweltering.


He suddenly heard the thunderous rumbling of thunder from outside, as if the sky was enraged for some reason.

Ace suddenly smiled coldly at this moment while completely ignoring the pressure, “So, you lose your target huh, then fuck off!”

It was just as Ace said; the moment the HFLC needle vanished, the heavenly punishment clouds lost their target and tri-color thunder rumbled fiercely as if heaven was completely infuriated by this sudden development.

But heaven was governed by laws and causality, and since its target was gone, it can’t just shoot down lightning for no good reason.

That was why the inky clouds began to scatter, then its pressure vanished with no trace just as fast as appeared.

But for a fleeting moment, before the inky clouds were scattered, an inky eyeball formed right about the cave where the HFLC needle has vanished before it scattered with the inky clouds.

The life forms around the core region finally felt relief, as if they had just escaped a calamity, literally!

At this moment, at the edge of the core region of shadow mountain rang a one-meter tall elderly person was looking at the sky in full of horror with its old human-like eyes as he mumbled in trepidation,

“I have to report it to his majesty. It seemed like the birth of Beast King (Grade-Six or Manifestation Realm) or some Evil Treasure!”


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