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Eternal Thief – Chapter 397: Heavenly Fate Live Compass Revealed! Bahasa Indonesia

Ten days pass since the start of the blade domain competition and over thirty million demon youths had already entered the Shadow Mountain Range and started hunting for demonic beasts madly.

Many demons formed hunting squads for their safety and hunting the demonic beasts more efficiently. There wasn’t any rule about not working with others, heck, there wasn’t any rule at all as long as they would complete their quota. It doesn’t matter what they did.

This also made the environment in the shadow mountain range deadlier and more chaotic.

Some started to ambush others, while others started to kill, steal, and take advantage of the situation from the shadows.

But this didn’t stop those demons from continue taking part in this slaughterer.

The rankings would also appear at the end of the 30th day on everyone’s wristbands. It can only show the ranking of the top hundred, but everyone was working hard to get on those hundred rankings.

At this moment, three figures in dark cloaks appeared in the inner region of the shadow mountain range, which was extremely gloomy and dark even during the daytime.

A voice rang with a hint of helplessness from one figure. “Did you find any trace of Feng?”

A rough voice rang in reply, “No, I don’t know how he entered the middle region in ten days, but the earth trolls can’t be wrong in tracking his movements. However, even those earth trolls can’t pinpoint his exact location. But it seemed he’s moving deeper in the mountains.”

Another depressed voice sounded, “I never thought we would be led by the nose by a mere river realm brat. But it seemed we underestimated him. I’m sure the other three clans are also facing the same problem.”

“Don’t worry the middle region is not as vast as the outer region, those earth trolls will soon cover the boundary of the inner region, and we’ll know about his exact location soon from our spies within their race.” the first one spoke in absolute confidence.

“I just hope he doesn’t enter the core region, or we’ll be helpless to do anything and might lose our chance to create a demon king grade bloodline.” The third one lament.

The second one chided him harshly, “Don’t jinx it, we, the Evil Blade Clan, will rise as the silver blade clan! That brat is not foolish enough to enter the core region, nor can he outrun the Earth Troll Race’s ability to move on earth and escape their tracking. As long as he moves on the ground, they will find out about his whereabouts, eventually. We just have to react before the other three clans!”

However, those who were searching for Feng on the outskirts of the middle region have no idea he was already halfway from entering the core region.

Not even the Earth Troll race, the subordinary race under the Blade Demon Tribe, can catch up with him if they didn’t deploy a soul realm earth troll which was forbidden by the demon king!

Furthermore, Ace was constantly moving without stopping for anything while also meticulously avoiding the demonic beasts with his soul sense and didn’t confront any demonic beasts yet.

He knows those four clans were after him. That was why he wanted to enter the core region as soon as possible and then first do his own thing before starting hunting.

Another ten days pass in the blink of an eye and all those diamond river core realm experts after Ace were raging with frustration since they can’t find him even with Earth Trolls on his tail.

But how could they find him?

At this moment, Ace was looking at an enormous mountain that was over 50 miles tall, and its peak was surrounded by clouds. This was the biggest mountain of the shadow mountain range and also the core region of the shadow mountain range!

Ace smiled with a hint of exhaustion on his face. He was moving without any rest, but he knew he can’t be careless this time.

He entered the dark tree forest surrounding this tall mountain and vanished.

After half a day of climbing, Ace sensed an early fifth grade (minor stage soul realm) demonic beast and carefully detour around it. He didn’t want to start a fight with a soul realm demonic beast while he was not in his peak state.

Night descended.

Ace finally found a cave deeply hidden within the dark trees and, after confirming it was abandoned, he quickly entered before closing it with a formation and other traps.

The cave wasn’t too deep; it wasn’t too small nor large, which was enough for Ace.

Ace didn’t go too deep into the core region because he knew there were late-stage grade-5 demonic beasts there, and he didn’t want to startle them.

Furthermore, he also encountered some savage demons roaming in the inner region, and they will attack anything they saw.

Although he didn’t know why these demons didn’t have intelligence, he didn’t want to start a fight with those savages.

Ace spend the night recovering his heavenly darkness Qi and reached his optimal condition.

Ace opened his eyes at this moment and said, “System, do you think this place is isolated enough to complete my side mission?”

He was talking about the Heavenly Fate Live Compass Needle Spirit subjection mission, which was put to hold because of obvious circumstances.

However, now, he was in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t any intelligent life form around him who can suspect him or investigate if anything out of the blue happened.

Furthermore, he wanted to come to this place exactly to complete this side mission and if the blade domain competition didn’t give him a chance, he would’ve come here anyway after dealing with the inner domain business.

But he got the chance soon, so he didn’t want to miss it and get it over with as soon as possible while he was still alone.

The system’s prompt replied came,



[Side Mission]

[Mission: Subdue the Heavenly Fate Live Compass Spirit!]

-Requirement (1): One Million Soul Point [Complete]

-Requirement (2): Ten Million Thief Point [Complete]

[Do you want to complete the side mission?]

[Yes/ Delay]


Ace took a deep breath, readied himself for whatever was about to come, and said firmly, “Yes, proceed!”


[Thief Point(s): 13,580,000]


The very next moment, his ten million thief points were deducted and all those soul pills vanished from his thief space. A golden scroll appeared right in front of his eyes.

This was the same Myriad Live Compass Map that Ace stole from the wine shop and Nāgas. It was also the hoax body of the Heavenly Fate Live Compass Needle.

However, this scroll was not dormant at this moment. It was dazzling in dark golden luster, which gave off a very powerful suppression, far stronger than anything Ace had ever felt.

At this moment, a deafening roar rumbled directly within Ace’s mind in a completely foreign language, but he completely understood it because of the obvious reason.

“Shameless Heavenly Will, you wanted to end me? Why, why, why… the moment I was born you tried to annihilate me… you kill even my creator… if not for her last life-saving grace and sending me to the chaotic void I would’ve been destroyed! But who would’ve thought you would follow me here… since you didn’t want to leave any path of survival for me, I’ll use my last bit of power to damage the Heavenly…”

However, before this raging melodious voice could altogether its sentence, it came to an abrupt stop.

Ace’s heart palpitated when he heard the voice of a woman who seemed to have gone nuts. He knew this was that legendary treasure spirit of the Heavenly Fate Live Compass.

He even felt its boundless abhorrence and absolute prowess, despite it saying it was destroyed and only a remnant. Likewise, he finally understood the true power of an Eternal Provenance Treasure. It was terrifying!

He couldn’t help but felt it was the right decision to leave this mad treasure with the system.

The treasure spirit’s voice sounded again with a hint of confusion, “You’re not Heavenly Will but a… lowly human doll. But how could it be possible for someone like you to possess heavenly Qi and then confine me? Shameless heaven, are you toying with me?!”

Ace didn’t even get the chance to speak before the treasure spirit went bonkers again. Which made him sweated and speechless.

At this moment, the golden scroll shone in the dark golden light and the very next moment, the golden scroll turned into golden dust particles.

The entire scroll was completely turned into dark golden dust particles, forming a ring around a shining decagram!

This decagram was palm size and in the shape of ten compass needle points. Half of the points were completely pitch black, while half of the points were completely white. Those ten compass needles were in black and white order (One Blade, One White, and so on).

Right in the center was a completely silver small disk connected with all those ten compass needles, and there were ten golden symbols on this silver disk right in front of each compass needle.

This was the actual form of Heavenly Fate Live Compass Needle!


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