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Eternal Thief – Chapter 396: Shadow Mountain Range Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment, Butler Jerome appeared again with two more demons. One was an old demon with some of Thomas’s features, while the other was a middle-aged demon who resembled Peter or Peter who resembled him!

These two newcomers were none other than the Blade Demon King and Maddux, who had vanished for days and now appeared with the Demon King!

Blade Demon King chuckled at this moment, “Jerome, it seemed those three completely ignored your advice.”

Jerome smiled wryly and bowed lightly, “Your Majesty, you already know about it, but you still make me do it. If it were your majesty instead, I don’t think they would’ve dared to ignore it.”

Blade Demon King replied faintly, “A relation built on force is nothing but a sand castle. Peter has never interacted with his peers since anyone dare not to approach him, and he was surrounded by double faces people in his entire life. Although he’s bright, he still lacked experience, and this will be a good chance for him to experience the ugliness of life.”

Jerome sighed. He knew Blade Demon King’s intentions or if he had given his absolute command, Peter would’ve never been able to enter this competition no matter how much he struggled.

Maddux said at this moment, “I still have to thank your majesty to choose Thomas for being an ally with his highness, Peter. This will help him tremendously if he grasped the chance.”

Blade Demon King smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s Peter’s fortune to have Thomas here. I know your character Maddux, so I also know you would not marry your granddaughter with just anyone, and it seemed I was right.”

Maddux bow respectfully and said, “You jest your majesty, I’m merely a subordinate of Wild Demon King. How could I dare to go against his highness’ order?”

Blade Demon King merely sneered, but he didn’t pursue the topic as well. He knows Maddux was nothing but a mere subordinate.

He said, “As for that Feng fellow, he’s too sharp, and the rumors won’t even give him the justice he deserved.”

Both Maddux and Jerome were shocked to hear Demon King’s praise since they both know Blade Demon King won’t just praise anyone.

Jerome said at this moment, “If your majesty has such a high opinion of Feng, why doesn’t his majesty stop those four clans?”

How could Demon King not know about his fellow tribesmen’s schemes and their constant monitoring of Feng’s moves with no prior notice?

He was the King here and nothing can hide from him, it was just that he completely ignored them since they wouldn’t impede him in any way.

He sneered and said, “Those four clans have been in the power for so long, and they keep forgetting about my existence, but since they are my people, I ignore them, because they didn’t dare to cross the line.

“Now is also the same. They wanted to improve their bloodline to manifestation grade and I won’t stop them as long they won’t deploy any soul realm cultivator on training grounds.

“But if they think they can succeed, they are wildly mistaken because that Feng is akin to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His senses are too sharp even, I feel exposed for a moment, or it was just my imagination, but that brat is hiding a tremendous power. Those clans were going to suffer this time. Hahaha.”

Jerome and Maddux were startled by Blade Demon King’s assessment of Feng, and they simply thought Blade Demon King was exaggerating because of his high opinion of Feng.

How could a soul manifestation cultivator get exposed in front of a river cultivator without any marital sense? Even they won’t be able to find Blade Demon King if he didn’t want them to find him. So, it was even more impossible for Feng!

Blade Demon King said coldly at this moment, “Jerome, deploy Earth Troll Race and make sure no soul realm entered here and also secure the border of the core region of the shadow mountain range.

“Although those juniors can’t be reaching that area. But just to make sure if anyone appeared there, they won’t seek their death by entering it. Besides this, there’s no need to save anyone, not even Peter. Let them experience the baptism of blood for these five months. They found out soon it was just the start!”

Shadow Mountain Range has spread thousands of miles, and it was also a border between Mighty Blade Domain and Mighty Mist Domain.

However, without the safe passage and routes, this mountain range was absolutely deadly for even peak soul realm cultivators.

Many powerful demonic beasts were living here with many wild demon tribes, which weren’t different from the demonic beasts in nature.

The entire mountain range was divided into three regions, the outer region covered the biggest area of the shadow mountain range. The middle region where river core demonic beasts roam freely and last, the core region where soul realm demonic beasts reside.

Furthermore, this mountain range was rich with many herbs and other natural treasuries, but the more precious the treasure, the deadlier its protector.

That was why many hunting teams came here for adventure and to try their luck.

However, this time young demons were entering this place, numbered in millions, and all those professional hunting teams weren’t given any kind of command from the blade domain, which could be taken as anything.

Like, they could completely ignore those youths, or they could even kill them if they found them an eye sour.

This made this competition even deadlier and the survival rate dropped even more.

However, what these youths who had entered from the blade domain didn’t know was that there was the same kind of movement happening on the other side of the shadow mountain range.

The youths from the mighty mist province also entered the shadow mountain range, and they have a completely different goal from the mighty demon blade province youths.

The relationship between Blade Domain and Mist Domain was always tense, and both demon kings could be said old enemies.

Blade Demon King didn’t know about Mist Demon King’s malicious move yet, but once he found out, it was going to be a tremendous storm!

At this moment,

Ace was crossing trees on a stony pathway and going toward the depth of the shadow mountain range.

‘I sense Maddux with that Butler and another presence before it completely vanished and even my soul signature can’t find it, nor my soul sense. Just who could that be? I did the right thing to not try to probe anymore, or I might’ve got exposed.’

Ace had already sensed Maddux’s presence two hundred meters away from their position when Jerome was talking with them, and he also sensed Blade Demon King for a moment before he completely concealed himself after sensing something awry.

Blade Demon King was shocked at that moment because he sensed exposure for a moment in Feng’s presence, so he quickly used ten percent of his power to hide even more thoroughly and then paid more attention to Feng, but he found nothing amiss again and thought it was just his imagination, but he still couldn’t forget about that feeling.

That was why he shared it with Maddux and Jerome, but they also won’t believe it even for a second.

But who would’ve thought it was true!

That’s why Ace quickly left toward the depth of the shadow mountain range, and he wanted to enter the core region because he wanted absolute isolation because of what he was about to do.

As for the competition, he didn’t care at all, since he can always kill those required demonic beasts anytime he wanted.

However, this sudden start of the competition threw his other plans out of rail, which included him going into the inner domain first and then visiting the Life Demon Treasure Pagoda and then Lionheart Shop.

Furthermore, the Lionheart Shop visit was important since it included the All-Knowing Parrot showing herself after interacting with him.

At this moment, Ace was suddenly startled before his brows knit together.

After making sure no one was around, he jumped on a tree and hide its large crown, and then took out a green cube that was blinking.

The moment he took it out from his thief’s space, it glowed in green light before an overlapping voice sounded with a hint of playfulness.

“Mr. Sky Stealer, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Shadow Mountain Range.”

Ace smiled wryly and said, “Boss, All-Knowing Parrot sure got the news fast. But I have to disappoint you. This place is gloomy with eerily silence, so I don’t think I can admire any scenery here.”

“Hahaha… I kind of like this kind of environment.” All-Knowing Parrot laughed lightly.

Ace only sighed and asked, “So, what can I do for Boss All-Knowing Parrot? It seemed I won’t be visiting your establishment anytime soon.”

All-Knowing Parrot replied knowingly, “I know, such a shame, I was looking forward to our business dealings. But we also have to postpone our meeting for eight months since I can’t come here at the moment. Nonetheless, I contact you to warn you about the Mist Domain…!”


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