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Eternal Thief – Chapter 382: Second Half of the Chain Mission Bahasa Indonesia

Right at the west corner of the duke’s estate, which was three miles away from the duke’s mansion.

A tall, burly silhouette abruptly appeared right in front of a remote wall.

This silhouette promptly made a hand gesture with something in mind, however, after a moment, nothing happened.

A confused voice rang, “Why isn’t the array key… baaaawwww”

However, he was cut short and puked a mouthful of blood abruptly.

The silhouette thought someone had set up an ambush for him, however, he quickly threw that notion out of his mind because only he and his father know about this secret passage out of this estate, and it was guarded by an intermediate-grade-2 lock array and grade one illusion array.

“My Qi-Mark! My storage ring!”

His voice was filled with fright and incredulity when he guessed how he was suddenly injured internally and only a forced Qi mark removal could injure him to this extent and this time, he felt almost all of his Qi marks were stripped clean in one fell swoop!

Thereby, he quickly looked at this right hand and his soul almost left his body when his guess became true, and he trembled when someone came into his mind who can only do this!


Livy roared at the top of his lungs before he turned around and darted toward the duke’s mansion with his full power while mumbling madly with blood tinkling from his mouth continually. But he didn’t seem to care at all…

“It’s not him…. It’s not himmmmmmm…”

Charlee appeared right in front of a large building with a stern expression on his old face and when he saw everyone was busy working, doing their tasks diligently, his expression loosened a bit.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on a particular ocean demon who was carrying a large wooden container, and he was going toward a carriage to load it.

Charlee was momentarily shocked and couldn’t believe what he had just seen and shouted, “Abdiel?”

Abdiel, who was going toward the carriage with the wooden container in his hand, was shaken up visibly when he heard someone calling his name and he thought it was one of those bullies from servant quarters.

He sheepishly twisted his head and when he saw the old demon in butler attire, his eyes widen, and he quickly knew who this old demon was. He promptly put down the wooden box on the grass ground and bowed deeply.

“This lowly one greets Head Butler!”

This made Charlee’s expression sink even more than he asked gloomily, “Why the heck are you playing at? Tell me, how did you reach here before me?” His cultivation pressure also surged, which made Abdiel shiver to no end.

Abdiel doesn’t know what had happened or what Charlee was talking about. He quickly pleads in a trembling voice, “I-I… I didn’t g-go anywhere, please… spare me!”

Charlee’s heart trembled because he could easily tell Abdiel wasn’t joking, and his expression changed in myriad ways. ‘Just what the fuck is going on?!’

Suddenly a grave possibility surfaced in his mind, ‘Could it be the duke’s mansion has been… infiltrated?!’

Without any hesitation, Charlee turned around and run back at full speed with an extremely ashen expression on his face. He didn’t stop to confirm it with Head Beast Tamer as well.

He wanted it to be just his paranoia and only someone’s prank on him.

But if it wasn’t and something happened to the duke’s mansion while he was easily tricked, he will lose his old head!

Ace was currently standing inside a fifty-squire meter room with a huge grin on his face.

This room was neatly arranged into three sections: knowledge, treasures, and medicinal.

Without any further delay, he started to collect everything as quickly as possible. He knew he doesn’t have much time before Livy and Charlee would come back.

This wasn’t something new for him, so it wasn’t taken long before Ace emptied the entire room without even leaving a single shelf.

His thief symbol has already appeared on the central wall with his name and thief farewell note ‘I’m Back!’.

However, he was frowning at this moment. ‘Ocean Demon Tribe’s Treasury doesn’t have soul materials or soul pills? But it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t believe a demon duke title tribe won’t have a single soul material! There has to be another treasury which was only known by Livy or tribe chief!’

Ace’s eyes shimmered with a white glint as he scanned the treasury. However, he doesn’t find any out of the ordinary.

But he didn’t give up so quickly.

Thereupon, Livy’s storage ring appeared in his hand, and quickly he scanned it with his soul sense, and the very next moment thereafter, twelve rune keys appeared in his hand.

Although he didn’t know which one was for which lock, it doesn’t matter as he quickly activated them all at once and all twelve rune keys shimmered in different lights.

Suddenly, Ace felt the south wall tremble slightly, and his eyes lit up. He quickly found a particular red rune key, which was strongly reacting at this moment.

He quickly approached the wall and pressed this red rune key on it and thereafter, it slides upward, revealing ten square meters of space behind it.

Ace saw ten shelves with pill bottles and fifty storage rings, neatly arranged on a jade table. He suddenly felt his soul Qi surge slightly when he breathed, and his heart couldn’t help but beat in ecstasy.

“I was indeed right to first go after Livy’s storage ring and didn’t try to break in here alone, or I might’ve failed this time. This lock is probably low-grade-4. There’s no damn way I could’ve broken it or found it with my current skills!”

Ace felt quite satisfied with his plan this time and quickly store everything. This was his biggest haul of this thievery!

After he was done, he quickly left while leaving the treasuries and the passage opened because he wanted Livy to see this and died from anger!

At this moment, when Ace had just exited Livy’s cultivation chamber, he felt a strong martial sense envelop the area.

His lips moved upward. ‘He’s here!’

Ace know Livy’s soul signature very well, and he could tell the other party was in a complete frenzy and inflamed state.

If this was before his breakthrough, he might’ve already been locked in by Livy’s martial sense. However, now, Livy stood no chance of finding Ace, not unless his martial sense was at the peak of the diamond soul realm.

That was also why Ace didn’t panic and swiftly moved toward the other exit of the duke’s mansion without waiting for Livy’s livid face with his thief symbol.

Just as Ace exited the corridor, Livy’s disheveled figure appeared with bloodshot eyes filled with murderous intent.

However, when Livy saw his cultivation chamber was still opened, his heart nearly burst out of his chest and he quickly entered the cultivation chamber hoping that the worse has not happened!

But alas, he was destined for a massive shock when he saw the secret passage toward the treasury was also opened.


Livy shrilled before he ran into the secret passage and when he saw the golden treasury door completely opened and white light was illuminating the passage, his heart practically stopped.

With trembling steps and erratic breathing, Livy entered the treasury and instantly saw the imposing owl imprint and the name on its one wing ‘Sky Stealer’ and then the two words on its other wing ‘I’m Back!’.

Livy instantly puked a huge amount of blood on the white floor.


He was so angry and felt despaired that he started laughing like a lunatic.

Everything was completely gone. This wealth wasn’t just his, it was accommodated in five thousand years of his tribe’s history. Especially the soul pills and materials. They weren’t just some star tier pills or materials, but grade pills and materials!

However, what truly sent Livy into an icy abyss was the fact that the infamous thief struck his home and completely fooled him.

If it was just that he could still endure it, but this thief’s appearance here meant the one after him will come here to investigate.

Especially that imperial envoy who turned the iron demon city into a black wasteland.

Just thinking about this point sent chills down his spine.


Suddenly, Livy’s mad laughter came to an abrupt halt when he heard this extremely familiar voice filled with alarm.


Livy couldn’t help but grind his teeth in hatred when he thought about how he was fooled to leave because of Charlee.

Charlee suddenly emerged in the treasury. He was quite familiar with it since Livy would take him here.

However, he had no idea what had happened. He was here to report about how he was fooled by an imposter, and after some inquiry, the gate guards also seemed to see him entering the mansion shortly after he left.

This made Charlee even more uneasy, and when he finally saw Livy’s bent back and blood on the floor, his expression changed.

He was about to say something when his eyes landed on the owl imprint, and he heard only one word filled with abhorrence and indignation, which was also the last word he would ever hear…



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