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Eternal Thief – Chapter 380: A Pleasant Breakthrough Bahasa Indonesia

Thereupon, Ace felt a huge torrent of heavenly Qi entering his soul and body as his both cultivations surged.

Inside his martial space, the sea bed was filled with black Qi mist started to change as that mist slowly started to liquefy.

When the Qi mist started to turn into liquid, this was the sign of the flowing river cultivation stage of the Qi river realm.

However, Ace had formed a Qi Sea, which means this process of liquidation will not easily be complete while he needed a large amount of Qi to fill his martial Qi sea.

When all the dark mist turned into dark liquid Qi, his sea bead was only ten percent filled!

However, Ace’s focus was now completely on his orange soul core, which was revolving at high speed and releasing orange mist as the heavenly soul Qi was being absorbed.

He felt his soul sense was growing all of a sudden. From 250-meter it grew to 270 and quickly crossed the three-hundred-meter mark and finally stopped at 350M range!

Ace was astonished and ecstatic because he knew a golden soul or embryo cultivator’s martial or soul sense maximum range was only 150M to 200M, while a diamond soul or embryo cultivator’s martial or soul sense maximum range was between 250M and 300M.

As for the peak, platinum Qi soul or soul embryo cultivator’s range of their martial sense or soul sense was between 450M and 500M.

However, Ace wasn’t even in the fourth cultivation realm, and he had a soul sense and heavenly sense that can rival a peak diamond soul embryo realm cultivator, which means his chances of the upcoming thievery success were just skyrocketed!

One had to know the cultivators who broke through in river core realm with Medium River can only have martial sense or soul sense of 50M, and they used treasures to boost their senses, but these kinds of treasures were rare, and they weren’t accurate like the real thing.

The Large River formed Core will have a 75M soul sense or martial sense range.

While the Ordinary and Extraordinary river cores range will be 100M and 150M, respectively.

Growing a soul sense or marital sense was extremely difficult because the larger range of your senses, the stronger you were, and it can decide a winning factor between a life and death struggle.

However, cultivators were bound by the limits of heaven, and even if they had a treasure that might widen their senses, there was a limit, and they can’t be grown infinitely.

But Ace wasn’t bound by any limit, and he was walking on a completely different path than others, and this make him the anomaly among anomalies.

At this moment, the system’s icy voice rang.


[Congratulation, host, on achieving the fourth stage of Heavenly Sea Realm and fourth stage of Orange Soul Form!]

[Host status has been updated]

[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Dark Sea [Stage-4]]

[EXP: 82,270/100,000]

[Soul Cultivation: Orange Wind Soul Core [Stage-4]]

[SP: 70,000/100,000]


Ace smiled and mumbled, “Well, this was an unexpected, pleasant surprise. I never thought my soul and heavenly sense can further grow. But it seemed the secret part of my soul cultivation technique had its advantages as well. I think now only Maddux can detect my heavenly sense presence, and maybe I can also bypass Aura Duke detection as well, which means Livy’s is nothing now…”

Ace was excited, and he wanted to take off for his mission right now, but he knew it would be meaningless right now since he had already crafted the plan and discussed it with Noa.

Furthermore, although he became strong, this doesn’t mean he can protect himself from looming danger and his enemy had many mysterious ways to deal with him, so there wasn’t any need to make mistakes over this small power boost.

Two days passed in a flash,

Thomas came to visit Ace every day and drag him for drinks, this time his wife Milly also join them, and she also treated Feng more sincerely but was still cold.

Lastly, Livy seemed to completely behave and won’t dare to find trouble with Feng anymore and the preparations were almost complete.

There were over four hundred candidates from the ocean demon fief and over hundreds of them were from the ocean demon tribe, and their leader was naturally Little Fifth.

As for the other youths, they were from the other tribes of the ocean demon fiefs, and they also remained in the camp of ocean demon youths.

But Feng was even more popular than the ocean demon team, and many youths approached him to join his team, but Feng completely rejected them and Thomas also didn’t seem too interested in forming his team or leading this group of sycophants.

Everyone knows the Aura Blade Envoy was personally escorting them tomorrow morning!

It was the last night, only four hours remained before the departure of the ocean demon entourage.

This night was destined to be a sleepless night for the duke’s estate.

Many servants were busy with the final preparation.

At this moment, an ocean demon in servant attire was hurrying toward the main estate.

The gate guards naturally stopped him and one of them sternly said, “What are you doing here? This isn’t the place for a lowly servant like you!”

The timid servant sweated as he blurted, “My lords, I have an emergency report for Head Butler. It’s related to the journey of this dawn. Please understand.”

Those guards’ expressions finally changed. They know the duke himself has given the order that there was no room for any mistake, and anyone who dared to make the slightest mistake will be harshly punished.

One of the guards quickly agreed to this servant’s request. “I understand. Follow me.”

The servant sighed in relief, but his anxious expression didn’t loosen as he quickly followed the armed guard inside the duke’s mansion.

“Wait here, I’ll report it to Head Butler.” The guard left the servant in the hall and quickly left to find Charlee.

Charlee was extremely busy while setting things up for the Livy’s fifth son and other ocean demon youths and when he heard something might’ve happened, he quickly agreed to meet with this servant, which he won’t in normal circumstances.

Charlee quickly approached the anxious servant and sternly said, “You’re Abdiel, who was in charge of carriages, right? Speak, what happened?”

Charlee was the head butler of the duke’s estate, and he knows every servant who worked here because they were all carefully selected by him, and it was only natural for him to know about Abdiel as well.

Abdiel quickly bowed and said, “This lowly one greeted the Head Butler, and it’s an honor for me to be remembered by the Head Butler.”

“Cut the crap and tell me what the matter?” said Charlee sternly. He didn’t have time to entertain this bottom feeder.

Abdiel quickly said respectfully, “Head Butler, I don’t know, but Purple Horn Demon Horses were going mad all of a sudden, and we don’t have enough manpower to calm them. They had already destroyed three 8-star carriages, and beast tamers had sent me to ask for help here.”

Charlee’s old face turned gloomy when he heard this, and he berated, “Useless bunch, such a useless bunch, they can’t even handle livestock?”

Abdiel trembled slightly before he said timidly, “My lord, Head Beast Tamer specifically asked for you, and he said, without your pressure, it will be extremely difficult to handle the beast.”

“That useless trash, it seemed, we need a new beast tamer.” Charlee’s eyes turned cold. “You may leave. I’ll head over there right now.”

Charlee quickly left toward the north part of the estate, where all the estate carriages and demonic beasts were held. It was two miles away from the main estate, and it would take Charlee five minutes to reach there.

Abdiel was also quickly escorted out of the main gates by the guards.

Just one minute had passed after Charlee left, and suddenly he came back. The guards became confused, but they didn’t dare to stop him from entering the mansion.

One of the guards mumbled, “It seemed the head butler forget something.”

The other quickly reprimanded in a harsh tone, “Shut up, if the butler heard you, then only punishment awaits you!”

Charlee coolly walked toward Livy’s cultivation chamber before he closed his eyes and a powerful sense suddenly surged from him for an instant before it completely vanished.

He mumbled, “So, he’s here.”

Livy wasn’t cultivating right at this moment since it would be soon the time for his descendants to depart, and he was deep in thought about Feng and how to deal with him as quickly as possible.

Although he had already written a message to his father, he wasn’t sure if his father can deal with Feng easily.

At this moment, a gentle knock rang on his cultivation chamber’s door.

Livy frowned before he sternly said, “Who is it?”

Charlee’s respectful voice sounded, “Your Highness, I have something to report.”

Livy’s eyes narrowed when he heard Charlee’s voice. He knew Charlee would never disturb him, especially when he was in his cultivation chamber, and this might be something really important.

He said mildly, “Enter!”


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