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Eternal Thief – Chapter 355: Game of Words? Bahasa Indonesia

The door pushed opened and a tall demon with a burly build appeared, his skin was bronze color while his face was very ordinary with golden eyeballs filled with fiery vigor, and sword-like eyebrows, his curved goat like golden horns were only one foot long with bright blond short hair, this was the young master of Demon Sword Clan, Feng Demon Sword!

This Feng also belonged to a Demon Marquis Tribe which was on the edge of Ocean Demon fief, but this clan had the same potential as the ocean demon tribe, a soul rank potential tribe.

If only for the suppression of Ocean Demon Tribe this tribe might’ve already challenged Ocean Demon Tribe for their title, but alas, Ocean Demon Tribe would never let a snake mature in their own backyard, so they always assassinate whoever Demon Sword Tribe’s demon was close to breaking thought into the soul realm.

Because this tribe was a weapon cultivator demon tribe which has a very huge chance of comprehending a sword intent after reaching the soul realm, which was very threatening to Ocean Demon Tribe, that’s why they keep a close eye on them.

After the news of the Demon Gate Trial, the demon sword demon naturally thought it was a chance to break free from Ocean Demon Tribe suppression, but who would’ve thought Livy would send Right Ocean Spear personally to ‘escort’ their young master to the ocean demon city, so he could join the ocean demon duchy’s team.

The clan leader of the demon sword clan already knew if they don’t comply, then they would forget about sending any tribe member to the demon gate trial, so Feng end up coming here, so he could pave the way for Ocean Demon Tribe’s young generation.

But this Feng was an extremely ruthless demon. He killed whoever offend him without batting an eye, and he was already planning to kill Ocean Demon Tribe’s young generation once they reached blade king domain.

No one could move against him there if he showed his talent. As for the ocean demon tribe’s retaliation by killing his tribesmen, he doesn’t care about them because he thought of them as cowards. He didn’t even care about his father, who groom him with care and love.

He was extremely ambitious, and he was very confident in passing the demon gate trial and entering the one of demon institutes in the royal zone, and then he would live like a king.

But alas, he never thought he would become Ace’s target just for his dual sword style and earth attribute.

Feng’s eyes instantly narrowed when he saw Ace’s hooded finger, which was two heads shorter than him, and he felt a very dangerous feeling from his short ‘demon’.

“Who are you?” He asked while circulating his Qi to the maximum while he gripped both of his sword hilts on his wrist.

Ace replied, “I just want your face…”

Before Feng could draw his swords, he felt a deep pain in his head before a blurry punch blasted right below his sharp chin, knocking him backward.

Ace’s body was extremely strong and, with a single punch, he knocked Feng cold while using a small soul-piercing bullet. He didn’t want to kill Feng right now, not until he got his memories. He was very interested in his dual sword style, and this was the biggest reason he chose Feng!

Ace closed the door and entered Feng’s room. No one noticed a thing.

Ace saw the interior of the room was quite lavish. There was a hall, 3 rooms, and one cultivation chamber.

Ace dragged the unconscious Feng toward the cultivation chamber, which was 20 cubic meters, and he activated its soundproof array and set up another concealing formation of his own.

After making sure the room was completely sealed off, Ace first Pick-Pocket Feng’s storage ring, which gave him a measly 2000 TP but no low-level thievery notification was sounded.

‘So, all the thieveries I do while a job mission is active will go to waste. The only relief is the thief symbol is working.’

Although System has already warned him about this, he still felt depressed when he confirmed it himself.

‘Well, now, I have a test subject and some time to waste. I should practice as much as possible. First, I have to figure out how I can probe the exact memory I want.’ Ace was very motivated to start his experiments.

He wasn’t in a hurry to save more faces since he can’t get rid of everyone or this might cause an unwanted commotion.

That’s why he decided to eliminate one target and pose as him all the time. This way he’ll easily achieve his goals, both long-term and short-term.

And Feng was just too perfect for this!

Furthermore, he could also use Feng as his experiment subject for his job mission while he spread his web for his first chain mission.

‘Soul Probe!’ Ace used an instant soul probe on unconscious Feng while thinking about his dual sword style.

Ace’s eyes shimmered for an instant before a memory fragment surfaced in his mind and when he saw it was just a useless memory of Feng’s childhood, he shook his head in disappointment.

‘It seemed it does not depend on what kind of memory I want or think. Let’s see if what he thinks bore any results or not,’ Ace mused.

The next moment, a complete back faceless mask appeared in Ace’s hand with a small red ruby-like gem in its center. This was the new Thousand-Face Mask.

Ace quickly commanded, “Save face seven!”

Instantly, the red gem flashed a crimson light on unconscious Feng for a second before a notification rang in Ace’s head.

“[Face-7 has been saved!]”

‘So fast!’ Ace was astonished before becoming elated.

Before, it would take some time for the mask to scan the others, but now, it does it almost instantly, which made Ace very satisfied with this upgraded version.

Ace wore the mask and activate Pablo’s face for now.

He didn’t probe into any more memories, afraid it would affect his ‘research’, and it didn’t take long before Feng woke up with a groan. He still felt a burning pain on his face and stabbing pain in his brain as he finally opened his eyes in confusion.

But the confusion only lasted for a moment, before he saw ‘Pablo’s’ beaming face, and he finally remembered how he got knocked off by this hateful demon.

He instantly tried to stand up and fight, but soon find out he was bound by some kind of mysterious force and then his eyes landed on the shining array plate not far away from him, and he instantly guessed he was bound by that array!

He threw a vicious glaze at Ace and roared, “Bastard, did those shameless ocean dogs send you here to get rid of me?!”

Ace’s eyes narrowed and asked, “Why do you think the ocean demon tribe wants to get rid of you?”

He didn’t know the enmity between the two tribes, and after hearing Feng’s words; he felt something was wrong. If there was really some bad blood between the two tribes, then posing as Feng will become extremely troublesome for him.

“Heh, bitch, you want to play ignorant with this father? Just go ahead and kill me. I will never beg for mercy or lower my head like my cowardly tribe!” Feng menacingly with a twisted face.

This also confirmed Ace’s guess that there was really some kind of enmity between Feng and the ocean demon tribe, which made him frown. If he now killed Feng to keep his mouth shut and chose another target, then he’ll definitely alert Livy.

Ace sighed and said, “I’m not from the ocean demon tribe. Do I look like an ocean demon to you?”

Feng finally noted Pablo’s silver skin and narrowed his eyes. “Then who did you enter this place, and why did you want to do with me?”

“I told you I just want your face…” Pablo smiled faintly, which sent chills down Feng’s spine.

“Hahaha… you’re a sadistic huh… but I said it already; I’m not a coward like my tribe, so do your worse bitch!” Feng wore a maniacal expression as he hatefully looked at Ace.

Ace shook his head and said, “Well, it seemed I have no choice but to stick with your appearance. The short-term trouble still can’t outmatch my long-term goals.”

“What are you? A revolutionary?” Feng felt Ace was a madman after he heard Ace’s words.

Ace smiled and said, “Nope, I’m not a revolutionary. I’m just a petty thief who wants to stay alive.”

“Thief?” Feng’s mind suddenly jolt as something appeared in his mind.

‘Soul Probe!’ Ace used an instant soul probe.

A new memory surfaced in his mind, and Ace was astonished when he found out that this memory was about him!

Meaning that this memory was about Sky Stealer. It was the memory when Feng first heard about Sky Stealer, the thief.

Ace’s eyes glow in realization about something as he mused with a hint of excitement, ‘So, in the end, it was just the game of words!’


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