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Eternal Thief – Chapter 328: Noble Tribe Title War Preparation! Bahasa Indonesia

“Why didn’t we know about this?!”

Uriah’s expression was filled with shock and fear, and Tray was also looking in bewilderment at Elian.

They both know what this killing formation represented. It meant as long as Golden Iron Demon Clan or Elian know how to operate it, they were the kings inside the Iron Demon.

The Silver Iron Demon Clan and Bronze Iron Demon Clan can do nothing to shake their position as overlord, not before they found a way to overcome this low-grade-1 killing formation or invite a soul realm cultivator, which was also impossible.

They finally understand just why the Golden Iron Demon’s position remains unshakable all these years, and why Elian didn’t put them in his eyes before.

Elian simply answer without even blinking, “Only the Chief of each generation had the information about this Killing Formation called Ten Golden Pillar Swords, and only if some calamity struck the chief was allowed to disclose its information.

“Furthermore, this Ten Golden Pillar Sword killing formation can’t be used steadily, and it required a constant supply of Peak-Grade-1 Qi stones and a Qi soul realm cultivator to fully bring out its potential.

“However, we don’t have one such cultivator in our ranks, nor did we have many peak-grade-1 Qi stones. If I operate it, I can only pressure a peak Qi golden core realm or wound him gravely. I can’t kill them.”

The room was deadly silent at this moment. Their shocked expression turned grave again because they knew Elian’s words were absolutely true. But their heart still trembled when they thought about their tribe having such a trump card hidden all these years.

Uriah took a deep breath and said, “Our Silver Iron Clan will support Golden Iron Demon Clan and follow Tribe Chief Elian’s lead!”

“Bronze Iron Demon Clan also fully supports Tribe Chef Elian!” Tray nodded solemnly.

No one retorted, and everyone silently agreed with both clan leaders.

They all knew, with this killing formation and its operating method, that Elian was the true King of Iron Demon City.

When Uriah and Tray thought about their past plans of orchestrating a coup, they thought like they were the biggest jokes, nothing else. They finally understand why Elian didn’t take them seriously in the past.

Elian’s lip rose in a faint smile after seeing everyone was finally on the same track, with no hidden resentments or schemes.

He said, “Good, this killing formation is our last resort, but just in case, I need ten Qi silver river core stage demons on each point of this killing formation and one million peak-grade-1 Qi stones to activate the formation for ten minutes. Golden Iron Demon Clan had over five hundred thousand in reserve, and I’m counting on Brother Uriah and Brother Tray for the other Five hundred thousand.”

“No problem!”

Uriah and Tray agreed with no hesitation since they knew if they didn’t show their support, they’ll die with all their clans, so it wasn’t the time to hide their asset.

“Good!” Elian nodded and continued, “Now that this is out of the way, let’s discuss how we’re going to annihilate this Dark Gabon Demon Tribe!”

Everyone emits killing intent on hearing the name of their foe!

“I just buy information from another city’s ‘Parrot’ about this Dark Gabon Demon Tribe, and I have to say our enemy is quite ruthless and powerful. They had One peak golden river core stage demon as their tribe chief, just like me.

“Thirty Silver River Core Stage Demons, but this number can be much more since it was the figure the public knows. Nonetheless, we have 42 silver river core stage demons, so it’s a plus.

“Lastly, they had over three hundred bronze river core stage and over eight hundred Iron river core stage demons in their ranks. I think they’re equally matched with us when it comes to Qi river core realm experts. What do you guys think?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Uriah asked in a grave tone, “What element they’re efficient in?”

This was the most important question because every demon tribe had an innate special element that they were born with, and it was not random like humans. Although there were cultivation techniques that can help cultivate a specific element, those were too rare.

The Iron Demon Tribe’s innate element was Iron Element, a variation of Metallic Elements. Iron Element can further vary or mutate into Golden Iron Qi, Silver Iron Qi, Bronze-Iron Qi, Iron Qi, and so forth with special metal type cultivation techniques of Iron Demon Tribe.

Elian’s expression turned grave as he replied, “Dark Gabon Tribe’s innate element is Dark Earth, and they had five variations like Dark Earthly Stone, Dark Earthly Mud, Dark Earthly Swamp, Dark Earthly Sand, and the most powerful one, Dark Earthquake!”

Everyone’s expression turn to worse when the Earth element was mentioned, which was probably the bane of Metallic Element. Everyone knows earth element users were all masters of defense!

Furthermore, they were talking about mutated earth elements of the demon race, not just simply earth elements, especially the ‘Earthquake’, which was a rare variation of earth elements.

Rumor has it the person of this element can cause instant earthquakes, make the earth tremble, split it and then close it at will!

“Don’t worry, they only had one Earthquake element user, which is the son of Dark Gabon Tribe’s Chief, and he is a genius of silver river core realm. We just have to deal with him quickly by ambush.” Elian’s eyes turned cold.

“Tribe Chief, please allow us dark iron element demons to assassinate him!” One of a demon with dark iron skin spoke at this moment with a confident expression on his black face.

Elian deeply looked at this Dark Iron Demon and solemnly nodded. “I leave it to guys then, but remember, failure isn’t the option!”

“Yes, I won’t let my tribe down!” He quickly bent his back toward Elian.

Elian nodded in a dignified manner and said, “Also, have someone to bring those trash vagabonds of our tribe back. They’ll be the perfect meat shields. It’s time for them to repay their tribe back.

“After that, I want our rune crafters to arrange deadly traps all around the city walls and inside the city, and after they were done, start making portable arrays which can protect against a deadly strike for one or two times…”

The preparation meeting of Iron Demon Tribe was continued for over eight hours and when it was done, all Qi river core demons of Iron Demon Tribe moved toward their allocated posts and some of them made preparation.

Everyone was busy and gave everything they had for a chance for survival.

On the periphery of Iron Demon City, one could spot a magnificent purple camp with a spearhead emblem on it and two crimson fire lions lazily sitting outside, like guard dogs.

Inside the camp was only a large size bed which a small table and two chairs.

An ocean demon wearing white robes, he had burly stature, long dark blue hair, and a vicious face filled with small scars. He was looking in a mirror with an amusing expression on his scarred face.

Another ocean demon with a skinny constitution was respectfully standing behind this scarred demon with a respectful expression on his skinny face.

“Lord Henrik, what are your thoughts on these animals’ futile struggle?” This skinny demon was none other than the little purple, the retainer of Left Ocean Spear Henrik.

This scar-face burly demon who was amusingly looking in a mirror was obviously Left Ocean Spear, Henrik!

Henrik smile coldly and said as he looked in a mirror, which wasn’t showing his reflection, but it was showing the whole Iron Demon City from an aerial view.

“They’re making traps on city walls and houses, not on the ground, which evinces they knew about Dark Gabon Tribe’s innate element, Dark Earth.”

“Heh, I can see my lord is looking forward to this fight?” Little Purple chuckled. He was very familiar with Henrik, and he can be this bold while they were being alone, or he knew in public; only death awaits him!

Henrik merely smirked and said, “I’m more interested in that thief, what he called himself?”

“My lord, that clown called himself ‘Sky Stealer’, as if he can steal the sky!” Little purple scoffed with disdain.

“Heh, I think he’s quite interested and capable. That’s why My Lord gave his command to recruit that thief.” Henrik chuckled.

“What? His highness wanted to recruit a thief?” Little Purple suddenly lost his calm.

Henrik merely nodded, didn’t mind little purple’s reaction, and said, “Yes, His Highness specifically commanded me to capture him and then recruit him in the name of Ocean Demon Duke. That thief is quite talented if the reports about him are true. That’s why His Highness gave me this low-grade-2 Demon Eye Formation that can see through any disguise and concealment and monitor the entire city. The moment that thief makes his move, he’s mine!”

Henrik’s eyes were as sharp as a predator who was waiting for his prey in the shadows!


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