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Eternal Thief – Chapter 301: Noa’s Missions (3) Bahasa Indonesia

[Chain-Mission: 1/3]

-Mission: Subduing the Wolf Demon Bandits!

-Status: Complete

-Reward: 300 House Points have been added to House Member Status

[Noa Night Thief House Point(s): 700]

[Chain-Mission: 2/3]

-Mission: Use the Bandit Leader!

-Description 1: Controlled the Enslaved Bandit Leader (Golden Wolf King) to fish out the All-Knowing Parrot!

-Description 2: Capture All-Knowing Parrot alive.

-Description 3: Bring All-Knowing Parrot alive to House Leader (Ace White)!

-Reward: 500 House Points

-Time: 100 Days

-Punishment: None

[Chain-Mission: 3/3]

-Mission: Lock

[Note: Please complete the second chain mission to unlock the third mission.]

Noa tentatively closed the mission panel. She still didn’t understand why Ace didn’t just tell her beforehand about these strange mission strings and let her deal with it on her own.

‘Is he testing me?’ Noa thought because this was the only plausible explanation, and she wasn’t some four-year-old to not understand this point after seeing the second mission.

Ace naturally had the same intention when he gave this mission to Noa. He wanted to see how she’ll complete the task with little clues he gave her through missions.

He could’ve just told her his true intentions and been done with it. But he didn’t because he knew their future was filled with difficulties and thorns and Noa was new to the concept of theft.

That’s why he made these missions to test her adaptation and acclimatization abilities because a thief knows how to change and react to the situation and remain calm even when the odds were against it.

The first mission was to her patience and fighting skills, which Ace knew she would complete with little of a hitch.

This second mission was to test her reconnaissance ability because this All-Knowing Parrot was an information broker and a slippery rat who was wanted all over the Dark Ocean Demon Dukedom!

Many people were searching for All-Knowing Parrot and wanted to tear him into a million pieces because he knew too many of their dirty secrets and his means of collecting information were astonishing and mysterious.

That’s why some people were specifically searching for him to reveal this secret or enslave him to work for them. But to this day, no one has ever captured this All-Knowing Parrot, nor did anyone know his real identity because he was too cunning and meticulous.

As for how Buck was in contact with All-Knowing Parrot, even Pablo didn’t know, but Pablo was once a member of Wolf Demon Bandits and one of the vice leaders because of his former high status!

This bandit group was made by Buck to rob caravans of his clan’s competitors and made trouble for them, so his own clan’s business can flourish, and remain on top of the Iron Demon City business’s food chain.

He also had his father’s full support!

Pablo was rough in his early days and somehow befriend Buck and then roped into Wolf Demon Bandits by shrewd Buck, who knows about Pablo’s status as the youngest son of Silver Iron Demon Clan’s Leader!

However, what Buck never expected was Pablo would turn out to be trash and even be expelled from Silver Iron Demon Clan because of his misgivings and early scandals.

In the end, Pablo was kicked out by Buck from the Wolf Demon Bandits as well because of his status as trash, and he was also afraid Pablo would drag him down with his meager strength.

Pablo naturally had no choice but to endure and kept a lid on it. He didn’t dare to reveal Buck’s dark operations, nor can he afford to, and even he exposes Buck. No one would believe trash and exile!

Besides, he can’t kill Pablo openly. Even if he was an exile, he was still the son of the Silver Demon Clan’s leader!

That’s why Buck left Pablo alone to wallow in his own misery.

However, what Buck didn’t expect was Ace would steal Pablo’s memories and then hunt him down, so he could find the All-Knowing Parrot through him.

When Noa interrogated Buck about the All-Knowing Parrot, she was also astonished and finally understand just how difficult her second mission was.

She even remembered hearing about All-Knowing Parrot from Warden Cane once, but she never paid much attention to the outside world. She wasn’t interested enough, nor did she have time to waste because she wanted to become strong to get her revenge.

“How did you contact All-Knowing Parrot?” questioned Noa coldly to Buck.

Buck was also feeling perplexed because it seemed his new ‘master’ knows everything about his operations and secrets.

What he doesn’t understand was how did Noa know about All-Knowing Parrot and him? Because he was always very cautious to never talk about All-Knowing Parrot with anyone and only his two Vice-Leaders com close aids know about it which were now dead beside him.

However, he was confident those two dead men didn’t betray him, so who does? Well, the time of mulling over was long gone, and he can’t hide anything from Noa because of the slave contract!

Unless he didn’t want to die garishly, he had to tell the truth about everything.

“I-I don’t… we always contact through middlemen and I never meet the real person!” Buck replied truthfully.

Noa’s eyes narrowed because she knew Buck can’t lie to her and this mean she was chasing after a ghost!

“What deals have you made and where is this middleman?” Noa coldly asked with a hint of killing intent. She was naturally feeling dispersed now because five hundred house points were on the line!

Buck’s heart trembled when he felt the killing intent. He knew if this ‘master’ of his didn’t get what she wanted, he was dead!

“I-I supply them with goods I plunder from the different caravans, and they sell them for me after taking commissions. As for the middleman, it was always a different person.

“I have to leave a message on a special spot to contact them and after seven days a middleman would be there to take the goods from me and after another seven days I received the payment on the same spot from a different person!”


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