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Eternal Thief – Chapter 262: Soul Search Bahasa Indonesia

[System upgrade is available]

[Cost: 1 Million Thief Points]

[Reward: Level-1 Authority]

[Time: 23:59:59]

[Host has already authorized the system upgrade]

[1 Million Thief Points has been deducted]

[Thief Point(s): 1,818,400]

[Upgrade has been started, please wait plenty]

[Time: 23:59:58]

Ace nearly went insane from the stunt that the system just pull. The system never told him before the upgrade would take whole twenty-four hours to complete, and it wasn’t free either.

Now, not only the system had ‘cheat’ him out of one million thief point, but he didn’t get shit in return except a fucking clock that look more like his death clock right now.

“It was my fault for putting so much trust in this bitchy system. If I escape alive today, I’ll make sure you pay for it, bastard system!” Ace resentfully cursed the system in his mind.

But the system did not fault in this matter either because foremost, Ace never ask about the condition of the upgrading process nor did he bother since he was too busy thinking about how to theft and complete the mission which was getting in his way.

And second, no one would’ve imagined Ace would be trapped like this and face someone like Gordon so soon and unexpectedly. Now all these unfortunate events have pushed Ace to the corner.

If his plan of hoodwinking Gordon has been succeeded and the system upgraded instantly, Ace was ninety percent certain of escaping this talisman alive. But his luck was just too bad, and now his ninety percent chance dropped below five percent!

Because this last method was just too risky, and it was just a theory if Ace was wrong or even delay for a moment he’ll be killed by enraged Gordon!

“What are you waiting for, since I give you the entire treasure mountain without holding back? I also expect you to complete your promise without pulling any tricks!” Gordon’s coldly looked at Ace, who was just standing there like a sculpture.

“R-right, since Senior put his truth in me, how could I go back on my words?” Ace smile wryly, ‘Death or life will depend on this.’

Ace inhaled deeply before his eyes turn resolute and shape, “Senior, please proceed with this ‘soul search’ first!”

Gordon narrowed his eyes as he quickly rejected, “No, I want the ‘Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate’ first, the soul search can wait. I trust you this much!”

How could Gordon agree to this, what if Ace died during soul search, and he was planning to kill him from soul search as well? He had to take ownership of Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate first and then kill Ace with soul search.

If this was before, Gordon won’t hesitate to use a soul search on Ace, but this time it was completely different. This sequence can’t be changed no matter what, Gordon won’t risk killing Ace as long as the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate’ was still in his possession!

However, Ace shook his head and decisively sneered, “I can’t transfer Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate first no matter what, what if you go back on your word and don’t try to pull the oath contract trick on me!”

Even though Ace didn’t know what this soul search was, he knows this has something to do with the memories in the knowledge sea, and it was probably had the same function as his soul probing.

From the start, Ace had planned to let Gordon use this soul search on him because he knew the system was somewhere inside his mind, and it won’t let anyone search his memories or probe someone in its home wantonly.

Moreover, after associating with the system for so long, he knew this system was extremely arrogant, and it might be some omniscient existence that can go toe to toe with heaven itself, so how could this kind of existence let an ant-like Gordon disturb it?

Ace wanted Gordon to suffer the consequences, and at that moment he’ll kill Gordon instantly. This was his last resort, and he still didn’t know if all this conjecture of his will even worked or not, since the system can simply decide to not act at all.

That’s why he didn’t want to take this risk, but now he had no choice but to take this risk because after exchanging blows with Gordon, he knew Gordon was probably experimenting with him before, and if he truly wanted him dead, he can not block all of his attacks.

The difference of cultivation was just too great since Gordon was almost half step into Qi Soul realm!

Gordon’s eyes turned cold when he saw Ace was bent on not giving up the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate so easily, this put him into a dilemma.

Although he was confident in making sure Ace won’t die of soul search, what he was truly afraid of was, he won’t remain sane after soul search, and won’t be able to transfer the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate!

“You win brat!” In the end, Gordon gritted his teeth and instantly appeared in front of Ace and move his hand toward Ace’s head.

Ace didn’t dodge either this time, since he didn’t sense any killing intent from Gordon, just frustration.

Gordon knew Ace has sensed something from his words, and he would not give up the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate easily now.

So, he simply decided to soul search for the memory related to Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate and nothing else. This will keep Ace sane and only damaged his soul.

However, Gordon was still going to kill Ace and do another soul search after Ace give him the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate!

Sparing Ace wasn’t an option anymore!

Ace suddenly felt a foreign Qi enter his brain, and he felt his head split as a huge pain attack him. He felt this Qi was drilling inside his knowledge sea forcefully. He never thought this soul search would be such a vicious method, it wasn’t like his gentle soul probe at all!


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