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Eternal Thief – Chapter 256: We’re Doomed! Bahasa Indonesia

“Who are you?”

Ace asked sternly while he kept searching for any possible opening to take advantage of and escape this predicament.

He knew this time around he had to play it carefully, or he might didn’t even know how he die. Since the other party had no intention of attacking, he was more than happy to waste time.

Even though his voice wasn’t loud, it sounded loud, since the area was deadly silent after they killed those people.

All those assassins were also done with killing the small fries, and they looked toward the hooded figure, which was giving off a mysterious feeling of apprehension.

They knew this was the infamous thief, Sky Stealer, and they finally trapped him.

More and more people appeared like some powerhouses of Pill Flame and Beast Calling. They couldn’t help but took a careful glance at the thief who antagonized them for so long.

Amid these powerhouses were seven more people who weren’t from the three giants, it was the golden family who had taken asylum here when they donate their treasures, and they were feeling it was the right decision after seeing the thief trapped so easily.

“How could you forget about the person who told you about your parents’ wellbeing, and you killed him mercilessly after that?” Gordon’s lament voice sounded with a hint of mockery.

Ace’s heart instantly jolted when he heard about his parents, his mind instantly focused on the person he killed all those years ago. How could he forget that person who was the City Lord of River Flower City and a cultivation clone of a Qi soul manifestation realm expert according to the system?

“Y-you’re Mathies true body?!” Ace’s voice was filled with alarm and trepidation.

He finally understands just how much trouble he was in right now.

Although he never forgot about this looming threat of a Qi soul manifest cultivator, he never thought this person would be this resourceful and deadly. Furthermore, after all these years as time passed, he almost neglected the possibility of him coming.

Now, because of his neglect, he walked right into a trap set by a dreadful existence.

Well, who could blame Ace, since he was also desperate because of the system’s mission and his vague knowledge of royal lands?

Gordon’s eyes narrowed as asked with a hint of curiosity, “How do you know it was a clone?”

His cultivation technique was quite special and all the cultivation clones created by it were living beings not just any random clones, no one could tell if they were clones even if those old monsters of sects were looked at those clones much less a brat from these forsaken lands.

“Heh…, look, it was Senior’s clone who attacked me first, and I didn’t know it was a Qi soul manifestation cultivator’s clone until I killed it. I’m just a thief and I have nothing useful for an expert like Senior, so why don’t you forgive a little thief like me.”

Ace try talking reason with this person, he didn’t dare to underestimate him anymore, and escaping in front of Qi soul manifestation expert wasn’t even an option anymore!

However, those people listing to their conversation nearly faint from fear when they hear ‘Qi Soul Manifestation Realm Cultivator’, this realm was an absolute legend below royal lands and no one ever broke through this realm in the history of high-lands.

If this person controlling this powerful ‘formation’ was a Qi soul manifestation expert, then this means he was from a… sect!

Just this possibility made their heart race, if they could catch the fancy of this expert they could instantly sour to heaven!

However, one person didn’t have this thought right now,

It was a beautiful blond girl standing beside Golden King; she was naturally Dulce.

Dulce was living in constant terror after Ace showed up in the middle-level lands and make such a commotion now and then. This terror tuned into her eternal nightmare when she heard; he even managed to escape alive the earthen mist forest, and he was coming into her home!

She nearly went insane with fear and in every person, she saw the boy surrounded by gloomy smoke, just like that day when he said he’ll destroy her kingdom.

She only felt safe after her father stayed in this place surrounded by powerhouses of middle-level lands, and when Ace was caught, she felt a huge mountain was lifted from her heart. Likewise, she even wanted to taunt Ace for being still an ant.

However, after she heard the word ‘Mathies’ her face went instantly pale like a ghost because she knew who Mathies was, how could she forget the City lord who escaped with this little devil that day.

“No… no… it must be someone else… yes… yes… it much me… It had to…” Dulce starting to mutter madly like a broken record.

Golden King was also alarmed since he was countless times read the report about Ace’s past and how he met with his daughter after his meteoric rise. After hearing his daughter mad muttering, he felt his entire body was in a deep ice lake.

If he knew his daughter had offended someone from royal lands and the person was also a mammoth-like Qi soul manifestation realm expert, he would’ve killed her long ago and gone in hiding with his family and never seen the light of the day.

But now, he had delivered himself right in the hand of others and finally understood why those people from three giants even suggested giving him asylum here.

‘We’re doomed!’

With listless eyes this thought surfaced on his mind and even Vance was not better than his elder brother, he was even worse; he loses his consciousness just from the fear of approaching death.

As for escape alive, heh… who could escape a Qi soul manifestation realm goliath!

Gordon didn’t even look at the panicking Golden Family and merely chuckled as Ace remarked,

“Fine, I let you go since I don’t want those pests from White Crown finding trouble with me after your death, but only after you let me use ‘Soul Search’ on you!”


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