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Eternal Thief – Chapter 240: Den of Assassins, Over! Bahasa Indonesia

Four hours after, the mysterious ‘inspector’ showed up in Leap Kingdom’s branch of Nightmare Ghosts Organization.

Master Purple was currently listening to something from a communication formation, in her chamber,

“What are you talking about, Leap Branch Master? Elder Black and Vice Elder Black are both on a mission for the past month, how could they send some inspector? The person wasn’t sent by headquarters, please capture him and investigate what’s going on!”

Master Purple eyes become icy cold hearing this replied from the Damien Kingdom’s branch.

After that inspector left, she hurriedly came back to her cultivation chamber and used the thousand-miles transmission formation to contact her friend in the headquarters.

She wanted to know the reason behind this sudden inspection and desired to prepare when the ‘inspector’ started the tour tomorrow. She suspected nothing amiss from the inspector at all before.

Because everyone was bound by a ‘loyalty contract’ and they can’t betray or scheme against the organization. Much less using Elder Black’s name like this.

As for someone infiltrating the branch with an assassin identity? It was even more impossible because the moment someone had any intention to disclose some secret information about the organization, the contract will instantly kill them before they could open their mouths.

However, now that she received the reply from her friend, Master Purple’s heart turned cold just by thinking someone has entered her branch with malicious motives.

‘Is he working for another branch master and here to kill the geniuses to drop my branch ranking?’

The more she thought about it, the more she become ensure about it because those geniuses weren’t abided by the organization’s loyalty contract until they pass the final test.

This was done, so the instructor could easily kill those brats who doesn’t listen to their instruction or followed the rules. But this was also a loophole deliberately left behind the higher-ups.

Anyone could kill them as long as they didn’t kill any fellow organization members, they’re not going against the organization’s loyalty contract.

It was also a competition between branches, and if other branches assassinated other’s geniuses, the victim branch would be kicked out of the year’s ranking. But it was rarely done because everyone protected those geniuses with everything they had until the final test was complete.

So, it was very hard to assassinate them and if got caught, you’ll be killed by enforcers.

However, Leap Branch’s Master had no enmity with anyone besides some minor conflicts with Earth Branch’s Master, and he also didn’t have any Purple Assassin subordinate as well. Only those top three branches had Vise Branch Master of Purple level.

‘But why did those three want to kill my branch youngsters? Just which degenerate is scheming against me!’ it infuriated her just thinking about someone was targeting her branch for no reason.


The thought of someone infiltrating didn’t even accrue to her at all, because in her eyes the Nightmare Ghosts Organization was invincible and not just her, everyone thought the same.

Because their bases were deeply hidden and even if someone by any chance stumbled upon one they would be instantly dealt with and by any chance in a million that person managed to escape, they won’t even know what thing target them.

No one sane enough would dare to return or even if they came back with help, the branches had many methods to deal with anyone as long as they were not Silver River Core Cultivators which was also night impossible!

‘I’ll naturally discover after I capture that lying bastard!’ The branch master sneered coldly as she took out an ebony, jade-like formation plate.

This was the main formation plate that controlled all the formations implanted in this branch. Every branch master had one.

She quickly locked the entire facility so the ‘inspector’ won’t run away, and even his ghost token will not work now.

Branch Master active more formations inside the facility to make sure the other party won’t resist, she didn’t have to do anything at all, just these formations were enough to even threaten a Bronze core cultivator!

That’s why no one dares to assassinate those geniuses because once caught it was impossible to escape the branch master’s wrath.

With her most powerful subordinates, who seemed to be all females by their figures, she marched toward the inspector’s resting chamber with clear disdain and mockery in her beautiful eyes.

They all were safe from those formations because they had the protection of the main formation plate.

“Great ‘Inspector’ please come out for a little chat.” She calmly said, with a hint of scorn in her mellow voice.

Every woman beside her was staring coldly at the closed door. They were all fuming because someone dare to make a fool out of them and nearly succeed!

However, no one came out of the room, the door remained tightly closed.

Branch Master’s eyes narrowed as she emitted killing intent and threaten sternly, “I know who you are and if you don’t come out, I’ll be forced to activate the formation inside your room. I just want to end this peacefully, but if you dare to resist, I’ll kill you since it would be considered self-defense!”

Still, no reply came.

“Branch Master, why are you waiting? Open the door!” One of the women behind her spoke fiercely.

“Hmph!” Branch Master just wanted to know who was targeting her branch, but it seemed it wasn’t possible. After all, she knew an assassin would never open their mouth this was a part of their training even it means death, ‘Well, it was worth trying at least.’

She used the main formation and opened the door, however, to everyone’s shock the room was empty!

“Where is he? Why didn’t the formation detect him?” Branch Master mumbled with incredulity.

“M-maybe he’s already done the deed and escaped?” Someone timidly spoked.

“No, all the young ones were fine, I just checked.” Retort someone.

“It’s impossible to move around without my knowledge and no one exit the facility, I was monitoring this person all the time!” Branch Master was also perplexed.

“Then how did he vanish like a ghost?”

Everyone was bewildered by this because they knew even the bronze river core cultivators can’t leave these formations without sounding the alarm.

“I suddenly had a terrible feeling about this…” Someone spoke with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Scatter and check every corner, he had to be here somewhere. He just used some kind of treasure to escape the formation detection. No one leaves until we found him!” Branch Master sternly commanded with a grave tone.

Although it was possible to fool the detection formation, it was impossible to fool a bunch of formation, besides these kinds of treasures were all in the hands of Black level assassins.

Branch Master’s mood was gloomy because things were getting more complicated with each second!

After sending everyone to search for the missing ‘inspector’ she decided to check the treasury, after all, her branch’s entire resources were there and if that person wasn’t here for the youngsters then he was here for treasury!

‘But it’s impossible to break open a seven-star runic treasury, even for silver river core cultivators!’ She refused to believe that it could happen.

She stopped in front of an ordinary wall and looked around vigilantly, after confirming no one was following her, she used the same formation plate and a hidden door appeared from the plain wall.

Furthermore, she opened the door with the formation and entered a dark corridor.

‘Sigh… I was too paranoid just before.’ She looked at another green wall at the end of the corridor and sighed in relief, ‘Well, now that I’m here I might check it entirely just make sure.’

Branch Master used the formation plate and the greenstone wall changed into a green metallic door with many mysterious runes filling its four sides.

Branch Master took a small crystal key and put it inside a keyhole right at the center of this runic door.

The door made small clicking sounds, with a final resounding click the door creak opened in slow motion.

However, the familiar sight of glittering treasures didn’t greet the Branch Master as she expected. She was instantly rooted in her place like a statue with wildly opened eyes on the verge of popping out of their place.

She saw right on the very front wall of the treasury, a vivid three-meter dark mural of an imposing Owl that was speeding its sharp blade-like wings!

Branch Master’s entire body trembled like a leaf in the wind when she saw the owl mural. How could she not know about the famous owl symbol of a person who was wanted by entire middle-level lands and three giants?

There was only one person who dare to use this symbol, and he was also the only one who can make it so flashy.

Even though she didn’t want to believe it, the impossible had happened, and the owl mural was the tangible evidence of it.

With bloodshot eyes, Branch Master shrill roared in a hoarse voice filled with a massive grievance, fury, confusion, and helplessness, rang in the entire Nightmare Ghosts Branch of Leap Kingdom,


The very next moment thereafter, she spat a huge amount of blood!


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