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Eternal Thief – Chapter 223: Eradicating A Golem Group! Bahasa Indonesia

[System has detected [Nature’s Earth Elemental Orb] in the area around the host!]

[Did the host want to mark the Earth Elemental Orb?]

[TP Required: 10,000 TP]



[Thief Point(s): 2,289,400]

The moment TP deducted, Ace, look around; searching for the system’s marker.

Suddenly, a transparent dark arrow appeared on the corner of Ace’s eye which was pointing out in a specific direction.

‘It’s like a compass needle?’ The system’s marker fascinated Ace, and he knew no one could see it except him.

But his expression fell the moment he saw the transparent arrow was pointing slightly upward, it was straight toward the towering volcano’s maw!

‘Sigh’¦ I had the feeling it would be in that place.’ Ace sighed helplessly.

It’s not like he was afraid of the volcano, he was terrified of that immense army between him and the volcano.

If he dared to go too close to those golems, with so many golem leaders and those Qi river core white stone golems present, it would be over for him the moment even one of those golem leaders locked on him.

If Ace wanted to cross the army of golems, he needed to distract thousands of golems at once, then he’ll get the gap in the golem army he required to cross.

But it also had a tremendous risk because the moment he creates some kind of disturbance he might startle the Earth Orb, and then he might have to face an orb guardian!

With his previous encounter with Light Orb Guardian, he nearly lost his life, and this left a deep fear of orb guardian in his heart. All orb guardians have their unique abilities, and earth orb’s guardian would not be any different.

‘What to do’¦’ Ace was deeply frustrated, and he even felt a real headache just by thinking of how he can cross that army.

Just like that, hours passed, but Ace didn’t move from his position. Although he didn’t find any way to cross that army, he noticed the pattern of the golems group moving in and out.

In every thirty minutes, a group of golems would enter this dome, and then a new group would replace them. No matter how many times Ace counted, the time seemed to not change even for a second.

These golems groups move in a circle with the clockwise format, and they cover the allocated area of the mysterious circle.

Ace never saw two groups enter, or two groups leave at one time, and he knew the key to break their defensive line was moving two or more groups at the same time.

He even thought of a suicidal method to do this, but he first used a more of a less suicidal method.

“Hey system, give me some idea, I know you had a way. TP isn’t a problem, just give me some kind of hint!” Ace tried to bribe the system to help him.

He considered the system omniscient and was hopeful it could help him this time around, but to his disappointment, no one was at home like always.

One day passed and Ace still didn’t take any action because every time he wanted to do something his rationality screamed in his mind that it was too dangerous, what if he alert the orb guardian?

He even thought of going back and then coming back when he would become stronger, but after coming so close, he didn’t want to give up either. He just hid there and watch those golems entering and going out, this routine didn’t change no matter what happened.

Another week passed while doing nothing but watching in exasperation, Ace still do nothing he just didn’t dare to take a step forward either he wanted to leave.

Today, however, Ace saw a group of golems starts to move in his direction and he instantly knew what this mean. He has been watching them for a week now and knew it was just a matter of time before the golems groups in his direction would interchange. And it seemed today was the day.

Ace has already selected the next position where he was going to hide. He hurriedly toward a large stone two hundred meters away.

Just as he predicted, a few minutes after, a group of speed golems led by a Speed Golem Leader entered the dome.

One thing Ace noticed was he can’t seem to investigate the mist wall with his heavenly sense anymore for some reason. Simply put, he can’t sense anyone coming out from the mist sea like it was some kind of barrier.

This time interchanging this speed golem’s group was a stone golem group which was being led by a much smaller and human version of the earth golem leader.

‘Should I do it?’ Ace hesitate as he looked at the golem groups pass by each other. He had a much ‘safe’ and better plan after watching these groups of golems going in and out for a week.

Ace knew he had to decide at some point, he can’t just keep standing here and do nothing while just watching these damn golems like an idiot.

Ace close his eyes and took a deep breath as he circulated Heavenly Darkness Qi to calm himself. The next moment he opened his eyes a dark current flashed past them, they were as cold as ice and completely tranquil.

After the stone golem group entered the emerald mist sea Ace sneakily followed them as he maintained a hundred-meter distance, he also made sure that the speed golems group was far away when he moved.

Just when the stone golem group crossed the mist wall, Ace instantly loses track of them, but this wasn’t last long as he instantly tracked them down when he crossed the mist wall and enter the emerald mist sea again.

He heeled the stone golems group for a few miles, after making sure they were far enough two pitch-black swords appeared in Ace’s hands. With stern eyes, he closed the distance between him and the stone golems group.

When he was just fifty meters away, he instantly activate his lightning steps and like a lightning bolt directly moved toward Stone Golem Leader which was in the very front of the stone golems group!

The moment Ace entered the fifty meters radius of stone golem leader, the Golem Leader instantly sense something coming in its way at a quick speed right ahead of him.

Stone Golems didn’t have high speed like speed golems, and their leader was not any different from them as well. Stone Golems’ prowess was in their defense.

The golem leader reacted the moment it sensed the incoming enemy, but its reaction was also slow, and before it could command the stone golems behind it or use any skill, a silhouette appeared like a phantom.

Two dark lights struck like black lighting at the very moment the phantom-like silhouette appeared and pierce through the Stone golem leader’s chest!

Emerald liquid flowed from the pierced chest and the next moment the stone golem leader turned into a stone pile!

The group of stone golems didn’t even know how their leader died, and their arranged formation instantly turned chaotic when there wasn’t any stone golem leader to command them. They turned into their dumb self!

However, Ace didn’t stop and started killing those golems, which were sitting ducks without a golem leader and free EXP. These golems can’t see through Ace’s breathless stealth, and he was too familiar with how they react because of his encounter with them in the inner circle.

In ten minutes, more than a hundred stone golems turned into a pile of stones! Even Ace was astonished at his killing speed. He even thought he was dreaming.

[Host killed a Complete Qi River Stage Stone-Golem Leader]

[Reward: 1,500,000 EXP]

[Host killed a Qi River Source Realm Stone Golem]

[Reward: 100,000 EXP]

[Host killed a Qi River Source Realm Stone Golem]

[Reward: 100,000 EXP]

[Host killed a Qi River Source Realm Stone Golem]

[Reward: 100,000 EXP]

[Host killed a Flowing Qi River Realm Stone Golem]

[Reward: 500,000 EXP]





[EXP: 78.2 Million/100 Million]

[Elemental Orb: 0/1]

But when he saw the extensive list of killing notifications, he finally believed he wasn’t dreaming, and he killed more than a hundred golems.

For two days, Ace was planning to eradicate a golem group to see what kind of change the golem army would go through because of this. He chose stone golems because of their slow reaction and overall speed.

Ace knew if he stands a chance to eradicate any golem group, then it had to be a stone golems group, and it seemed he made the right choice.

Not only did he manage to kill a speed golem leader instantly, he even obliterated their entire group after they lose their leader.

With a huge grin on his face, he quickly went back inside the doom to observe any kind of change because of his recent action.

But to his surprise, nothing out of the blue happened as he imagined!


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