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Eternal Thief – Chapter 153: Kingdom Level Test Bahasa Indonesia

The carriages of the Royal Regal Family finally stopped outside the registration building.

At this moment, a handsome middle-aged man disembarked the most eye-catching carriage in the very front. He wore a golden robe with a winded wolf sigil embroidered on its back and had a golden crown on his head. He looks like some aloof being with a superior aura around him.

He was naturally the Regal King, Kale Val Regal!

Everyone in the venue kneel the moment they saw King Kale with clear reverence in their eyes.

Ace also laid his eyes on Kale and felt the dignified atmosphere around him. He never would’ve thought that one day he would see a real King.

He does like the other and kneels calmly. Truth to be told Ace was somewhat moved by seeing thousand of people kneeling in front of a single man.

‘So, this is the strongest man in the Regal Kingdom.’ Ace thought as he calmly measures King Kale.

His cultivation was at the Empty River Stage but he was still the king of a third-grade kingdom!

King Kale smile faintly seeing everyone kneeling with reverence.

He said nothing before he stands straight on the high platform. “Rise!”

Everyone got back to their feet as they watch the King with worship in their eyes.

Some people were neutrally looking at King Kale, and Ace was one of them.

King Kale smile like a benevolent King and said, “Today is the big day for youngsters and most importantly it is a very important day for the Regal Kingdom.

“If any of you manage to pass this test, that’s mean you’ll be bringing glory to the Regal Kingdom and I will reward them abundantly without caring about their birth status.”

Everyone’s eyes shimmer with ecstasy when they heard about the rewards.

“I only wanted to say one more thing…” Kale’s face turned solemn as he said, “Don’t die a meaningless death!”

After that Kale exited the platform and went back to the king’s carriage.

Every youth expression was solemn hearing Kale’s last words. They all knew the risks involved in this competition and that was only the first test not the final.

Ace had a completely different thought process than the others.

‘He’s telling them not to die a meaningless death. Heh, he didn’t care about their lives as long they die meaningfully.’ He sneered.

All his attention was on the last carriage where those two powerful experts were, he was hoping for them to come out so he could see their faces. But by the looks of it would not happen.

Because after Kale left the high platform a man with a fierce look on his face exited the registration building. He wore the uniform of the institute and directly climb the platform.

He coldly scanned the crowd of youngsters before speaking, “My name is Dominik and I’ll be your tester for this Kingdom Level Test!”

Dominik coolly said, “There are 149,839 registered participants for this Kingdom Level Test.”

Ace was astonished to hear this huge number of people and so does everyone else around him. But those spectators weren’t shocked by this because every five years this kind of number was normal.

“Let me tell you something very interesting.” Dominik spoke impassively, “There will be three tests in total. Kingdom Level, Kingdoms Level, and Final Test!

“Kingdom level test is merely in the scope of one kingdom and there are a hundred tests today in every kingdom. At the end of this test, only one million excellent youths will pass throughout the middle-lands and take part in the Kingdoms Level Test.

“As for how many places allocated to your kingdom in this one million are… 6,000!”

Everyone inhaled sharply hearing this number, Ace also pull a serious face.

It pleased Dominik seeing everyone’s grave expression, “Now we have 149,839 participants here meaning 143,839 among you lot will be failed at the end of this kingdom level test. As for the Kingdoms Level test you didn’t have the right to know about it until you pass this stage.”

Everyone was grimly waiting for what kind of test will be in this year’s competition because in every selection there will always be a new type of test.

Dominik didn’t keep everyone hanging as he finally reveal the test, “The kingdom level test of this year will Hunt!”

Everyone exclaimed in shock.

Dominik continued, “Fifty Milles north from the Regal City is the Dark Swamp Forest filled with all kinds of demonic beasts. The highest cultivation base of a beast living in that forest is the middle stage foundation building.

“All the participants’ cultivation is below Qi Foundation Building Realm and this means if you did not trend carefully you’ll lose your life. You all have fourteen days to hunt a Phantom Horn Lizard!”

Everyone’s expression turns ugly hearing Phantom Horn Lizard’s name because this demonic beast is very good at hiding and escaping. But the most dreadful thing about this Phantom Horn Lizard was its poison spit that can kill someone below Qi foundation realm within minutes!

Ace was calm compared to everyone else because he had nothing to fear in that forest and just had to find that lizard and bring it back.

“Now start moving.” A cold smile flashed on his face before he said, “I forgot to tell everyone that the antidote for the Phantom Horn Lizard poison has been removed from the market.

“One more thing I’m watching this test with other institute testers and if we found anyone bringing a helper with them, they’ll be killed on the spot no matter who you are! The institute rules are absolute!

“Good Luck and if anyone takes over fourteen days, they will be disqualified!”

Those nobles’ youth’s face was very ugly at this moment while the commoners had a joyful expression because this means no one can cheat or take advantage of their background.

Every youngster moved in a hurry. Because whoever reached the forest first will have the advantage to find the target first.

Those aristocrats youths also exited their carriages with an arrogant face before joining the race to the Dark Swamp Forest.

At the moment, a pair of young boy and girl disembark the royal regal family’s carriages!

They were Kale’s youngest children who were taking part in this test!

Everyone gave way to the prince and princess as they move towards the city gate.

Ace was in the enormous crowd and moving like everyone using none of his abilities. He was waiting to exit the city before doing his thing.

He was relieved about those two experts staying in the city especially that Qi river core cultivator.

As for Dominik, he was only an empty river cultivator and Ace can fool him anytime he wanted to.

Ace also saw those nobles forming groups and even that two royal children had their group of twenty. Everyone in their group had fifth gate cultivation and had an egotistic expression on their faces.

“This brother, do you want to join our team?”

Ace followed this voice and saw a chubby boy was smiling at him.

“No, I enjoy working alone.” Ryan coolly answered before walking without even caring about the other party’s reply.

Ace’s disguise cultivation was at the fifth gate and he was welcome in any group. But no one was asking those weak cultivators below fourth Qi gates and all of them had formed their little groups.

After an hour Ace finally exited the city gate and move toward the Dark Swamp Forest.

He didn’t use the lightning steps instantly because he could feel Dominik and ten other peak Qi foundation stage cultivators following the participants in shadows.

But before he could find a place to active his skills, Ace felt the familiar presence of that Qi river core expert!

Ace’s expression stiffened, ‘Why the hell is he not staying in the damn city!’ He cussed.

Now he had no choice but to move like the other using none of his skills because none of his skills can outmatch a real Qi river core cultivator!

In a single hour, those nobles were nowhere to be seen as they all had high-level skills at their disposal.

Ace was still in the middle range group. Only he knows just how frustrated he was because he can’t use his skills and even had to pretend to be slow!

‘At this rate, all those lizards might run out! That guy’s smile was not normal, it was most likely the number of the targets are exactly six thousand. If that’s the case then they’re going to be a bloodbath!’ Ace mused gravely.

Ace’s guess was right on the spot because Dominik and other experts of the institute controlled the exact number of Phantom Horn Lizards!

As for other founding over one Phantom Horn Lizards, they simply didn’t care. They had another alternative to fill the reaming positions.

Because the positions can’t exceed six thousand but they can exclude!


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