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Eternal Thief – Chapter 132: The Secret Passage Bahasa Indonesia

Ace asked again, “Assassin?”

“Yes, I’m an assassin and it’s true!” Jason nodded grimly.

“I believe you.” Ace said with a weird face, “But what kind of assassin told his real identity outright? And why did you approach me? I wasn’t your target, was I?”

Jason was astonished because he didn’t expect Ace would believe him so easily. Although he was telling the truth, it was also a test to check if Ace was telling the truth about finding true or lies.

Now it was even more difficult to fathom this unknown fellow’s limit. Jason decided to take the gamble.

“My life is more important than some silly assassin pride!” Jason scoffed, “As for why I approached you; I have a secret skill, with it I can sense ‘Baleful Qi’ on someone. You didn’t have any of it, that’s why I approach you, but I didn’t think you were so strong. I have never seen someone as strong as you without baleful qi.”

Jason said. He has regained his calm.

“Tell me more about this Baleful Qi?” This was Ace’s first time hearing this type of qi and wanted to know more. Especially if he didn’t possess any of it. He wanted to determine if this was a good or bad thing.

However, suddenly a silver beam of light shot from Jason’s finger straight towards Ace’s eyes.

Jason use his metal element qi to surprise attack Ace since his sword was on Jason’s neck and thought it would be a critical blow or at least injured the guy to some extinct, but he didn’t know Ace had two swords!

Ace was fully alert for this kind of attack because he knew a Qi river cultivator was difficult to deal with or subdue, especially if this cultivator was an assassin!

With lightning speed, Ace’s short sword instantly came between him and that silver beam.


The element qi scatters the moment it touched the inky blade of Ace’s short sword, but this brief exchange also gave Jason the chance to escape the long sword on his neck.

By using metal qi as armor around his neck, Jason dashed to the left side and finally manage to escape with his movement skill!

Jason quickly turned around to face Javier but to his horror, the guy has vanished!

‘Dame it!’ Jason swore and use his concealment skill to hide as well.

But how could he escape Ace’s heavenly sense?

Ace was coldly looking at the Jason as clear as day from the corner of the alleyway like a conceal serpent.

Jason’s survival instincts tingle with alarm as he didn’t feel any sense of security even after using his top-notch skill, ‘He can see me!’

Jason clench his teeth as he stopped the skill he was using and said bitterly, “Fine, you win, just came out and we can talk like gentlemen, there is no need for bloodshed.”

But no answer came from the dark alleyway.

“Look, we both know, if we fight for real, we’ll create a huge disturbance and this will alert many and I know you also didn’t want this. After all, you were also hiding your abilities, meaning you have your motives and I don’t want to get in your way so we should go our separate ways after you returned my storage ring!” Jason said.

Ace curled his lips hearing Jason’s reasoning, but he also sensed the well-hidden element qi began to surround Jason and take the shape of a ball one foot around him.

‘It is highly possible if I got closer to him that field of qi would alert him. I can’t take him by surprise anymore, just as I thought Qi river cultivators are not easy to deal with.’ Ace judged.

“I know you’re here, so come out!” Jason tried again to lure Ace out.

Because just as Ace thought, Jason has created an element qi field around himself, which is difficult to penetrate without him being alerted. And if now Ace try sneaked up on him, Jason would know instantly and he only needed a moment to counter-attack.

Jason has first told Ace the truth and then use an unknown term to slightly distract Ace and manage to escape the deadlock.

However, now he wanted Ace to sneak up on him, but Ace was not even talking anymore. This truly infuriates Jason.

It was his first time being in this kind of situation and encounter so cumbersome opponent. He can’t see through Javier in the least bit and still didn’t know what cultivation realm he was at.

More importantly, Jason wanted his storage ring back because there was something very important in it that he can’t afford to lose. It was as important as his life!

“Just give me back my storage ring and I’ll tell you a very important secret. It is not used for you since it can’t be open without killing me and I’m not going down easily!” Jason attempted to negotiate by declaring the facts.

Ace still didn’t talk and only observed Jason from afar, ‘He is becoming agitating because of the storage ring, is there something important inside it?’

Ace’s soul sense was equal to a soul river cultivator, and he could easily tell there was something that Jason desperately wanted inside that storage ring.

Jason still didn’t get any answer from Ace, and his face fell. “Just give it back and I’ll tell you about a passage that can lead to the high-level lands and you didn’t need the sky-changing pass!”

Ace’s eyes widen with astonishment, ‘So, there is exists a passage like this, my guess was not wrong!’

Before he has guessed that there was some kind of passage that Aline and that old goad use but didn’t have time to investigate it, nor he has the means to.

But now this guy was offering him the passage for a mere storage ring.

Now Ace wanted to know just what was so important in that storage ring that is worth more than that secret passage!


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