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Eternal Thief – Chapter 130: The Confirmation Bahasa Indonesia

Inside the Earl Estate, in the grand hall.

The entire Zander family was present.

Earl Patrick was sitting beside an old man who also happen to be his father, Chase Zander.

On the right side of the square table sat Patrick’s three children and, on the left, were Patrick’s younger brother, Valentine Zander, and his wife, and their son of Victor’s age.

Two old butlers were also present in the grand hall, standing respectfully behind the Earl.

“Brother, I heard of unpleasant news before coming here. I wonder if it’s true?” Valentino spoke at this moment while looking at Victor, whose face was as if he has swallowed a fly.

Victor fiercely looked at his uncle. He knew which news Valentino was referring to exactly..

Skyler spoke before Victor could, “Uncle please don’t blame Victor anymore, it was not his fault.”

“Not his fault, you say?” Valentino sneered, “I heard that vixen almost bewitched him, and in the end, he even received quite some ‘praise’ from a youngster only two or three years older than him. So much for our county’s number one genius.”

Valentino’s son Toby also scoffed on the side.

They both are of the same age and always compete with each other. However, Victor was more talented than Toby.

Whereas Toby was at the second gate, Victor was at the fourth gate, and he was only thirteen. That’s why everyone considers him a genius, although that was not the actual case.

Nevertheless, Victor was hot-blooded by nature and never pull back his punches whenever he fight against Toby and always beat him up in a sorry state.

That’s why Valentino had little good feeling towards his nephew and now he was finally given the chance to splash some dirty water on him. How could he let this chance go so easily?

Victor was so angry that he started to tremble, and smoke almost rose from his head. If not for his cultivation being so low from Valentino, he would’ve already attacked him without even caring for their relationship.

Niko’s eyes turn sharp since Victor was his brother, but he said nothing because Valentino only spoke the truth.

Skyler was different, though. She dotted on Victor since he was younger than her and couldn’t listen to her uncle’s sharp taunts. She was about to rebuke when Chase spoke in his stiff old voice.

“Shut Up! Why are you arguing with children here? Is your brain go rotten?” Chase shot an icy glare at Valentino as he was also not in a good mood.

Valentino didn’t dare to retort his father and resentfully shut his mouth because even he knew the real problem was not Victor here.

“What do you think of today’s event?” Chase looked at Patrick, who was in deep thought.

“We have to wait before Aden sends his words.” Patrick impassively answered, “But that youngster is quite odd because, from our scouts’ reports, he only came here four days ago and did nothing but to stroll around the city and go to the Jade Pavilion.

“That other youngest who won the first faster set was also with him, they enter at the same time but strangely they didn’t stay together at one place.

“However, their relationship is nothing but just acquaintances. But I still don’t understand. Just where did these kids pop up from and what are they doing here?

“Moreover, their arrogance didn’t match with their strength, one is only a third gate cultivator while the other is peak qi gates realm, maybe they were just bluffing and putting on a show.

“As for their wealth, they might also stumble upon it somewhere.” Earl Patrick described his conjecture.

Chase nodded in agreement, “My thought exactly. As you say, they might put on a show to leave this place with no hitch, but we still can’t reject the notion of them being from higher lands.”

At this moment, a knock sounded on the grand hall’s door and one butler open it and a man enter in armor.

“Speak what news you bring?” Earl Patrick asked impassively.

“Reporting to the Lord Earl.” That man respectfully took a massage from his armor. There was a seal of beast calling organization on it!

“Beast Master Aden sent this letter, my lord.” That guard respectfully presented the letter.

“You can go now.” The butler received the letter and order the guard to leave and close the door.

The butler gives that letter to Earl Patrick and stands at his previous position again.

Earl Patrick opens the seal in the curious gaze of everyone and reads it. He knew this letter will determine their further action and how to deal with those two unknown kids.

There was only one word written in it,


Patrick’s lips curls, he knew exactly what these words mean.

“Where are those two at this moment?”

The same kinds of letters were all sent all over the Zander county to those titled families. They all hated Javier for what he did and all wanted to tear him into pieces.

After seeing the letter, everyone started taking action.

Beast Calling Colosseum,

Aden was sitting while sipping on an aromatic tea and enjoying it.

His two disciples were standing behind him, but there was someone else in the room, a black-cloaked man who was sitting opposite Aden.

“Thank you for your hard word,” Aden said with his signature smile.

“No problem, but you should be careful with those two. We can’t find any trace of them in the middle lands. As for high-lands, we didn’t have enough authority to prob information from there.” A husky voice sounded from behind that black-cloaked man.

“It is enough though, with their meager strength they can’t be from there, and what is there to be afraid of?” Aden pursed his lips into a mysterious smile, “It’s not like we’re taking any actions ourselves, just let those so-called nobles take the bullet while we reap the benefits.”

“Heh, you sure trust them a lot.” The black-cloaked man sneer.

“Of course, they will take those beast tickets and we’ll get everything else. It’s not like they can escape from our keen senses, Vise Beast Master, Black Hound. This is the advantage of a beast tamer. The more we understand those beasts, the more we become like them.” A beastly glint flash past Aden’s eyes as if he wasn’t a human!

“Heh, the more we understand, the more we become like them, huh.” Black Hound repeated Aden’s words with a chuckle. “I should still keep an eye on their movement. I heard those two were vanished for more than an hour before coming back mysteriously.

“I also wanted to see those youngsters end myself. I wasn’t able to sense any fear from both of them. One was as if he didn’t have any emotion, while the other was only showing anger, not fear.” Black Hound stood up and leave without waiting for Aden’s reply.

Aden didn’t stop him and just smile mysteriously.

Black Hound was the Vise Beast Master of this Beast Calling branch. However, he always stayed out of everyone’s sight and remain in the shadows.

“Master, shouldn’t we go as well? After all, you’re the one who said they are not to be underestimated.” One of his disciples confusingly asked.

Aden didn’t look back as he spoke. “Nora, you still didn’t understand why I ask Vice Beast Master, Black Hound, to do all the work, did you? It is very simple that boy with golden beast tickets still rub me in a very wrong way.

“I don’t know why but my beastly instincts tell me to stay far away from him, although Black Hound is a peak foundation realm cultivator he still didn’t develop his instincts too well and can only control one demonic beast of mid foundation building stage, that’s why he didn’t notice it.”

Nora and the other girl were astonished they knew their master ‘too well’ and he never take risks and now he was afraid of a third qi gate brat!

Aden’s beastly instincts have never failed him in the past and that’s why he acts so submissively in today’s auction and after the auction, let the others do his bidding.

All Aden’s wanted was those two brats’ storage rings because now that he knew they were not from the middle-lands, he didn’t need to worry about the backlash.

Even if they both are very strong, he was in the end still safe inside this branch because of the powerful formations protecting it. No one can harm him here.

As for Black Hound monopolizing the treasures alone, Aden knew he didn’t dare!

Aden finally finished his tea and stood up from his seat and looked at his two beautiful disciples as lust fill his eyes.

“Let’s go to my chamber. I have time until Black hound came back. I’ll teach you new ‘technique’ in the meantime.” Aden lustfully said as he led the way to his chamber.

Those two girls blush heavily and nodded shyly as they follow Aden.

As if this was nothing new for them!


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