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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 994: Run Away Bahasa Indonesia

Alex put into his attack anything and everything he could as that was the only thing he could do at the moment.

Godslayer gave everything he could as well. So much so that after this one attack, he would have absolutely no energy remaining at all.

Midnight was pitch black as death aura filled it to the fullest. Godslayer’s death aura had covered it entirely and since it had come from the old man, the aura was very strong as well.

The Qi lines in Midnight were also being used as Alex poured in Yin to activate it. Then, he struck the old man’s chest with the skill of the sword.

God Rending Death Blade.

“AAARH!” the old man cried as the attack struck him. Even if it was coming from Alex, the attack wasn’t something the old man could handle when he wasn’t putting up any guard.

Since most of his attention was pulled away by the constricting space, Alex had managed to gain an upper-hand.

In the last moment, the old man had managed to break free of the space that constricted him. He had realized that using intent was a losing match against Alex and had instead used brute force to break free.

Even then, he hadn’t managed to get out in time to dodge the attack.

The old man cried out in pain, but his body barely bled. With a body that was anything but in the immortal realm, it was quite strong.

So, even when he was in fact hurt, he did not take much damage at all.

Alex slowly backed away when he saw that. He had expected not to do much damage, but to see only the old man’s clothes ripped off with just a shallow wound to the skin that barely bled.

With the power he held a moment ago, he had expected the wound to be deeper than it actually was. Fortunately, it was not his intention to cut the man with the attack just now.

The old man looked back angrily and was about to attack when he noticed something slip and fall through his robes.

A long metal chain slipped through his robes, falling from the side of it. The old man caught it before it fell to the ground and looked at it with horror in his eyes.


Before he could say anything, the sunny day turned suddenly dark as the sky filled with a storm that crackled with lightning that prepared to drop for his tribulation.

Alex saw that too and knew he needed to run off. He quickly put Pearl back into this beast space and turned around to run away. But before he could go anywhere, he stopped and looked back.

Hidden somewhere in the old man’s robes was his ring. And if he let the ring go through lightning tribulation, it would certainly get destroyed.

And with that would destroy many things. Alex wouldn’t mind most things that would be destroyed there, but he did care about the World Tree’s seeds and the Nine Heaven’s Yang Fruit and leaves.

He needed to get it back before he left.

‘Dammit!’ he thought.

Godslayer was already back in his mind and wasn’t conscious at the moment to help him. Whisker was dead for a while, and Pearl was definitely not up to the task to help him.

So, it was all up to him at the moment.

“I thought I would keep you as my alchemist, but you are more pain than anything,” he shouted. “I should kill you right now.”

Alex got ready to fight back, but before he did, he saw the storm above him and stopped. Whatever it was, he couldn’t fight back at all.

The old man reached and directly grabbed onto Alex’s neck before bringing him back to him. “I should choke you to death!” the old man shouted.

Alex tried to struggle, but the lightning was moments away from falling down. He needed to do something soon, or he would die to either one of the two.

The old man crushed his neck and Alex could feel his neck’s bones getting crushed. Any more and his spine would take damage as well.

Alex grabbed the old man’s hands and tried to force him to stop, but he couldn’t. Then, he glared at him and suddenly a fist-shaped mental attack struck the old man at close range.

The old man felt his vision go dark for a moment and at that moment, Alex reached into the old man’s robes to grab onto his ring that was hidden there.

The old man was out for barely a split second to while Alex grabbed the ring, the old man’s consciousness was already back.

He tried to grab onto Alex again, but Alex was prepared this time. Before the old man could touch him, he teleported far away with his ring.

As he teleported out, the old man’s hands reached back toward him.

Alex saw it coming and swung his sword in front of him, cutting the space right ahead of him.

The hand struck the broke space and was stopped. The old man forcefully broke through the space to reach for Alex, but before he could do so, the lightning fell from the sky and struck him.

Alex heard the sound and felt the shockwave of the lightning bolt that could easily kill him if he wasn’t careful at all.

He backed away as far as he could from the old man.

The lightning bolt was too strong, and in his mind, the old man was surely dead. However, he couldn’t stand around just in case.

He turned around to run away. However, before he could make it very far, he found himself unable to move. Space was constricting his movement, just like he had done with the old man.

However, there was something weirder with how he was being constricted. If it had been normal constriction, Alex might have gotten away after fighting back with his intent.

However, his space was constantly being destroyed and reformed. And as it did that, it started affecting the other spaces around him too.

Cuts appeared all over his body, the broken space cutting him apart. Alex put on his blood armor, but even that was useless.

The old man was using some sort of attack that didn’t come from any dao he knew, so Alex found it hard to stop.

The lacerating space was unstoppable already, and to top it all off, the old man arrived in front of Ning.

“He was missing half his left hand with the remaining parts being completely charred. His right left eye had popped and as such, it was constantly oozing with blood and tears.

“You… are not… going anywhere,” he spoke, barely. His voice was hoarse and almost indecipherable.

The lacerating space around him stopped after the old man’s arrival as he reached out. “Make… me a pill,” he said.

Alex didn’t. His body was healing already and he used the moment to try and run away. However, the old man used his power to stop the space around him.

He was even forcing his spiritual strength on top of Alex to stop him from being able to use anything.

“Make me the pill!” he shouted.

Alex swung his blade around, trying to cut up the space, but it was hard to do so. His intent wasn’t that much stronger than the old man’s, and he didn’t have the brute force like the old man to simply break through this space.

“Just die already,” Alex spoke. His voice was hoarse too as his neck was nearly destroyed just moments ago.

“I need a pill!” the old man shouted, using every bit of Qi in what he did next.

Suddenly, every single space around Alex opened up. Not only was the old man’s own space free now, but Alex also found that his storage ring and storage bags were all open all of a sudden.

Vast amounts of treasures, ingredients, and various other materials came flying out all of a sudden.

His many swords, books, alchemy ingredients, formation plates, spirit stones, and everything else were scattered in front of him.

The World Tree’s Seed, the Yang tree’s seed, and the strong sword were out. Not only that, even his Blood God’s Manual was out for some reason. Not to mention, Memory was out as well.

Alex wanted to care about everything that was in front of him, but he found it hard to care about it as his own life was in danger.

If giving them up meant he could survive, he would give up on them. There would be infinite chances in finding treasures, but there was only a single chance at life.

If he died, it was all over. So, Alex decided to run away and let the old man die.

However, just then, he saw something else that flew out from the space it belonged to.


Pearl’s beast space was violently opened up as well as he was forcefully brought out. Pearl cried out in pain as he was way too weak to handle the old man’s aura.

Alex looked with wide eyes as his thought of leaving all vanished within a moment. He couldn’t leave Pearl here or he would most certainly die.

His mind wasn’t fast enough to come up with a plan, but his eyes were. It moved all around the space looking at various things until it saw something near him.

There it was, the simple yellow paper that could save him from this predicament. The paper he had found over 25 years ago and had no use for until now.

The Teleportation Talisman.


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