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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 951: Battle against Bu Bahasa Indonesia

Alex knew he could fight someone in Saint Foundation’s 1st realm; he had done so before. However, for a 2nd realm cultivator? He had never tried it.

Still, he believed that with the various combinations of his own skills, he could beat his enemy.

The man started using a technique where rocks appeared in mid-air and started adhering to his body like armor.

Alex wasted no time and sent out a sword slash to test the man. The man casually flicked away the sword slash, but on the inside, he frowned at how unusually strong it was.

‘Is that dao?’ he wondered.

Alex then sent out a more decisive slash that was the best he could do at the moment with his entire Sword Aura on it.

The man frowned and sent an attack that landed on the Sword aura, but it couldn’t be stopped at all. Alex’s sword aura continued down its path, arriving next to the man and striking him in the chest. However, the Sword aura alone was too weak to break past his armor.

Alex needed stronger attacks, so he brought out a stronger attack.

20 different swords flew out of his storage ring at once and soon fell into a formation in the air and spun with Sword Aura emanating from each one of them.

Alex sent the swords flying toward the man who immediately employed a movement technique and dodged it. Alex frowned when he realized how fast the man was.

He was at least far faster than Alex himself was. Still, he used the swords to continue chasing the man who couldn’t help but continue running away.

Alex worried that he was up to something with how much time he was trying to waste. Pearl was fine for now, but the young man behind him was the main target and this man was definitely going to try and kill him.

As Alex thought that, 2 beasts suddenly came out of the man in front of him. One was a flying green snake, and the other one was a big rhino that looked unstoppable.

Their cultivation base wasn’t high, so Alex wasn’t that worried. However, as he thought that, the two beasts suddenly flew towards the young man.

Alex sent down the 21 swords toward the man while he himself took out another sword, the strongest sword, and disappeared.

He appeared in front of the flying snake and swung down. The Dao came to his aid as the flying snake split into two with a single strike and fell to the ground.

The man had dodged Alex’s attacks and was running away, but when he felt the connection break, he could help but cry out in anger.

“You bastard! You dare kill my beast. I will kill yours instead!” he said. The young man suddenly sped up even faster than before, flying in the direction of Pearl, while his rhino flew in the direction of the young man.

Alex’s eyes darkened in anger. He swung his sword in front of him once and teleported over next to the man and swung his sword again.

The man was surprised at how easily Alex had arrived. But he wasn’t so surprised that he was caught off guard.

Even as Alex’s sword arrived at his throat with the dao of Cutting empowering it, his sword made a small ‘clang’ sound as it couldn’t penetrate the man’s skin at all.

Alex looked surprised when he saw that. Before he could even wonder what was happening, he could feel it already.

The world was aiding man in survival. Somehow, the man was using dao to make himself far more durable than he had any right to be.

The man flew backward with sweat dripping down his neck as he had nearly just died. Still, he had managed to kil— the man frowned.

“What are you doing?” he yelled at his Rhino who wasn’t moving forward at all.

“I can’t move forward,” the rhino replied. “Something is blocking me.”

The man sent his spiritual sense. “There’s nothing there,” he said.

There truly was nothing there. At least, nothing one could sense or see. From the front, it looked fine, but Alex had cut up a massive space around that location, splitting it into two different entities, through which one couldn’t go to the other.

To the Rhino, it felt like an invisible wall. The space it was in didn’t exist any further than where it was. If it wanted to go to the other side, it either had to move around the split space or have enough power to overpower Alex’s space aura and intent.

Unfortunately for the rhino, he had no such power.

Green wolves appeared in front of Alex again, which he easily destroyed. Alex created a fire of incredible temperature next to the man, but he used water to protect himself while also using the dao to not take much damage.

Alex wondered what dao that was exactly. As far as he could tell, it was an Earth aura-related dao, but further than that Alex had no idea.

Alex created a massive explosion next to the man and he still survived with no physical damage.

“So you’re impervious to any physical damage,” Alex said.

“Physical, Qi, use whatever you want. You’re not beating me,” the man proclaimed loudly.

Alex sensed the Rhino switching targets and moving towards Pearl. He was about to teleport over, but the man flew towards Ma Tianxin, making Alex fall into an ultimatum where he had to choose between the two.

There wasn’t even a question in Alex’s mind.

He teleported next to the rhino and struck it as hard as he could and easily carved his sword through its body.

The rhino looked strong, but in reality, it wasn’t that strong.

The moment Alex finished cutting up the Rhino, he teleported away from there, arriving closer to the young man. However, he was still far away.

The man had already caught the Ma Tianxin in a bind using vines and roots that had sprung up from the ground, making it impossible for him to escape. On top of that, he himself was flying at such incredible speed that Alex wondered if the man also had a Dao of Speed.

Alex teleported once more, arriving next to the young man just in time to protect him from wind blades that would have certainly killed Ma Tianxin.

“You bastard!” the man spoke in a somber voice that failed to hide the rage he felt in his heart. Not one, but two beasts. He had to sacrifice both of his beasts to get this chance and yet Alex had killed them both and saved the young man.

Alex was about to attack when suddenly he heard a lightning crackle high above him. In his moment of hesitation, the man ran backward, away from him.

Pearl was getting out from his encounter against the Inner demon and not long afterward the lightning show would start.

Alex turned his attention towards the fleeing man and teleported next to him and swung his blade again. The world came to his aid to harden his skin again to a point where he wasn’t even cut by the dao of cutting.

Unless Alex understood the dao behind his imperviousness, it was unlikely he would be able to cut it at all.

The 21 swords flew back towards Alex and struck the man, but even they didn’t deal any noticeable damage at all.

From what Alex could see, there was only one way to beat this man.

He put back his sword and created one by himself instead.

The man frowned when he saw the sword in Alex’s hands. It was wrong to call it seeing as all he truly saw was nothing. He didn’t even feel anything. However, his spiritual sense told him there was something there, and his lack of knowledge made him fear a bit.

Lightning crackled once more as it was getting closer and closer to when Pearl would start to fight against the heavens.

At the same time, Alex slashed his invisible sword for the first time in a long time.

The man empowered his body with his dao to block it, but the sword easily passed through his body, dealing mental damage while causing his body to grow lethargic.

The man frowned and backed off, and while his body wasn’t producing much Qi, the world came to his aid and helped him.

However, Alex still teleported next to him and slashed him once again.

The man was starting to realize that it was his spirit getting attacked right now and started fearing as he had no answer to that. The best he could do was run away.

So, he continued running away even after he got hit while maintaining both his Dao at the same time. On top of that, he saw Pearl slowly open his eyes, and smiled.

“You killed my beast, so now I will kill yours. Let’s see how you will stop me,” the shouted and flew as quickly as he could.

Alex teleported next to him again and tried to cut him, but he hesitated and stopped before teleporting away immediately.

“Haha! What’s wrong? Are you out of—” the man stopped when he felt the aura. He had never felt such a terrifying aura before.

His eyes searched for where the aura originated and saw that it was the lightning in the sky.

The heavens were getting angry that someone had dared interfered in somebody else’s Lightning Tribulation, and as such, the man was about to face Heavenly Judgment.

Alex stood from the side and watched as the lightning fell from the heavens and struck the man, turning him into nothing but ashes that drifted along with the snow.


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