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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 906: Silvermoon City Bahasa Indonesia

Alex arrived at the gates of a massive city called Silvermoon city. It was further south from Snowsoot city, and very close to the border of the State of Re down in the south.

This far south, the snow melted in the summer and you could see fresh ground more than snow. A bit further down from here and you would arrive at a place where snow rarely fell, and even south from that would be places that were no different from the Western Continent.

The Silvermoon city was close to two of the Nine wonders of the Northern Continent.

To its north lay the Ancient Battlefield, where everyone came to test themselves, to train against the environment left behind by the ancient war, and see if they had it in them to be as strong as the people of that time were.

To its south, beyond the border lay the 12 volcanic mountains, and within them the other Ninth wonder, the 13th Volcanic mountain where fire resources were more than just abundant.

Alex had gone to the Ancient Battlefield first, but after reaching there, he had come to learn that the battlefield was surrounded by a formation to not let anything or anyone come in and out as they wanted to.

That included the many intent and Qi that still remained in there, as well as corpses from ancient times for people to plunder… if there even was any left by now.

Alex was unaware of this information, so when he learned it, he was quite surprised. Although, it had been so long that he could forget about finding them at all.

Since there was a formation about the battlefield, the Saint cultivators put there from all 5 Ancient sects only opened the formation once every 6 months.

The next opening happened in about a month’s time, so Alex was forced to find a place to stay.

As such, he found himself in the closest and biggest city he could find.

The Silvermoon city.

Alex stood at the back of the massive line of people, waiting to get in. As time went on, the line moved forward and Alex arrived at the gate where the guards were disciples of the Frozen Heart sect.

Alex was told that he had to pay to get in, but Alex used the affiliation badge he got from Elder Xuan to get in.

As soon as he walked in, he was surprised by how good the city looked. It was a massive city, far larger than any city he had ever seen.

The terrain was uneven with both flat and hilly areas, but they were all covered in houses and buildings and nearly no empty plot of land was left aside.

Alex walked through the cramped street, looking at the jam-packed architecture that seemed to call people to look at them.

The board signs hung around in front of the stores, seemingly selling anything one could want to buy.

Alex was even surprised to find a pill store here, but there didn’t seem to be that many visitors or sales there.

On the other hand, the pastes section of the store seemed to be selling out like it would run out if the people didn’t.

Alex didn’t think of a destination as he walked around the city, looking at the various location.

As he did, he saw a few disciples wearing golden robes that seemed to belong to a sect. At their chest was the symbol of a snowflake that Alex couldn’t seem to remember seeing anywhere.

“There’s a sect in this city?” Alex wondered. He didn’t think there was enough land for there to be a sect here, and he didn’t hear about there being a sect in the surrounding.

Still, the golden-robed disciples must belong to a sect. All Alex could do was assume that they came from a sect that wasn’t very big.

As he expected, Alex saw more crystal blue-robed girls patrolling the street than the golden-robed disciples wandering the street.

Alex continued to wander as well, going from location to location, from store to store, looking at everything.

Alex didn’t buy anything, he didn’t need anything. Still, he went through the stores, just in case.

He did need to buy some defensive metal artifacts, but he decided to wait until he was at the saint realm before he did that.

There was one thing he had realized as he got closer to the Saint realm, and that was the fact that the defensive mental artifacts were likely not as good as he expected them to be.

As a True realm cultivator, who wasn’t supposed to have any Spiritual sea, having one allowed him to deal with mental attacks. But that still came from one that wasn’t supposed to have it.

So, while strong, his mental attacks had a lot of flaws. However, at the Saint realm, he would certainly have a very strong Spiritual sense that could simply defeat most low-level defensive mental artifacts even as a 1st realm Saint Condensation cultivator.

As such, he likely would also not need any low-tier defense in return. So, he decided to wait just how strong someone’s attack would need to be before he took damage.

On top of that, he also wanted to check if the mask would do anything to block that as well.

So, despite wanting to buy the defensive mental artifact, Alex didn’t give in to his urges. He left the place and walked through the rest of the town.

The Silvermoon city was big and even as night fell, Alex hadn’t been through most of the city.

‘I need to find myself a place to stay,’ he thought. He had taken too long to decide this and had to thus hurry up to find himself a place.

Alex wandered through the streets, trying to find himself a tavern or a simple lodging area when he came across a gate that lead to somewhere.

Normally, he wouldn’t have stopped for such a place, but the snowflake symbol on the gate made him stop for a moment.

The symbol on the robes of those golden-robed disciples was nothing but a simple curiosity for Alex to learn of their origin and now he had found it.

To satiate his curiosity, he read the words that were written on the board as he moved along.

At first, the 3 words didn’t mean anything to his eyes, and so he continued along his way to find a hotel for himself.

However, he suddenly paused in his steps to look back at the words behind him. A memory emerged in his mind as he recalled a single piece of information he had learned nearly 16 months ago.

Before the Northern Continent was as it was, nearly 30 thousand years ago until 8 thousand years ago, it was ruled by a great sect that had its hand everywhere.

Major sects around the continents were but its branch members, and it was easily one of the biggest sects in the entire world, raising multiple immortals.

However, during one of the leader’s attempts at breaking through to Immortality, he failed miserably. Not only did he die at the time, but he also became the reason why almost every elder in the sect at that time died.

Like vultures at a corpse, the 5 biggest branches at the time came to take part of this massive sect and became the Ancient powerhouses they were today.

Alex looked at the gate of that very sect, that was the origin of everything the northern continent was today.

The Snow Immortal Sect.

“So this is where the sect was,” Alex thought. This was where the Snow Immortal sect became a Super Sect and ruled over the entire continent while the Ruler still lived in his realm.

‘No wonder this city is so big,’ he thought.

He wondered if the Snow Immortal sect was possibly situated here because this location was close to the Ancient Battlefield, and the 13th Volcanic mountain, while also being closest to the Dao mountain, Demonic Forest, the Teleportation formation, and the Nine Wells of Time at the same time.

That would certainly be a reason to have a sect built here.

Alex shook himself out of the thought and stopped thinking about it. The Snow Immortal sect was but a husk of its former self, a mid-tier sect at best, with no hope of ever reaching the heights they had reached before.

So, Alex gave no more thought to them and turned around to leave and find himself a place to stay for the time being.


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