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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 886: Second Opportunity Bahasa Indonesia

Alex understood what this meant. If he had passed the test, then he could go visit Elder Xuan.

“Wait, when is Elder Xuan leaving for the Dao mountain?” Alex asked. The Dao mountain opened up the day after tomorrow, so Alex needed to go meet her immediately.

“You don’t have much time,” the elder said.

“I need to leave,” Alex said and tried to move, but a wave of nausea hit him all of a sudden. Not only that, his entire body was extremely fatigued, and with no Qi, his Undying physique wasn’t working too.

“Don’t worry. I will take you to see Elder Xuan,” the elder said and took him.

Pearl and Whisker jumped into their beast space as Alex was taken away from the building.

The land was clad in darkness, but the sky was still a little alight. The sun had set for the sect, but the clouds could still be seen illuminated it the light.

Below the elder’s tower, in between two of the bridges that led down to the sect, a group of 100 girls was gathered, along with about 60 elders.

They were a few minutes behind on schedule to leave, but because Elder Xuan had told them not to leave for a while, they had to wait for whatever was going on.

Far in the distance, they suddenly noticed two people flying towards them. Actually, it was more like 1 person was flying and she was carrying the other person behind her.

The elder landed in the snow, in front of the group, and so did Alex.

“Elder Xuan,” the elder called out. “He’s done it.”

The elderly woman’s eyes went wide in surprise. She turned to look at Alex who was seriously out of everything be it Qi, stamina, or mental strength.

“You really did the impossible. I… I didn’t expect that at all,” the elder said. The other elders looked confused as they weren’t in the knowhow about what went in between Alex and the elder.

The elder that brought Alex walked up to Elder Xuan and handed her the storage bag to show everything that Alex did.

“You really made 1750 pills in the span on 3 days. That too while having it all be above Heaven grade. That is very commendable,” she said. “You did well to make proper use of the opportunity I provided you with, regardless of it being an impossible task.”

“Does that mean I can join you on your way to the Dao mountain, elder?” Alex asked.

“Not yet,” the elder said. “As you may remember, what I gave you was an opportunity for an opportunity for an opportunity. You did well to seize the first opportunity. Now it’s time for you to do the same again.”

Alex waited patiently to hear what she was going to say.

“We are only allowed to take 100 disciples over to the Dao mountain. That is the agreement the 5 of our sects landed upon,” she said. “So, there must always be 100 disciples.”

Alex was trying to use as little spiritual sense as he could as his mind was still in pain, but when the elder said that he had to check.

There were exactly 100 disciples there. Which meant that if he were to go, one of these girls must stay back.

“Choose one of them. If you can defeat her in combat, you may take her spot,” the elder said.

He sighed. As expected, he had to fight someone to take away their opportunity for himself.

“Elder, that’s a little…” the elder close to Alex felt that this was a little wrong. Alex was not in the shape to be fighting anyone. He had no qi, his mind was in chaos, and his body was fully fatigued as well.

“Her!” Alex spoke without hesitation. The elder had well intentions, but he needed to accept this offer.

He saw anger flash on the pretty face of the girl he chose, and he did feel a little bad about taking away her spot, but his needs came before anyone else’s.

“This one? May I ask why you chose her?” the elder Xuan asked.

“No reason, aside from her being the closest to me,” Alex said.

The elder smiled. “Very well. Elder Bing, will you please officiate this match between the juniors?” she asked.

“Yes, elder Xuan,” the elder next to Alex spoke.

All the other girls, both disciples, and elders moved back to make room for Alex and the girl.

The girl moved forward and brought out a weapon from her storage bag. It was a spear, made up of some sort of wooden shaft ad a blade that almost seemed to sparkle.

Alex tried to feel the girl’s cultivation base but was unable to do so as he didn’t have any Qi in his body right now.

However, given that she was given such an opportunity, she had to be no weaker than True Emperor 9th realm.

With that thought in mind, Alex brought out the thin sword. At the moment, that was the only thing that he could possibly use against this girl.

“You cannot use pills or talismans. Everything else is allowed,” the elder said. “Are you ready?”

Both Alex and the girl nodded. “Begin!”

The girl took charge and rushed forward with her spear. Alex saw her coming, but his reflex wasn’t very good at the moment, so he only managed to react when she was already next to him.

He barely moved his head to the side as something golden blasted out of the spear’s metal blade.

At the same time, fire erupted from it and the girl swung it sideways at Alex’s head.

Alex brought up his sword to the side and blocked it in time. Despite his speed and reaction not being very great, and even without having the slightest bit of Qi, his body was still very strong.

The girl moved away and sent out some spear stabs at him, which flew out as a ranged attack.

Alex did nothing and let the attacks hit him. Not only did he have a strong body, but he was also always wearing a saint armor he had acquired over a year ago. As such he was perfectly fine in all regards.

The girls and even the elders looked surprised when they saw that. They could see that he was wearing armor, but he didn’t have any Qi, and the attack belonged to someone that was 2 cultivation realms above his.

The girl got angry and dashed at him again. She jumped up this time and swung the spear down.

Alex got ready to parry, but as he did, suddenly the metal blade of the spear enlarged nearly 3 times its original size and was now as long as a normal sword and maybe even stronger than one.

Alex realized that he couldn’t parry this easily, so he held his sword above him to block the attack.

The two blades rang out loud in rather violent noise. Alex felt the force of the attack sink his feet deeper into the ground, but he also saw the sparkling blade right next to him, stopped only by his unimaginably strong sword.

To his surprise, there was a chip on the girl’s spear, and some cracks had begun to form around the chip.

The girl noticed this, and so did the others. Together, their shock at the turn of events was massive.

“He… he destroyed the blade?”

“How did it get destroyed so easily?”

The girls couldn’t help but speak out loud. Even the girl that was fighting looked at her spear in shock and nearly forgot she was fighting.

Alex took the advantage and jumped up front to attack the girl. The girl realized that he was attacking and activated her movement technique to run away somewhere further away.

Once far enough, she started sending out fire and metal attacks over at Alex. Each of those attacks had Spear intent embedded in them.

Alex’s sword was covered in a white outline that gradually turned the entire sword white as he used his Sword Qi as well.

The elders and disciples were quite surprised to see that he was using Sword Qi.

Alex sent out his own Sword Qi attacks toward the flying Spear attacks. The attacks struck each other and created a violent explosion that couldn’t beat each other.

Alex was on the weaker end as he was only using Sword Qi, but that was still enough to block the attack.

The girl sent out some more attacks, but Alex didn’t pay attention to those attacks.

For him, there was only a single important thing that he had to keep his mind at.

He sent out his attacks as he bid for his time, and after he had passively acquired enough True Qi, he attacked.

The sword disappeared from his hands as he suddenly appeared behind the girl. In the darkness of the night, the entire land was in shadows.

Golden light flared at his right hand as he used the golden fist to punch at the girl.

The girl was surprised at the attack, and still managed to block, but his power was too much.

Not only was his body in the Saint realm, but even his True Qi was comparable to Saint Qi now.

As such when the punch landed and the golden light exploded on her, the girl was sent flying into the snow and was knocked out.

The elder quickly checked the girl and fed her a pill.

Everyone looked at Alex in surprise as there was no need to announce a victor here.

“Good,” Elder Xuan said. “You seized another opportunity. Now let us leave.”


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