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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 865: Useless Bahasa Indonesia

Alex’s next talisman was about the runes that he was so looking forward to learning about.

He read through the talisman for a bit and his eyes narrowed when he realized that it was quite an easy method.

The most important thing about carving runes on objects was the rune ‘Resonance’. In talismans, it was a rune that was used to connect two talismans to each other so they could communicate with each other.

His mother had taught him that when she made the communication talisman for him a few years ago.

You resonated two talismans with each other so they could easily be used to send and receive messages.

However, in the cases of scripts, you could not use the scripts without a power source, that was more than likely not going to be just a single person pumping in Qi. So, you had to resonate the script to the power source, which in almost all cases was the Spirit Vein under the earth.

The way to resonate with them was that you took a talisman that could store resonance and copy the resonance of the Spirit Vein, which was always naturally resonating, and apply it to the script.

The script would try to resonate with resonance stored in the talisman and slowly drift towards resonating with the Spirit vein below.

It could only work up to a certain distance, so the script had to always be close to the location where the spirit vein was.

The resulting resonance of the script would always be close to what the spirit vein’s resonance was, but it would never be the same.

To connect the script to another script, as one would in the cases of teleportation scripts, you would first do it normally on one end where you would resonate a power source to the script.

Then, you would take the new resonance of the script, copy it, and take it over to the other script you wanted to connect it to.

There, you would resonate the two different scripts and connect them, and only then would you take the power source’s resonance from there as well and connect it to the other script.

Once all the scripts and their power sources resonated, you would finally be able to use it.

“Damn, it is really simple,” Alex thought. He looked at the information on how to make the resonating talisman and realized he had the ingredients.

So, he quickly brought out his brush and paper and started drawing the talisman.

10 minutes later, he was ready with the talisman and thought of what he could do. He didn’t have anything appropriate to test the scripts on so he was forced to use formation plates he had just bought.

It was a waste of money, but he had a ton of that at the moment.

Alex started carving some scripts using the same pen he would use for formations. He made a small script that would illuminate his room.

After the carving was done, he took out a True spirit stone and used the resonance talisman on it. The spirit stone started vibrating all of a sudden and the talisman captured it.

Then, Alex took the talisman and pasted it on top of the metal plate, and poured his Qi into it as well.

The metal plate started vibrating and so did the talisman. The talisman’s vibration didn’t change, but the metal plate did, and it slowly changed towards the talisman’s vibration to match the resonance.

After a few seconds, it was done. Then, Alex slowly put the spirit stone on top of the plate, and before he even touched it, the plate activated on its own to illuminate his entire room.

Alex smiled at the successful scripting and nodded to himself. Now that he had learned it, he was going to practice some more.

For the rest of the day and night, he did nothing but practice it while continuously cultivating the 2 techniques and using his mask.

Once morning hit, Alex got up and returned to work.

After he was done with his work, Alex left the village and went out into the open area to practice his techniques.

The 21 Sword Array, Infinite Heavenly Ice Spear, and Blood God’s Manual needed training before he could be proficient at it.

Not only that, he needed to teach both Pearl and Whisker some new techniques.

Whisker wasn’t a fighter at all, so he couldn’t find him anything new that he could use to fight with. Instead, he got him some movement techniques.

The first technique was one that allowed him to move through the earth without much problem, and the second technique allowed him to move through the water.

Aside from that, Alex had taught him his defensive technique. He had thought of teaching an escape technique too, but the thing that Whisker had to worry about the least was dying.

Pearl got a few techniques too. Mostly, since he was lacking some ranged attacks, Alex got him some.

The first was a technique, not unlike Alex’s own Iron Fist Punch, where Pearl could send out a metal paw attack.

Then, the next one was a technique that allowed him to send out a shockwave of metal energy in a cone in front of him.

Aside from that, there was also a barrier technique that created a metal barrier in front of the user.

The three of them learned the technique as well as they could. Whisker had some trouble reading of course, so Alex had to teach him exactly what to do.

Once they learned everything, they started practicing.

Late at night, Alex returned back to his home and ate some food with the villagers there.

Alex watched them eat and remembered something. Fan Yanshi and a few others had been at the edge of the Organ Tempering realm for a while, so he decided to help them.

After returning back, Alex brought out his cauldron to perform alchemy after a long time.

He brought out the ingredients for a pill that would help one breakthrough and started making the pills.

He made about 20 pills in total in just an hour after using the pill-splitting Qi. Meaning that he had refined a batch of ingredients every 6 minutes to make a pill.

Given that these were common ranked pills, Alex could do that easily.

Once he was done with them, he proceeded to make some medicinal pastes using what he had grown in the village, and what he had bought from the city.

He made a few vials of healing pastes, antidotes, and other useful pastes.

Once done, he finished the rest of the night cultivating.

Early morning, Alex went out and found Fan Yanshi, who was on his way to the beasts to feed them.

Alex stopped him and handed him the pastes.

“Brother Yu, you made these?” he asked.

“Yes,” Alex said while bringing out the pills too.

“Thank you,” Fan Yanshi said with genuine gratitude in his voice. “I didn’t think you would be able to make some so— What’s this?”

Alex handed him the pills as well. “It’s a pill that will help you break through to Meridian Tempering realm. It should help you guys a lot.”

Fan Yanshi looked surprised for a few seconds, but then his face got melancholic as he said, “Thank you, Brother Yu, but this is useless.”


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