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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 845: Spoils of War Bahasa Indonesia

“No… no, no, no.” What Alex had feared would happen, was happening.

No matter how much Qi he poured into the teleportation script, it wouldn’t budge at all.

It would accept the Qi, it would check his talisman for verification, but no teleportation aura would ever envelop him.

Alex couldn’t help but wonder if the teleportation script couldn’t find the other teleportation script to teleport him to, or if it couldn’t find the other space it was to teleport it to.

‘Did they destroy it on the other side, or did the 10 days period of the secret realm end and the space rejected everything?’ he thought.

While he had initially panicked, and he still was a little, when Alex gave it more than a minute of thought, he didn’t really need to panic.

For one, what had happened had happened. No matter which of the two scenarios was true, he wasn’t returning back to the other side anytime soon.

At the same time, he didn’t need to worry about it. He could simply leave this place and appear back in the Icy Hell and make his way back to his mother.

‘Although, it might be better to stay here just in case not long enough time has passed and the jaguar hasn’t managed to escape the barrier yet,’ Alex thought and decided to keep shut.

Well, what should he do now then?

He decided to go check on his mind real quick. There were things that had happened to him during the inheritance that he simply didn’t want to remember, and his mind had taken an impact too.

He quickly went in and looked around, but saw nothing suspicious. The silver mountain still hung in his mental space, high in the air, with an air of mystery that Alex still couldn’t figure out.

The crystal ball with black flame in it curiously moved towards Alex.

“Hey, kid. What was happening out there? You looked like you were in trouble, but I didn’t sense any enemy,” the Godslayer asked.

“It’s nothing. I was just gaining an inheritance, which had me go through some bit of suffering,” Alex said.

“Oh, as long as it wasn’t an enemy. I don’t think I could’ve helped you out again,” Godslayer’s fire dimmed a bit.

“Thank you for saving me back there,” Alex bowed towards the spirit.

“Heh, it’s nothing. I wanted to go out there anyway. Besides, I got to kill a god fanatic, didn’t I?” Godslayer said proudly. “That said, whose inheritance did you get? You shouldn’t even be bothering with inheritances of Immortal realm figures with the talent you have.”

“I… don’t know what rank of the cultivator whose inheritance I got was,” Alex said. “But it was someone who was there in the early days of the Eternal war.”

“From the early days of the Eternal War? Impossible. That is such a long time ago that no one even knows when it was,” Godslayer.

“No one?” Alex was surprised. Just how long ago had the war taken place? The memories did suggest that the Undying God had become a sort of legend or myth amongst the demons even in between two different instances of inheritance.

“Do you know when the war ended?” Alex asked him.

“The war, hmm… no, I don’t,” The sword said. “I’m incapable of telling how much time has passed, so it could be anything really.”

“Oh,” Alex thought. “Were you there when the war ended? Or were you already captured by the Sword god?”

“I was not captured by a sing—”

“Right, right, others were involved too. Were you captured before the war ended or not?” Alex asked.

“By the time I was captured, the war was long over,” Godslayer said.

“In fact, I don’t even remember being in the war. The war might have already ended by the time I was made… or did it?” Godslayer itself sounded confused.

It was sure that it had not taken part in the war itself, but then it never gave a thought to what was going around, and only remembered hearing that the war had been over for a long time.

Seeing that the sword spirit was lost in its own thoughts now, Alex shook his head and checked for any problem there might have been in his spiritual sea of his.

After smiling to himself about his improved Spiritual sea after absorbing Fu Tao’s spirit, he came back outside.

He tried to activate the teleportation script again, but it didn’t work this time either. Alex sighed and decided to move on to other things.

“Right, my spoils,” he thought and moved away from the script before arriving at the corner of the room and looked at the vast amount of items he got from so many Saints and started looking through them all.

Swords, knives, bows, arrows, sabers, spears, axes, and all kinds of weapons were available in the many piles.

Not every weapon was a Saint ranked artifact. In fact, a Saint didn’t have more than 2 Saint-ranked artifacts as they were incredibly hard to make or buy.

At least with the resources they had.

Alex looked at an armor that was Saint ranked artifact and nodded to himself. He quickly wore it under his robe and checked it out.

There was unfortunately no description about the armor, so Alex would have to test it out later somehow, but for now, he was fine knowing that it was a saint-ranked item.

He ignored everything else and just focused on weapons for now. He separated the saint weapons out and placed them in a specific storage bag before placing the rest of the weapons elsewhere.

He only really kept swords for himself and gave up on ever using the rest of the weapons. He would have to sell them elsewhere.

As for the artifacts that weren’t your typical weapons like lamps, fans, or rulers, Alex kept them in a specific storage bag so he could check them later and decide whether to keep them or sell them.

The armors were an easy choice. There really was just the one Saint ranked one he wore, so everything else went to the recycling bag.

Once done, Alex moved on to checking on pills. With just a casual passing of his spiritual sense, Alex realized that most of these were Saint rank pills.

However, when he brought them out to check, they were all within 30% to 40% of Harmony. Not everyone had the finance to afford Xue Mufan or Zhou Zirong, and even those two didn’t have much talent in making Saint rank pills due to the lack of ingredients, to begin with.

Alex shook his head and checked through the pills, and realized that not a single pill there was useful for him at all.

They were all pills meant for cultivation or to help breakthrough realms, or healing pills meant for when they got hurt. There were also antidote pills for poisons.

Alex shook his head as nothing there was something he needed at all. He wasn’t affected by poison, and he no longer needed healing. Due to his talent, any pills that helped with breakthrough or help gather Qi were useless.

Alex immediately put the pills into a storage bag that was going to be sold as soon as he was out.

Pill recipes, however, he did read them all and placed it with his other belongings.

There was no hesitation in Alex’s eyes when he placed the hundreds of thousands of True Spirit stones into his storage ring directly. There was not a decision to make there anyway.

Formations and talismans were something Alex simply didn’t know whether he should keep or sell them. Not all formations and talismans were useful, even in the general sense, let alone fights.

Even if they were, Alex could easily make them. Also, most of these were True rank anyways so they wouldn’t be of much use to him in the near future.

In the end, he decided to keep a select few of these and planned on selling the rest.

Alex found many common and rare ingredients amongst these items. They weren’t just only for alchemy, but also for formations, talismans, and artifacts as well.

There was no doubt that he would keep these, and he did.

Then, he moved on to the last remaining few pieces of items that were his spoils of war.



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