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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 844: Leaving the Mountain Bahasa Indonesia

Alex had inherited the memories of the previous Undying Gods. The memories were fractured and were just that, memories.

They didn’t give any insight into their being or their true personality. Alex was only affected by what he saw through the eyes of the person who was once an Undying God.

The memories weren’t impactful, but they did feel like his own as if he lived through them. Perhaps only the first memory of the first Undying god was where he truly felt the emotions and despair of the person he thought he was.

Having so many memories at once did make it hard for him to keep a stable mind as to who he was.

Fortunately, he was killed multiple times before he was passed the inheritance too.

As the 6th Undying God devised, killing someone over and over was a good way to strengthen one’s will and understanding of who they were.

It was a flawed skill as it was easy to lose oneself throughout the death and if done incorrectly, it was easy to kill the inheritor completely as well.

However, if succeeded, it was the method of quickly bringing a person’s willpower to the level where they wouldn’t lose themselves to the many memories in their mind like the 5th undying god did.

Alex looked through the memories once more and understood that he wasn’t actually killed. Or at least, not in the same way death was considered a cultivator.

Yes, his body was killed over and over, but his mind and spirit were never touched. Also, not all of his body was destroyed.

His body was destroyed until his mind shut down thinking that he was dead. If such damage was dealt to anyone, they would truly have died.

However, that was if they weren’t saved instantly.

That was to say, Alex was killed until he was on the verge of permanent death that even the Immortals couldn’t save one from, and reversed it to bring him back to life.

The Saint spirit veins beneath the surface of the mountain, hidden in the magma was now most likely useless. Alex understood through the memories just how much energy it was required to grow his body back time after time, even where only parts of it were missing.

Alex looked at his body and was a little thankful that he went through the lava.

The Undying God’s Physique required a relatively strong body before he started cultivating it. Considering that most demons were born with a strong body, if Alex didn’t have body cultivation, he would’ve likely found himself near death every time practiced the technique.

He was still sitting in the layers of snow, so he started cultivating the Undying Physique.

His pure Qi left his naval area and went around his body in a specific pattern, slowly altering his physique minute by minute.

This technique wasn’t a Qi gathering technique, which would mostly be called a cultivation technique. While it did in fact gather Qi, it was such a minimal amount that in the long run, it was considered negligible.

What it did do was alter the physique of the person that was learning it slowly and made it so that his body was more attuned to self-healing and regeneration.

After a couple of minutes of practice, Alex brought out the sword and cut himself with it.

The wound cut open started bleeding immediately, but in just 3 seconds, it healed itself to the point where Alex had trouble realizing where he was actually cut.

It was as if he was perpetually applying a medicinal paste on his body that healed any wounds he had.

Once he improved, he could even recover cut-off limbs or destroyed body parts in minutes or even seconds.

What Saint realm cultivators would take years of closed cultivation to regrow, he would do in what could be considered a blink of an eye to these people.

Of course, improving the physique to that level would take a long time and a lot of cultivation, which Alex wasn’t particularly looking forward to.

Once it was all done, he finally stood up with snow coming up to his waist.

“How long was I here?” he thought while looking around. It was impossible to tell.

“Is it enough time to return back?” he thought. It was a weird thought. He didn’t know how long it had been since he had come here, so he didn’t know if it was time for him to leave or not.

How long did it take for lava to cool down to the point where snow could stack on it?

Alex tried to feel the heat in the stone below, and he could feel that there was indeed heat coming off from the center, but the surface of the lava itself was cold to the point where the snow could stack on it without melting immediately.

Also, the snow continued falling through the open ceiling, stacking up in layers while the residual heat blow melt what little snow it was in contact with.

That made it harder for Alex to judge the amount of time it had passed, which meant he had to quickly return to the teleportation script and hope the two saints weren’t there waiting for him.

Without hesitation, he flew off but stopped when he was a bit high in the sky. He couldn’t forget the medallion that was still on the ground.

Once he took the medallion, he went to the nearby peak to get his clothes and items. He quickly wore his robes and kept every storage bag and ring.

Then, as he was flying away, he saw the mountain he had just come from again. There was a black stack of molten rock on the side of the mountain that was now completely solid.

The lava that flew out through the hallway had somehow solidified in the cold. However, that wasn’t the weirdest part.

The land below the lava was raised as if spikes were appearing from the mountain itself, and it stopped the lava from flowing any further.

‘Is that something lava does?’ he thought to himself. Alex didn’t know much about volcanoes or lava in general so there wasn’t anything he could speak about here.

Neither the Central continent nor the Western continent ever had volcanoes for him to learn about.

Alex shook his head and quickly turned around before flying away from the peak.

He flew over the small hill that lay in between the 2nd and 3rd mountains. If he remembered correctly from the memories, this was the hill where the 8th Undying God inherited the skill.

‘Wasn’t it destroyed even further than this?’ he thought. Once again, he didn’t know much about volcanoes to tell if maybe lava spewed out over the years and created the small peak that it was now.

Alex arrived at the ice opening in the first mountain and saw that the hole there was the same as it was previously. Not a single change.

Hoping that not much time had passed, Alex entered the hallway and reached the script before pushing Qi into it.

The formation accepted his Qi and… nothing happened. Alex wasn’t teleported anywhere.


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