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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 819: Surprise Bahasa Indonesia

It didn’t take long before Alex was back in the Tiger sect.

Wen Cheng, Liu Xun, Luo Mei, and Du Yuhan quickly gathered in the training hall to meet with him as it had been nearly 10 months since he had left the sect for the competition.

When he told Wen Cheng and the rest he won third place in a tournament with True Emperor 9th realm competitors, they were shocked beyond belief.

“How did you defeat such strong opponents?” Wen Cheng asked with a surprised face. “Even if you can advance 4 realms to fight, you shouldn’t have been strong enough, right?”

Alex chuckled a bit. It seemed his master didn’t know that the days of him jumping only 4 realms were way in the past. Even jumping 7 realms was in the past.

Each time his body changed the constitution, or his Qi got denser, he could jump more and more realms.

Now, he could jump 9 realms as opposed to other people.

He explained to his master and the rest that were there, what he could do now, and that perhaps elicit a greater shock than when he told him he won third place.

Of course, as soon as his master calmed down from the shock, his mind worked to find the inconsistencies in his story.

He saw his lack of Saint Qi and went into that line of question, to which Alex explained he overcame the gap using Sword Qi and Spiritual sense.

Finally, his master and the rest understood how he won and congratulated him.

“Little brother, what sort of rewards did you win?” Liu Xun asked from the side.

“I got a lot of True ranked treasures. Right, I don’t need some of these, so you guys should take these.”

Alex reached into his storage bag and took out a few words, shields, spears, armors, and various other artifacts.

“Take what you want,” Alex said.

The others were surprised to see so many treasures belong to a single person, but they still hesitated to take them.

“It’s yours. You keep it,” Wen Cheng said.

“No, master. I have a lot more, here,” Alex brought out all the swords he had and hovered them around him.

Seeing the nearly 50 swords fly in the air around Alex shocked the rest again.

“You really are rich,” When Cheng said.

Alex did mention that he hadn’t just won these things in a single competition. They were also things he had won in the alchemy competition or were given to him later by parties that wanted to get on his good side.

“You got all of these treasures for winning the competition there, huh? Just 3 of these swords are good enough to give to the Top 3 fighters of the annual competition and have them be excited about it. I’m surprised they gave you so many,” Luo Mei said.

“Oh, sister, you haven’t even seen the real treasure yet,” Alex said and brought out the red whip.

Luo Mei’s eyes along with his master, brother, and Du Yuhan’s eyes fell on the red whip.

“A whip?” Luo Mei looked at the item with a weird look on her face. “How is this better than a sword?”

“Do you even know how to use one?” Du Yuhan asked.

“Well, I don’t know how to do any fancy tricks with it, but I did practice for 4 hours, so I can confidently say that I can use it,” Alex said and took the whip.

At the same time, he took one of the shields from the pile that was aesthetically bad and threw it in the air. As the shield fell down, Alex poured his little saint Qi into the whip, which immediately went ablaze in a brilliant fire.

The group jumped back in fear, but Alex stood still, watching the shield fall down.

As it reached the proper place, he whipped the fiery whip and struck the shield dead in the center.

The shield broke open into a hundred pieces, each individually burning in the same fire as the whip.

Luo Mei’s eyes went in shock for a moment before realizing that she needed to put out the fire before it spread further.

Water released from her hands like a flood as it quickly drowned the fiery bits of the shield. Even then she frowned as the fire didn’t immediately go out. Even underwater, it kept burning.

“Of course, it’s the fire of a Saint-ranked artifact. You don’t expect a True realm cultivator to be able to get rid of it so easily, do you?” Alex asked.

“Saint ranked? That whip is a Saint-ranked item?” Wen Cheng stood up in surprise.

“Yes,” Alex said as he slowly walked through the flood and got close to the fire that was still burning.

He poured his Qi into the fire and lowered its temperature drastically. However, since it was quite a strong fire, it took a considerable amount of True Qi to get it to stop burning.

Once it was done, he let the group have their turn with the whip while he watched their fascinated look from the sideline.

Alex held a smile on his face as he imagined something. If a single Saint-ranked artifact was enough to get them this shocked and surprised, what would they do if he brought out another one?

Alex spent the rest of the night in the Tiger sect and only went to the Hong Wu sect the next morning.

He met up with his friends there too, and the same shenanigans occurred as he showed them his winnings.

Instead, this group was more interested in the newly converted recipes that he might have brought back for them. So, Alex gave them whatever new things he had on him.

Seeing these people be so interested in pill recipes, Alex made a mental note to give some formation blueprints to Luo Mei, so she could give them to her sister, Luo Xing.

Lang Shun arrived to meet him a little later and gave him a piece of news he wasn’t expecting to hear at all.

Alex basically teleported throughout the Hong Wu sect before arriving outside the elder hall and quickly went in.

In one of the rooms, a particularly rejuvenated old man sat doing nothing. As soon as Alex arrived, the old man’s face widened into a proud grin.

“Grandmaster!” Alex called out.

“Young man, I heard it was you who came to my rescue.” This old man was Alex’s Grandmaster, the previous Grand Elder of the sect and Ma Rong’s master.

The last time Alex had visited, he was given the news that his grandmaster had entered final seclusion where he would either break through to the True Emperor realm and increase his lifespan by another 20 or so years or die trying.

It seemed that the man did in fact not die trying, and had instead added years to his lifespan.

There couldn’t have been better news Alex could’ve heard after coming back to the sect.

He wiped his tears away before they even had a chance to form and gave a deep bow to his grandmaster.

“I am very happy to learn that you are healthy and well, grandmaster,” Alex said.

“Come now, child. Don’t be so formal. Besides, I should be the happy one. My disciple struck gold when she chose to make you her disciple that day in the forest,” the old man said. “I’m sure she would be very proud of what you have achieved.”


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