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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 802: Sword Qi Bahasa Indonesia

Alex sat on the bench, worried about his match, but he needed to focus on what was happening in front of him.

The elites of the elites were starting to fight, and he needed to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

Fu Tao stood in front of Zhou Ren. Neither of them held a weapon in their hands.

The moment the match started, Zhou Ren immediately started using his fire skills. Orbs, arrows, javelin, rope, whip, and all other sorts of fire skills flew towards Fu Tao who continued dodging without much struggle.

He was 2 realms above Zhou Ren, so even though the fire attacks were made of White Fire, he was still fine.

Fu Tao himself retaliated with normal fire attacks, which Zhou Ren struggled to dodge or counter either with his strong attacks or his movement skills.

As he dodged, his earring kept on flashing with light. Fu Tao had been bombarding him with spiritual attacks that were truly hard for Zhou Ren to skip out of.

Very soon, the earring lost all power and Zhou Ren took the full brunt of what Alex could only imagine being similar to Heaven’s Impact.

He fell to the ground unconscious and Fu Tao won.

Next up was Lu Yan against perhaps the strongest rogue cultivator in the competition.

Lu Yan never really fought seriously, but her opponent this time pretty much forced her to.

Between attacks and defenses and control skills and movement techniques, this fight lasted quite a while.

The only way for Lu Yan to win that fight had been through the use of her ultimate skill which had Alex quite surprised.

Lu Yan had a superior Wood spiritual root, like everyone in her family. Perhaps, she had one of the best ever.

As such when she used her technique, the wind rushed past her opponent to move to the sky as it got even more violent up there.

Alex wondered what she was doing when she suddenly did it.

Every element existed in various forms that could be used to imitate the various aspects of the world.

Yang could create life and light. Yin could create death and darkness. Water could create ice. Earth could create crystals and sands. Fire could create poison. So on and so forth.

The wood element was the same as well.

Aside from growing plants, vines, and other things, someone with wood elemental spiritual roots could create wind as well.

However, that was not the only thing they could use. There was one more thing they could use.

The wind in the sky got more and more violent, and the man knew he would lose if he didn’t do something.

He dashed forward to defeat Lu Yan, but Lu Yan moved before the man could reach her.

She lifted he hands to the sky and pulled IT down to the ground.


A massive bolt of lightning dropped from the sky hitting the man right in front of Lu Yan.

Lu Yan quickly backed away, but she didn’t need to. Her opponent was fully unconscious.

Alex looked to the sky and wondered what would happen if he was ever hit by that. He had ever only heard about the Wood element being the primary source of lightning for a cultivator, but aside from the Heavenly Judgment, this was the first time he had seen an unnatural lightning bolt.

The next fight with Liang Qiu didn’t last long as her Spear Qi was too strong for Xue Meirong to handle.

Han Daiyu won almost as quickly by sending out barrage after barrage of her quick but heavy hammer attacks.

Song Shing’s battle was quite interesting for Alex to see. He fought with blood aura, but he never used his own. Instead, he brought out small vials of blood that he would break and then use to fight.

His match lasted barely a few minutes as the overwhelming strength he portrayed made the opponent give up a bit too quickly.

Alex feared being pitted against him, but that feeling would have to take a sidestep as his real threat walked right past him.

Jin Tengfei walked in front of Alex, down to the stage and Alex followed soon after.

The stage didn’t need to be fixed with how quickly the previous match was, so before long both Alex and Jin Tengfei were on the stage.

Alex looked at the lean man that was about his height with golden-blonde hair and holding a magnificent, black sword in his hand.

Alex thought for a moment about how to approach this battle. All this time he had been thinking, but the threat was never before him to urge him to come up with something.

Now that he saw his opponent, he needed something.

‘How do I win this?’ he tried to find an answer, but they’re never really was one, to begin with. The only answer was to give it his all and even then there was a great chance that Alex could lose.

Alex decided to change his approach. If there was no way to win this match, then he would instead find a way to learn from it.

After all, Jin Tengfei was the strongest swordsman in the younger generation.

Alex readied his sword and waited.

The moment the referee realized they were both ready, she began the match.

Jin Tengfei wasted no time and sent a golden slash in Alex’s direction with no Sword Qi in it. There wasn’t even much Sword Intent in it at all.

‘He’s testing me?’ Alex thought and swung his sword to toss it to the side. At the same time, Jin Tengfei sent out another slash at Alex.

Alex’s own sword glowed white with his sword intent as he hit the incoming slash as hard as he could and destroyed it.

Jin Tengfei looked with a pleasantly surprised face and nodded to himself as if he had something confirmed to him.

Then, he sent out his final slash.

Alex took a deep breath as his sword that was glowing with Sword Intent suddenly started glowing with Sword Qi.

The audience members who noticed that suddenly gasped. Even Jin Tengfei was surprised. He had expected Alex to know Sword Intent, but he hadn’t expected him to know Sword Qi at all. No one did.

How the hell could an alchemist of his level ever have the time to grasp such a deep understanding of the way of the sword.

Alex swung his sword and a white slash went forward, directly hitting the incoming sword slash.

And it easily overpowered Jin Tengfei’s own attack.

However, that wasn’t all. Jin Tengfei noticed something in Alex’s attacks that he had only noticed in select members of his family.

When Alex’s sword slash landed on his own, he could see the sword slash pushing back his own even after defeating it. It was pushing it back to the point that even after his slash was gone, Alex’s continued forward as if it hadn’t hit anything.

Jin Tengfei simply swung his sword to get rid of this incoming attack, but it still struck his heart with fear.

After all, Alex’s Sword Qi already had a characteristic, a personality to it, so to speak.

And that scared Jin Tengfei. After all, the only time a sword attack could possibly have a characteristic of its own was when one had transcended Sword Qi, and reached the realm of Sword Aura.


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