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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 650: Test at the Door Bahasa Indonesia

Alex looked at the fat young man walking up to the front crowd. The young man in the cyan robes was about 170 cm tall but looked like he weighed nearly 120 kg.

He was unquestionably fat, which for a cultivator was a hard task given that most didn’t have to eat at all after entering just the Organ Tempering realm.

The Qi they cultivated on a daily basis alone was able to sustain them.

So, Alex couldn’t help but wonder why this young man was fat at all.

Tian Ye’s round, chubby face stared at the lot in front of him. “Have you all been waiting for me?” he asked.

Alex was surprised to see that he was able to be so direct, despite only being in the True lord 5th realm. ‘What gives him such confidence?’ he wondered.

”Brother Tian, you’re here,” He Liwei said from the side and went out to greet Tian Ye.

Tian Ye gave a slight nod to everyone and didn’t say anything. The only one he gave a more than a passing glance was the young man in the purple robes.

To the one who Alex suspected was from the Royal family, he gave a deep bow.

”Fellow Daoists,” Tian Ye spoke. “I’m sorry, but I have some other tasks to perform, so let’s hurry this up okay?”

He then brought out 3 talismans from his storage bag and turned to the crowd.

”I need someone to help me hit the—”

Before he could say anything, a loud bang appeared from behind him. He slowly turned his head to see Han Daiyu’s hammer resting on her shoulder and a blue shield on the surface of the door.

”Aah! I needed to record that,” he shouted suddenly. “Sister Daiyu, can you hit it again?”

”What?” Han Daiyu had not been paying attention to Tain Ye at all.

”Can you hit the door again?” he asked.

”Oh, you didn’t have to ask me. I was already going to do it again,” she said and raised her hammer before slamming it onto the door at full force.

At the same time, the young fat man used the talisman as if he had done this a million times.

The talisman took in his Qi and flew to the wall right where the hammer hit it.

The talisman did nothing to stop the attack at all. At the same time, the young fat man once again sent out his second talisman to the wall of the barrier a little far away from where it had been hit.

Finally, he used the last talisman in his hands to record the visual of what he had seen.

”Sister Daiyu, step back please,” Tian Ye said. He knew how she was. Everyone did. If left alone, she would try to hit the barrier again.

Being a body cultivator, she thought of every physically taxing task as training and kept doing it as long as he could.

”Why do you want me to stop?” she asked.

”For test purposes, sister,” Tian Ye said.

He quickly grabbed the two talismans on the wall and looked at them. These were one-time-use talismans that noted the strength of one’s attacks, and the strength of a barrier.

He didn’t do more than look at it once though. For now, they were very useless as there was nothing to base this reading off of.

It was hard for him to stop Han Daiyu from attacking the door again, but with the help of others, he did.

Han Daiyu grumbled a little as slowly an hour passed.

Finally, Tian Ye stirred up. He took out 3 other talismans and sent one flying to the door, another to the side, and finally kept one for recording.

”Sister Daiyu, can you do exactly the same attack you did last time?” he asked.

The girl nodded and attacked. Once again the blue barrier flickered.

Tian Ye immediately grabbed the two talismans and compared their reading with the previous ones.

From what he could see, the strength of Daiyu’s attack was practically the same.

However, the strength of the barrier… was very different. He looked at the reading between the two and did some mental calculations.

”Woah!” he said out loud, catching the attention of everyone here.

”What is it?” Liang Qiu asked from the side. Her attention was entirely on him.

”If… if my calculations are not wrong… then this barrier will open in 10, at most 11 days,” he said. “The barrier is continuously weakening even as time goes on and surely in the next 10 days, it will be gone.”

Instead of being happy, every single one on the plateau frowned. 10 days… they didn’t have 10 days.

The third day was already half done. At most, they had maybe a bit more than 6 days.

”Can we not weaken it ourselves?” Jin Tengfei asked.

”I don’t know. That’s what I’m going to test now,” he said and turned around to Han Daiyu.

”Sister Daiyu, can you do me the favor of hitting that door the same way for 60 times in the next hour?” he asked.

”One attack every minute?” she asked. “I can do that.”

She held her hammer tight in her grip, and once again attacked the door again.

As the blue light flickered and died down, she held it up again and was about to attack.

”Sister Daiyu, wait. Not right now. Spare a minute or so in between,” Tian Ye said.

”What? I can’t do it all at once?” she asked.

”I want a close to normal environment of how it would go if we were to need to do this,” he said.

”Sigh, alright,” she said and let her hammer fall to the floor. With a small bang, the hammer sent off dust into the air. Only then did Alex realize just how heavy the hammer was.

’I should be able to carry it, right?’ he thought.

As they waited for the hour to pass while Han Daiyu hit the wall once every minute, Alex wondered if he was wasting time here.

But since he was so close to getting more answers from this Tian Ye guy, he decided to wait the extra hour. If there was something that would help him enter this place and get some sort of benefit, then it was better to wait.

The hour finally passed and they did the test one more time. This time, after being beaten with the hammer for an hour continuously, Tian Ye wanted to see how much worse the barrier had become.

”Hmm…” he said as he looked at the readings.

The whole crowd looked quietly as Tian Ye closed his eyes and calculated the reading.

”The attacks do have an effect on it,” Tian Ye said as a passing remark. However, everyone who heard it suddenly had their breathing come to a halt.

”It… it helps?” Fu Tao asked suspiciously.

”Yes,” Tian Ye said. “It does.”

”By how much?” Xu Meirong asked curiously.

”If… if we were to do what Sister Daiyu just did for as long as we can, then we can likely get the stone door to open in 4, if not 5 days,” Tian Ye said.

”5 days?” everyone was immediately shocked.

That was a lot better than the 11-day estimate that had come prior to this.

Immediately, everyone started getting happy. The Elite group cheered loudly, and the emotions passed to the rest of the crowd as well who quickly cheered.

”Stop, stop, stop,” Zhou Ren shouted and the entire celebration came to a staggering halt.

”What’s wrong, Zhou Ren?” Liang Qiu asked.

”I had one question that I hope brother Tain Ye can help settle,” he said.

”Uh, sure. Ask,” Tian Ye said.

”You said that it will get weaker as the time goes on, right?” Zhou Ren asked.

”Yes, I did,” Tian Ye said. “Ah, I see where you are going with this question. You want to ask me if I calculated the weakness of the barrier as a factor of the days required, don’t you?”

A collective gasp rang through the crowd as not many had thought of this in their immediate celebration.

”Ah, that is exactly it, brother Tian. You are incredible to have thought that far,” Zhou Ren said. “So, does that mean you calculated it, or should we expect a faster time for the opening?”

Everyone from the group looked intently at Tian Ye, waiting for the answer.

”I didn’t calculate that into the estimate I gave just now,” Tian Ye said. He immediately added, “Not because I forgot, but rather because it’s useless.”

”I’m not sure how runes exactly work as they are still a mystery when not used through a talisman paper, but as far as I know, it works similarly to a formation.”

”Meaning, these runes on the door are directly connected to a power source, which I believe is a miniature Saint rank spirit vein underneath it.”

”That means the barrier itself is at Saint rank. So, no matter how much it takes hits, you are never going to affect it with your current cultivation base,” Tian Ye said.

”What is actually happening to the runes right now is that since it’s not properly maintained, the runes’ connection to the spirit vein is slowly decaying.”

”It’s already on its last leg, but if you do continue to hit it, you can make the gradual decay faster, thus opening the door in about 5 days,” Tian Ye finished.

Han Daiyu looked at the door and said, “So… I just need to keep hitting it right?”


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