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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 49: Returning Back To Sect Bahasa Indonesia

“He will stay with me. I need to teach him cultivation techniques and martial arts. They take a lot of time.”

“No, he will stay with me. I need to give him my alchemy knowledge. They take more time.

The surrounding elders watched the two sect leaders quarrel with a wry smile on their faces. The two sect leaders were always like this, whenever they met.

Alex listened to the argument between the two as he too was unsure of what to do exactly. He thought for a moment and spoke.


“”What?”” both sect leaders looked at him together.

“Uhh…” he didn’t know how to let them know who he was speaking to. ” Martial Master, I have a request.”

Wen Cheng realized he was talking to him, so he spoke, “Go on, tell me your request.”

“My request is that master wait 2 weeks before taking me into the sect. Currently, I am in the middle of learning Alchemy, and I don’t want to stop. I have a lot of alchemy ingredients, and I want to use them to make pills. I should be done with all of these in 2 weeks and after that, I will come to stay at Tiger sect for 2 weeks before returning to Hong Wu Sect, where I will stay 2 more weeks.”

He stated his request.

Ma Rong spoke, “So you will stay 2 weeks with us, and then 2 weeks with Wen Cheng, huh? That’s not a bad idea. Very well then, we should do that.”

Wen Cheng sighed as well, and said, “Alright. I guess I can work with that. But be prepared, after you join, I will not only teach you about cultivation. You will be learning how to fight from the ground up. You will be learning many different martial arts and finally, you will learn other techniques.”

“I understand, Martial Master. Thank you.”

Hearing his new disciples thanks, Wen Cheng breathed a little in, and said to his elders, “Look around a little, and see if you find the cat’s corpse. Also, take a little bit of this blood from where the cat landed in the crater. We might get some use out of it.”

He then turned to Alex and said, “I will see you in 2 weeks, disciple.” After saying that, he started to slowly hover, and fly away.

Alex was shocked. ‘So you can fly with your Qi. Why is it that I am not able to then?’ he wondered.

Ma Rong looked back at Great Elder and said, ” Great Elder, I think we should take in some of the blood as well. They might come in handy for some alchemy research.”

“I shall do as you say, sect leader.” The great elder went and gathered some blood from the place where the corpse was.

“Alright, Let’s return,” Ma Rong said as she took out a small boat-like artifact, and jumped on it. She turned back to look at Alex, whose eyes showed awe towards the artifact, and said, “Come on up. I will fly us back to the sect.”

Alex got out of his stupor and jumped up onto the boat. The other elders simply started flying on their own without any artifacts, similar to what Wen Cheng did.

‘Is the sect leader not capable of flying on her own?’ he thought. The boat started flying at a faster speed than the other people.

“We will take our leave now, City Lord and Lady,” she said and flew away.

The speed at which the boat flew reminded him of the bullet train he took to get to Oakleaf city. ‘Does flying in a plane feel the same?’ he wondered.

He looked around and saw that the other elders were now flying faster and catching up to the boat. So, he decided to ask.

“Master, why are we using this boat to fly when the other elders are flying on their own with equal speed?”

Ma Rong looked back and answered, “Flying alone is easy, but when you have multiple people to take with you, it’s hard to split your attention to the different people. So, instead of flying all the different people individually, flying a single boat with people on top of it is easier.”

“As for the reason why we aren’t faster than the other elders is because I am choosing not to go that fast. You are only at bone tempering realm, if you were to fall at the full speed of this boat, you would fall, and not be able to handle the impact of your fall.”

“Oh,” Alex said simply. “Also, master, how do you guys fly? When I try to fly, I can only hover at 20 centimeters above the ground,” he asked.

Ma Rong’s eyes widened as she heard what he had just said, ” You can hover with your current cultivation?” she asked.

“Yes. I mean last I tried was before I entered the Bone Tempering realm about 3 days ago. I haven’t tried with my current cultivation.” He said.

Ma Rong turned towards the other elders and said with a serious face, “Everyone, I’m going to go first. Take your time coming back.” She then looked towards Alex and said, “Hold on”

Alex didn’t know what was going on, but he gripped the boat on both sides. As soon as he did that, he felt a massive whiplash as the boat sped through the forest, and within 5 minutes reached Hong Wu Sect.

Ma Rong didn’t stop there and flew the boat directly to the sect leader’s mountain and stopped it only after getting to the peak. She got off the boat, and Alex followed right behind.

His legs shook a little as he landed on the ground. The speed was a bit too much for him to handle.

‘It took me an entire night to reach that place in the forest, and she brought me back in less than 6 minutes?’ he was shocked beyond belief.

Ma Rong was a little out of breath as well. It seemed she had to use a little too much Qi to speed up the boat by this amount.

‘Why did she do that?’ he thought.

“Yu Ming, you said you could hover? Show me.” She said simply.


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