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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 184: 7 Grades Bahasa Indonesia

“First of all, let us tell the audience why you guys are the best of the best, shall we? Let’s start with your Cultivation base in Eternal Cultivation okay?” the host said.

Some of the guests hesitated at first, but in the end, they all agreed.

“Let us start with our first guest on the left, Mr. Sean.” The host started talking with the older gentleman. “Can you tell us your cultivation base?” the host asked.

“Yes, Of course. My cultivation base right now is the 4th realm of True Masters realm,” the old man said.

“Oh, that is quite low, isn’t it?” the host said.

“Haha, compared to the energetic youths? Maybe. However, I only play 3 hours a day at most since I have a very young grandchild right now. I would rather spend the rest of my time with her,” he said.

“Oh wow. You only play for 3 hours a day and you are already in the True Master Realm? That is quite good,” the host said.

“Haha, yes. I believe so too.”

The host then went on to talk with the other. The young men and women he talked to were mostly in True King or True Emperor realms. None higher than the 5th realm of the True Emperor realm.

But that didn’t matter to the audience. They gasped every time they heard the high cultivation base. However, Alex on the other hand cringed.

‘That is clearly very bad, right? Getting to that high of a rank in 2 months would mean that they broke through non-stop using external means. Their bodies didn’t have enough time to get used to a cultivation base before they were in another.’

‘Why are these people acting like they are doing something very good? They are only seeing explosive growth for now. They will have to struggle to even breakthrough later on,’ Alex thought

The host went on to talk with Hannah too.

“What about you, miss? What is your cultivation level?” he asked.

“I am currently in the 6th realm of True emperor,” She said.

“Oh wow, that is the highest we’ve heard yet, isn’t it?” the host said. The entire audience gasped hearing how high her cultivation base was. Alex gasped too this time.

He hadn’t expected her sister to have such a high cultivation base either. ‘But sister knows that cultivating fast is bad. Does she not worry?’ he wondered. Then he realized another possibility.

‘She doesn’t care. Not only her but even the rest of them also don’t care either. If they are making money by having such high cultivation, why should they care? It’s only a game after all. In fact, it’s probably more than just a game to them, it’s their work. If being stronger earns them more money, they will gladly do so, won’t they?’ He felt like he was just enlightened about something.

‘What about me? Should I go and eat lots of pills to break through very fast as well? There are not many monster cores left so I might as well make a lot of pills,’ he thought.

‘Wait, these people are getting stronger to earn money, which means I won’t even have to get stronger since I make money without my strength,’ he thought.

He suddenly realized where his thought process was being strayed to. ‘Ughh… money again. Why am I so fixated on it even when I can earn so much of it so easily?’ he started wondering.

‘Is that how I think of the game now? Just a way to earn money? What happened to the little bits of fun I was having previously? Is it all going to drown in my need to make money now?’ he wondered.

The host had at this point proceeded to ask the rest of the people about their cultivation base and the highest had still been True Emperor 6th realm, which belonged to Hannah and another man.

These two were now unconsciously being viewed as the strongest players in the game, giving them respect much higher than the rest.

“Now, let’s move on to the reason why these people, in general, had such a high cultivation base. The reason of which being undoubtedly their Talent and their Body,” the host said.

“More specifically speaking, the grade of their talent and body. Now we’ve come to learn a few critical pieces of information these last few days through the forum post that we made a few days ago. The most important is the true grades of everything. “

“Dear Viewers, Did you know that there are 7 different grades in the game Eternal Cultivation?” The host asked and paused a bit. ‘What?’ ‘huh?’ ‘No way! These sort of small murmurs ran through the crowd.

Alex himself was startled when he heard of this. ‘7? I only know of 5, maybe 6’ he thought.

The host then spoke. “Yes! There are 7 different grades, and they go as follows. First is the three we all commonly knew from very long ago. These are the Mortal grade, Earth Grade and Heaven Grade.”

“Then we have the next two that we only learned a little more recently thanks to people sharing it on the forum. These are the Immortal Grade and the Divine grade.”

‘I knew it. Divine grade really is a thing. So am I ever going to figure out if my body is God grade or Divine grade?’ he wondered.

The host continued, “And finally, the 2 new grades we have come to learn are the highest two grades available in the game. The first one is called Ancient grade. This is one of the best grades in the game.”

“However, the next one is even better. The final grade in the game is called God.”

‘Ancient grade? I don’t think I have ever heard about that one before. To be fair, I only thought about Divine grade thanks to my body, to begin with, and I wouldn’t have known about god grade if it weren’t for my talent.’ Alex thought.


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