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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 156: Explosive Talismans Bahasa Indonesia

People started gathering just by the ruckus that was being made. Some recognized Huo Tu, some recognized Alex, some just came to watch what the hub hub was about.

Knowing that a core disciple had registered a fight with an inner sect disciple, many other people started getting called by their friends watching the fight too.

“What’s the point? It’s not like the inner sect disciple is going to win,” someone said.

“Yeah, but that’s not the point. It’s not every day you see a core disciple fight. Don’t you guys want to see it?” someone else said.

“You sound like you’ve never seen Huo Tu fight. You must be quite new here then,” another person spoke.

“Huh? does he fight violently or something? Since he is a core disciple, he must be really good right?” the previous person asked.

“Haha, quite the opposite actually. Just watch, you might be surprised by his fighting method,” the person spoke once more.

On the stage, Alex heard the person speak. ‘Not good at fighting? Does he have a different fighting method?’ he wondered. He took out his Steel Sword for this fight. This fight was way out of his league, and he was not going to bother limiting his abilities only to get badly hurt in this fight.

He looked around the stage. It was around 3 PM and the only shadow he could see was either his own or the opponent’s. ‘I can’t use it then,’ he thought. ‘Well, it’s the last option either way.’

He got into a fighting stance, waiting for his opponent to take out his weapon as well, but he never did.

“FIGHT!” the Elder started the match.

Alex got cautious. His opponent was just standing there with a smile on his face. “Come,” Huo Tu gestured with his hand, inviting Alex to attack him.

‘Is he not scared of my attack?’ Alex wondered. ‘Whatever.’ He dashed straight to the front and swung his sword. Dark lines appeared on Huo Tu’s skin as he placed his single hand forward to block the blade.


As if he just hit Iron, Alex’s hand shook from the rebound damage. ‘He knows Jade Skin? How strong is his hand?’ Alex thought in pure shock. Huo Tu smiled in contempt when he saw the shock on Alex’s face.

“Now you’re going to get it,” Huo Tu said as he tried to punch back. However, Alex was fast and managed to run out of the attack range in good time. Huo Tu’s face got serious for a second when he realized Alex was faster than him.

Then he started to get angry. He started to run towards Alex with his fat body and tried to punch him once more. However, Alex was too fast for him and managed to get out of his way.

‘Why is he so slow? Does he not know any movement techniques?’ Alex wondered. If that was the case, then there was still hope for him. Alex started to run around the stage.

From time to time, he came in and struck Huo Tu from his blind side. But not one of those managed to deal any sort of damage. ‘Damn it,’ he thought and used Smiting Blade. Yellow Qi flowed into his sword, dying the whole blade yellow.

With his strong body and his amazing movement technique, Huo Tu could no longer keep track of him. Alex started attacking more and more. His skin started so show some scratches after he used the Smiting blade, and also Huo Tu’s robes were slowly being cut apart.

Something blue in color shone underneath, Alex cut more and more until the robe was in tatters and the underbody was visible.

“That is…” Alex thought in shock. He looked at the shiny blue armor underneath the man’s body. ‘That’s the armor from the auction house. I thought it was taken by that merchant guy. Why does he have this?’ he thought.

“Haha, you shocked. This is a Common Earth Grade armor artifact that my father got for me. Your physical attack does nothing to me. Not even Luo Mei or Du Yuhan can harm me with their attacks when I’m wearing this.” He started to laugh manically.

The situation started to seem grimmer and grimmer by the second.

Alex ran away after realizing that he couldn’t beat him by just attacking him. So, he decided to try some Qi-based techniques and see if those worked. Green Qi filled his sword and he got ready to swing it.

He used the 2nd strike of the Elusive Heavenly sword and let the attack fly. Huo Tu didn’t do anything and simply let the attack hit him.

An explosion rang out, but Alex could tell that Huo Tu wasn’t injured at all. ‘Dammit,’ he thought and prepared another attack. Darker green light filled the sword as Alex got ready to attack.

At the same time, Huo Tu did something as well. He reached into his storage bag and took out something. Alex looked at it and was surprised. ‘A talisman?’ he thought.

He let swung his sword and used the 3rd strike of the Elusive Heavenly sword. A green slash flowed through the air towards Huo Tu. Huo Tu as well threw the talisman directly at the incoming slash.


Massive energy erupted where the two attacks met. Huo Tu had no problem standing through the shockwave, which Alex was pushed back a little.

“What was that?” Alex looked at the explosion in shock. He hadn’t expected Huo Tu to use a talisman for fighting. He had remembered his master speaking about such things but had finally seen it for the first time.

Suddenly, Huo Tu took two talismans out and looked at Alex with a smile. Before Alex could even prepare another attack, he immediately threw both the talismans on either side of Alex, trying to sandwich him in between the explosions.

Alex got terrified. Without any other immediate ideas, he switched his holding of the sword from over to under and threw it right at Huo Tu just as the talismans exploded.


Before Alex could even use any defensive techniques, the explosions devoured him whole.


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