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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 96: Apocalyptic event [I], Mana wave Bahasa Indonesia

The Apogale city was built in the middle of the forest. The whole city was surrounded by thick forest. The high walls around the city kept the magical beasts from entering the city. Under general Eddie, a group of thousand soldiers was sent every day to drive out or kill the magical monster that comes near the city.

The city has never experienced monster attacks as Duke Adam made sure to keep the area surrounding the forest clear. But that was a thing of the past. Right now more than 1,000,000 soldiers were standing outside the western wall of the city.

In these 4 days’ time, all the nobles had sent reinforcement to Duke Adam. Even rivals and haters of Duke Adam had no choice but to send reinforcement. Duke Adam was the strongest Duke in the whole Empire. If Duke Adam cannot hold the attack from the monsters, then the entire Empire will be doomed. That’s why all the nobles who did not like Adam had to set their animosity aside and send reinforcement without holding back.

Outside the western walls that stretched more than 400 meters long, one million soldiers were ready standing looking at the mana vortex that now had stopped sucking mana. It was not just the soldiers, the King personally even requested all the adventurers of the Empire to help out as well. Aside from 1 million soldiers, there were about 100,000 adventurers joining this fight. These adventurers called this Empire their home and were ready to shed blood for their homeland. Also not to mention the fact that the King himself has promised rewards to adventurers.

Among 1,000,000 troops, there were some soldiers that were sitting on magical mounts. Magical mounts are magical beasts that are tamed to become mounts. There were many kinds of magical mounts. There were Snow wolves, Lunar wolves, red horses, black horses, white horses, Wild Bulls, Dessert Bulls, Horned Bulls, King Horned Bulls, and Desert Wolves. Not every soldier could afford to buy a mount.

A mount could cost somewhere around 500 gold coins to 10,000 gold coins depending on the type of mount. There were also some mythical rank mounts that were so rare that even 1 million royal gold wouldn’t be enough to buy them.

Only around 50,000 soldiers had mounts with them. This was Aditya’s first time seeing soldiers sitting on mounts. This was a concept that was not followed in the eastern region of the continent.

“Are you curious about mounts?” Aditya nodded hearing Adam’s voice.

“All mounts here except for the magical horses are beginner 2nd-order magical animals. Except for the horse-type magical mounts, all other mounts can attack, defend and also kill monsters. The horse-type mounts are known for their fast speed. Even though their cultivation is in Peak 1st-order, they can move fast as some beginner 3rd-order cultivators.”

Aditya nodded in understanding. He was a little interested in the magical horses. Each horse was about 2 meters tall and 2.5 meters long. “Uncle do you know how I can get my hands on those magical horses?”

The idea of breeding magical horses came to his mind. Magical horses cannot be found in the Eastern region of the continent. But by breeding the horses, the Istarin Kingdom will become the first Kingdom to have magical mounts in the Eastern region.

“Alright, let’s talk about it later.” Aditya nodded in response.

“Everyone, prepare yourself. The mana vortex is about to explode.” The old Man Tobias’ words were heard throughout the entire city.

Aditya and Adam’s faces turned serious. Everyone had their eyes on the mana vortex. By now the mana vortex had become so huge that it can be seen even from 50 km away.


Many soldiers fell down when the earth started shaking. Even Aditya and others who were standing at top of the walls felt the walls shaking ever so slightly. “It’s coming.”


The next second everyone heard a thunderous sound. With that sound, a huge wave of mana was released from the mana vortex. “Everyone use your mana to create a mana barrier.”

“Increase the range of the defensive barrier.” With Adam’s loud words, the energy dome that was previously covering the entire city started expanding. In a few seconds, a gigantic white transparent energy dome was covering 5km around the city.

“It’s coming.” Aditya’s pupils contracted to the size of a needle as he watched the mana wave destroy everything in its mana while heading in their direction.

The mana wave spread out in every direction. With the wave, a terrifying strong gust of wind also headed toward the city. Everyone’s faces turned pale as they watched the mana wave approaching them at a rapid speed.

“Get the mana barrier ready.” No one held back at that moment. Everyone circulated their mana. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of mana barriers started forming. Aditya watched the scene in a mix of amazement and shock, one by one with each passing millisecond, hundreds of mana barrier was formed behind the big energy dome.

The mana wave approached them like an avalanche. Even normal people can see a huge cloud of dust and pebbles approaching in their direction.

Without any hesitation, Aditya increased the range of this mana barrier which consumed [100+] mana per second.


Right after the mana wave hit them, the city’s defensive energy dome started cracking at rapid speed. Everyone looked at the glass-like cracks that were appearing on the energy dome in fear.


After 2 seconds the energy dome shattered like glass. The mana wave hit the hundred thousand mana barriers created by everyone. But in front of the mana wave, the mana barriers created by more than one million cultivators were like an ant.


One by one every mana barrier was breaking like fragile glass. Even the barriers made the peak 4th-order cultivators couldn’t hold on more than a second. In a few seconds, the mana wave easily shattered a hundred thousand mana barriers. Seeing death approaching them everyone’s faces turned pale from fear.

“This is really the end for us?” In front of their eyes, all the mana barriers kept shattering. At that time, it was as if time had slowed down. Everyone could see what was happening but their bodies were not fast enough to react at that speed.


With each cracking sound, everyone felt their death approaching them.

“It’s over…..” The mana wave had significantly weakened by now but it was still powerful enough to kill almost everyone here.

When the mana wave hit the last few remaining mana barriers, in less than a second all the mana barriers broke except for one mana barrier.


Just like the energy dome, the 400 meters huge mana barrier started cracking at a rapid speed. Right now everyone wished from the bottom of their hearts that the mana wave would stop.

“It’s him.” One by one everyone turned to look at Aditya. Almost everyone here knew who this handsome young man was.


The crack continued increasing. In a few seconds, the 400 meters mana barrier was full of cracks.

“Aditya everything rests on your shoulder now.” Aditya’s face turned pale as he began pouring more of his mana into holding the mana barrier. The cracks that were all over the mana barrier started disappearing. It was as if time has been reversed.

“Just how much mana does he has?” At this moment everyone had respect for Aditya.

“I am out of mana.” Almost everyone heard had used all of their mana to make large mana barriers. While the 1st-order cultivators had no choice but to reinforce the mana barrier of others with their little mana reserve. Compared to other high-order cultivators, the 1st-orders only had 100+ mana.

Meanwhile, Aditya’s face started turning more and more paler with each passing second. Right now he was using [300+] mana per second to keep the 400 meters long mana barrier. If his mana barrier fell, it would be over.

“Aditya hold it for a few more seconds.” Fortunately, the mana wave has been getting weaker. After breaking the city energy dome and hundreds of thousands of mana barriers, the mana wave has weakened a lot.

“I can’t hold it anymore.” Aditya was starting to feel his consciousness fading from overusing his mana. Even with his [2800+] huge reserve of mana, making a huge barrier of 400 meters long and 30 meters tall and keeping the barrier running when a powerful external force was trying to break the barrier, a huge amount of mana was being consumed each passing second.


The next second Aditya fell to his knees as he witnessed the 400 meters of mana barrier breaking like glass. Fortunately, by then, the mana wave had greatly weakened. Other than feeling a strong gust of wind, nothing happened to anyone. Aditya managed to save everyone at the last second.

“We survived.” Some soldiers couldn’t believe that they had survived the mana wave. For a few seconds, they thought they were doomed.

“We survived because of him.” Everyone turned their eyes to look at the person who was on his knees and panting heavily. His face look pale as if someone had squeezed out all the blood from his body.

All the 4th-order cultivators stared at each other with shocked expressions. Just how much mana does this kid have? Even the 4th-order cultivators were able to last only a second before the mana wave broke their mana barriers.

“So this is the rumored Son-in-law of Duke Adam.” A man standing next to Lucian carefully observed Aditya for turning his attention to the mana vortex.

Meanwhile, Lucian had newfound respect and admiration for Aditya. This man had not only saved his life but also saved the lives of his father and also millions of cultivators and adventurers. “Before I wanted to fight him to test out his strength but now I want to fight him as a cultivator.”

Adam, Eddie, and Tobias all three had smiles on their faces. Adam patted Aditya’s right shoulder and said with a smile. “Good job, kid. It is because of you that we managed to survive.”

Aditya replied with a small nod before taking a few mana recovery pills. Not just Aditya, everyone had mana recovery pills with them. Adam had ordered mana recovery pills, health recovery pills, and stamina recovery pills to be handed to every person who has come to join this battle. While doing that, he also used up all the reserved pills that his daughter and his daughter’s maid Paige had made in a few years.

Aditya felt a little better after taking the mana recovery pills. He looked at the mana vortex and was instantly shocked. The mana vortex now had turned into a huge dark blue portal.

Old man Tobias’s face turned ugly seeing this portal. He knew what was about to come. Compared to what they were about to face, the mana wave was more like a teaser as the main show was about to begin now.

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