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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 90: Son of Duke Elliot Campbell [I] Bahasa Indonesia

“What is your name?” Aditya asked while observing the look on the dwarf’s face. This was the first time he was actually seeing a dwarf even though he knew what dwarves looked like from the memory of the previous owner.

Just like Aditya, the dwarf observed Aditya, the face of the man who might become his master. “My name is Percy Lowe.”

For some reason, Aditya sensed the loneliness and emptiness in his words. If Aditya had to describe Percy then he would say depressed. The man looked very depressed as if he had lost his will to live.

“Percy used to be a 3-star blacksmith. Some things happened and unfortunately, he ended up becoming a slave.” When the receptionist said those words, Aditya noticed Percy gritting his teeth as anger flashed in his eyes.

“Although his mana heard has been crippled, I believe Mister can use the experience he has.” Aditya understood that this woman was only saying this to make Aditya know that she is going to charge a high price for Percy and other blacksmiths.

“Alright. Do you have any more blacksmiths with mana crippled hearts?”

This question made the female receptionist think about what exactly Aditya would do with multiple blacksmiths whose mana hearts has been crippled. Other than passing down the knowledge and experience, she couldn’t find any other real use for these blacksmiths. Since their mana hearts has been crippled, they were just like ordinary slaves.

“Of course, we have 9 more dwarves. But among everyone, only Percy has the knowledge of how to forge 3-star weapons.” Percy stood behind the female receptionist and quietly listened. Every time he heard about forging weapons, he felt countless daggers being stabbed at his heart.

“Does Mister wants anything else?”

“Nope. At least not that moment. If I need anything, then I will send someone or if I am free then maybe I will personally come.”

“Alright. The total price is 5,600. I charged 10 gold coins for each dwarf. Mister can just pay me 5,500 gold coins.” Aditya’s mouth twitched a little. It was not like giving a discount of 100 gold coins would make any big difference.

“By the way, does Mister needs the slaves to be sent to the Eastern region of the continent? Our Trading house also has a few big ships which we use for transportation.” After a moment of thinking, Aditya also felt it would be too much of a hassle to bring all the slaves back with him using a teleportation array. Not to mention the huge sum of money that will be consumed to get 1010 people teleported at the same time. Also since he was currently living another identity, it would be best if he did not connect himself with the Eastern region of the continent, not at least while he was in public.

Seeing that Aditya was agreeing, the female receptionist smiled beautifully. Aditya noticed that this woman only smiled when she talked about money or business. “That would be 6,000 gold coins after adding shipping charges. And also don’t worry, our trading house will make sure that all of the mister’s properties are properly taken care of and safely reach the destination.”

After a bit of talking, Aditya hesitantly told her about Watson and the Hightide City. After paying 60 royal gold coins which were 6,000 gold coins, Aditya and Julia left the slave market and got in the carriage to return home.

“You should start collecting the necessary alchemy ingredients to repair all of their mana hearts.” Aditya felt a little guilty for making Julia work this hard.

“It won’t be much of a problem to get the alchemy ingredients.” Compared to the Eastern region or any other region in the continent, the northwest region of the continent was richer in resources. Especially rich in alchemy ingredients. Even the quality of the alchemy ingredients was better.

“I was thinking, do you have any plans of building a teleportation array in the Istarin Kingdom?” Julia curiously asked. If the Istarin Kingdom had a teleportation array, then it would become very convenient for Julia. She and Aditya would no longer have to go all the way to the Kingdom of Nyland.

“After we go back, I will make personally make a teleportation array.”

“Alright.” Julia had heard from her father just how good Aditya was at runes. Aditya’s talents in runes even outshined the best rune geniuses on the continent.

About an hour later, Aditya and Julia finally returned home. After returning home both went back to their bedrooms to wash up. Shortly after 30 minutes, Walter came to call both of them for dinner.

Sitting at the dining table, everyone was enjoying dinner. As always the food cooked by Sophie was always delicious.

It was only has been 2 days since Aditya came. In just 2 days, he no longer felt that he was a guest of this house. He felt that he had become a core part of the family. This was the first time Aditya was experiencing this kind of family love.

In his previous life, he had spent almost all of his time either studying or either working under politicians. When he was young he hated politics more than anything but as he grew up without even realizing Aditya became the type of person he hated.

Aditya very rarely shared meals with his family. Most of his family members lived alone in different cities, pursuing their own careers. Over time Aditya became used to having meals alone while watching some videos on geopolitics.

But it was different here. He found that meals he can taste extra delicious when eaten with family and friends. As time passed, Aditya was increasingly becoming more and more fond of gentle, kind, and motherly Sophie.

“Aditya, why are you not eating? Is there anything you don’t like about the food?” Today Sophie had cooked spicy fried chicken which was his favorite.

“No, just some old things came to my mind.” Being a politician, Aditya also learned to control his expressions very well. In front of the public, he always needed to appear confident and strong. He quickly controlled his emotions and continued eating.

“I see, do you like the food? I heard from Julia that you looked like spicy fried chicken.” Aditya glanced at Julia in surprise. He had said these words to her a long time ago, back when their relationship had not developed.

‘She actually remembered.’ Here he was assuming that she had forgotten about these kinds of small details.

Seeing Aditya looking at her, her eyes snorted, and continued to eat. “Don’t think too much, I happen to have a good memory.”

Aditya smiled and did not reply back. But inwardly he was very happy to have found someone like her.

The next day, after waking up very early in the morning, the first thing that he did was take out a glass jar. He bit his index finger and then started dropping 25 drops of golden blood into the glass jar. Every single day, Aditya has been doing this.

He has been collecting 25 drops of his golden blood in a glass jar ever since he learned that his golden blood can turn humans into Dragonians. So far Aditya has collected over 75 drops of golden blood. He has been planning on using these golden blood drops to turn his human soldiers into his Dragonians.

“I should also send a letter to Watson about the slaves.” Aditya then sat down and started writing a letter to Watson explaining why he bought the slaves and what do to with them.

Knock! Knock!

“Young Master, the son of Duke Elliott Campbell has come to see you. He is standing outside the Castle, waiting for you.” Aditya put the pen down. He just had finished writing the letter.

‘Why does the son of Duke Elliott Campbell wants to see me?’ Aditya wondered.

“Walter, tell him to keep waiting for another 5 minutes.”


Normally if a noble wants to come to another noble’s house for a meeting, the noble would have to ask for an appointment or at least let the other noble know that he is coming. A low-rank noble might even have to wait for weeks to get an appointment if that noble wants to meet a high-rank noble.

Even though Aditya was not a noble or a royalty, as the son-in-law of Duke Adam, even if the son of Duke Elliott Campbell wanted to meet him, he still would have to let Aditya know in advance or at least come at an appropriate time.

Aditya frowned looking outside the window. It was still dawn yet the son of Duke was here to meet him. It was more like the son of Duke Elliott Campbell was ordering him to come out.

“He can keep waiting.” Aditya preferred to train early morning. It was a habit that he had from his previous life. He did not like to do any work or meet anyone at this time.

Aditya entered the washroom to clean his body. Last night he had a good sleep and a naughty dream which dirtied his pants.

Meanwhile, standing outside the Castle, the son of Duke Elliott Campbell was getting more and more impatient with waiting. No one has ever dared to make the son of Duke Elliott Campbell wait.

“Where is he?”

“Young Master Aditya said he will be there in 5 minutes.”

“I guess 5 minutes will never pass.” The son of Duke Elliott Campbell replied sarcastically. He has been standing in this place for over 47 minutes now.


Walter sighed in relief seeing Aditya finally walking out. “Walter, what are you doing here?” Aditya asked walking out of the castle. He pretended to not know the man standing beside Walter. He focused entirely on Watson.

“Young Master let me introduce you. This man is the son of Duke Elliott Campbell. His name is Lucian Campbell.” Instead of replying Watson instead introduced Aditya to the son of Duke Elliott Campbell.

“I thought you would never show you and hide in that little cave of yours.”

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