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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 89: Slave Market [II] Bahasa Indonesia

Aditya told the guards to wait outside. They did not want to attract too much attention by bringing the guards with them. After walking to the slave market, Aditya felt he had come to the slum.

Small slave traders were standing on the side of the roads and calling out to sell slaves. Looking around, Aditya felt a little pity for the slaves. The slaves were malnourished and skinny. Their eyes looked dead as if they had lost all hope in their life.

“Boss, I want that boy? How much?”

“You can take him for 5 gold coins.”

“That’s too expensive. Look how weak and skinny he is. I will give you 2 gold coins. Give or I will leave.”

The slave merchant gritted his teeth. “Ok. Deal.”

And just like that, the boy was taken away by a farmer. The boy will be forced to work in fields all day long till he dies of old age or dies of hunger.

Aditya being a man from another world felt that this kind of thing was very cruel. Everyone deserved freedom. There were some people who naively believed that equality existed. But the concept of equality did not exist in the world of cultivation.

“This is normal. Everyone ten thousand slaves are either sold or bought. If you’re looking to buy high-quality slaves, then I suggest you take a look at the big slave houses.”


Soon Julia led Aditya in front of a shop that was named the Golden Slave trading house.


“Welcome” The one who welcomed them was unexpectedly a woman in her late 30s. The woman was tall as Aditya. Her tight dress seductively hugged her body and exposed her curves.

“What kind of slave do you want Sir?’ The woman asked while offering them to sit on the couch which was placed 5 meters away from the receptionist’s desk.

“Do you have slaves who previously were cultivators?” This question surprised both Julia and the sexy female receptionist. Wasn’t Aditya here to slaves who know blacksmithing skills?

“I do. Our slave trading house has more than 100,000 slaves. We have all kinds of slaves.” Inwardly Aditya was surprised to hear this big number.

“I am looking for slaves that used to be a 2nd-order or 3rd-order cultivators.” After coming to the slave market, Aditya realized that he has been wasting a huge opportunity. Julia was the goddess of alchemy. With her, he can heal the mana-crippled heart. Just like Amber and his 7 generals, those slaves will also recover their former cultivation in a few months. This method would double if not triple the military power of the Istarin Kingdom.

While Nobles and Kings refrained from using slaves in the military, Aditya’s thinking was the exact opposite. To him, this slave market was like a huge reserve of resources. Even though every kingdom has it, no one can fully use these resources.

“We do some slaves that previously were 2nd-order and 3rd-order cultivators. Though I don’t understand the reason why Sir is looking to buy slaves with mana crippled hearts.” Why would someone look for slaves with Mana crippled hearts? Compared to normal slaves, those slaves were even cheaper as they cannot cultivate.

“I am planning on sending these slaves to the eastern region of the Kingdom. I have a small business in that region.” Aditya did not explain too much. He purposely kept his answer vague.

Seeing that the customers weren’t interested in answering the female receptionist also stopped asking these kinds of questions. She also does not care about how her customers use the slaves. Since the customer was the owner, they had every right to do whatever they wished. “How many slaves does Sir wants?”

Aditya pretended to think while in reality he already knew how many slaves he wanted. “I want 500 slaves.” This big number once again shocked Julia. By now she also understands what Aditya was planning to do with the slaves. She secretly pinched his waist as this bad wolf was planning on making her work for a long time.

“Alright. Sir, do you need anything else? We have all types of elves, beastmen, and demon race slaves. I am sure Sir will be interested.”

“Do you have Night elf?” Aditya asked while secretly holding Julia’s right hand. He did not want to be pinched repeatedly.

“Night elf…..I apologize sir but Night elves are too rare.” Aditya wasn’t too surprised. From Lukas, he also heard that Night elves’ numbers are too small. Only about a few thousand-night elves are left in this world.

“We only buy slaves if someone wants to sell us. We don’t force people to become slaves. This is the iron rule of our slave trading house. And we all have been following this rule for generations. A few days ago someone sold us 500 Sea elves, maybe Sir would like to have them.”

“Sea elf” This was new. As the name implied, Sea elves lived under the ocean and seawater. They very rarely came in contact with the races living on the land. It was not just the sea Elves, even other intelligent races living under the ocean never bothered to forge connections with races living on the land.

“Aditya you should buy them.” Aditya was surprised to see Julia giving suggestions.

“Getting to see Sea elves are an extremely rare thing not to mention having the opportunity to actually buy Sea elves. Sea elves are useful in many ways. Even if their mana heart is crippled, underwater they still can move fast as some Peak 1st-order cultivators.”

It was Aditya’s luck that he found Sea elves. If some other faction had learned about this, then they wouldn’t have hesitated to pay even 10,000 royal cold coins to buy those slaves.

“We still haven’t contacted any big factions yet. If Sir is interested, our slave trading house is more than happy to sell the Sea elves at a discount price.” The reason the female receptionist was willing even to go as far as to give a discount to Aditya, was because of the Onard family. She would a big idiot if she cannot even recognize the princess of the Onard family.

‘If the rumors are correct then this man should be lady Julia’s future husband.’ In fact, the golden slave trading house regularly sold slaves to the Onard family. The female receptionist had met Adam a few times in the past.

“Alright I will take them.” Aditya also had some thoughts of exploring the sea. The sea was a vast place. 2/3 of the total land was under seawater. The sea was a place with endless resources. Aditya felt it would be a huge waste to not use those resources. Maybe he can start an exploration team with the sea elves. He also had a big advantage that others did not have. His Kingdom was located right next to the sea itself. This would allow him to access the sea without anyone’s interference.

“Sir, do you want anything else?”

“Do you have any slaves with blacksmithing skills?”

“In fact, we do have some dwarves. One of the dwarfs was a 3-star blacksmith. Unfortunately, he offended the wrong person and ended up losing his cultivation and his power to forge weapons. But I believe he is still very valuable given the knowledge he has about forging.”

Aditya tightly clenched his fists to not show any excited expression on his face. “I want to meet this person. Can I?”

“Of course.” The female receptionist gently smiled and then clapped..



A female elf wearing a maid outfit and white stockings walked inside the room. The elf surprisingly had white hair which surprised Aditya. “Her name is Mila. As you can see she is a Half High Elf. We have some High elves.”

Aditya felt this woman was shameless. She purposely introduced this beautiful-looking half High elf to tempt him to buy female High elves. This woman was clearly trying to make him spend more money. ‘She is a pure businesswoman.’

“Milady, do you have any orders for me?” The half-high elf female named Mila asked.

“Can you bring the slave number 292006?”

“Please give me a few minutes.” Even though most of the slaves that were owned by the golden slave trading house were in another location, this building still had more than five thousand slaves in it.

After the maid left, the sexy female receptionist glanced at Aditya and Julia. “Does sir need anything else? Maybe some beastmen or maybe some hot virgin fox race woman?”

Aditya quickly shook his head as he felt a chill running down his spine. He felt if had turned around, then he would see his worst night nightmare. He already had started sweating from the pressure coming from behind.

“No thank you. Can you please calculate the total price?” Aditya quickly changed the subject.


Julia snorted and then she secretly pinched his waist. She was very satisfied with Aditya’s performance.

“Let’s see, Sir has ordered for 500 slaves whose mana heart was crippled. Should I get you 500 human slaves or should I mix slaves from other races? If mister decides to get slaves from other races, then that would be a little costly compared to human slaves.”

“No, I will take 500 human slaves?” Aditya was planning on turning these 500 human slaves into his loyal dragonians after Julia restores their mana-crippled hearts. Aditya had a feeling that once he evolves his bloodline, he would be able to turn not just humans but also warriors from other races into his dragonians. But for now, he decided to not make a gamble and instead nurture these 500 slaves.

“Alright, that would be 1 gold coin for every human slave. Sir let me tell you in advance that the Sea elves would be a little more expensive. Each sea elf would cost 10 gold coins.”

“Alright.” Right now Aditya did not lack money. Although he had used 99% of his Kingdom’s money on new projects and the military, he still had enough money with him. From the beginning, knowing that this region of the continent will have more advanced star weapons, he had somehow managed to squeeze 50,000 gold coins from the budget.

While the receptionist was calculating, the maid returned with a short-sized man. Aditya and Julia curiously looked at the man. He was about 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimeters) tall. His body was muscular and strong built. He had long brown color hair and bread. He was currently wearing some cheap clean clothes.

Compared to what Aditya and Julia had expected, the dwarf did not look malnourished at all. As if knowing what was going on in the couple’s head, the receptionist proudly smiled and said. “We take care of our slaves. All of our slaves are well fed, given clean clothes, and proper sanitation. Our slaves would have to work in the farming lands which are located outside Apogale city.”

‘So along with slave trading business, they also have other businesses. Using the slaves that are not bought in the farming lands gives them access to free labor. So in the end, they can generate profits from both sides. While doing that, they are also making sure to feed their slaves well and give them proper clothing and shelter. What a genius strategy.’ Inwardly Aditya was very impressed. This kind of business model almost had no disadvantages.

All the slave traders usually only feed their slaves one time in two or three days. This resulted in the slaves being very skinny and malnourished. By well maintaining the slaves, the golden slave trading house also built a kind of brand image. They ensured that their slaves will be better than the ones in the market.

“What is your name?” Aditya asked curiously.

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