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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 87: Alchemist Maid Paige Bahasa Indonesia

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“What happened here?” Sophie arrived in the meeting room to find the mess that her husband made. Seeing Sophie, Adam’s red eyes instantly cooled down. His wife was the only thing that could calm him down. Even though Adam is called the Wild Lion, he never has lost his temper in front of his wife.

“That bastard Ronan was talking shi*ts about marrying our daughter to his son.” Sophie understood why her husband got so angry. If she was in her husband’s place, even she also would have gotten angry.

“Where is he?” Sophie with a frown on her face. She felt like slapping that old man.

“I sent him to prison. I also have sent 10,000 knight riders along with Eddie to execute Ronan’s entire family.” The whole family was corrupted. Adam didn’t even have a shred of mercy when he ordered Eddie to execute Ronan’s family members.

“Where are the children?” Adam asked while walking out of the meeting room with his wife.

“Julia is working in her laboratory, Zak is studying in his room while Aditya is learning runes under Uncle Tobias.”

“Tell the kids that I might not be able to join them for lunch. I will go and meet the king and report all the crimes that Ronan.” If Ronan had not touched his bottom line, Adam still would have spared Ronan. But now he was hell-bent on destroying Ronan and his entire family.

Under Adam’s orders, his spies have been collecting information on Ronan for years. Before he never planned on using those pieces of evidence against Ronan, but now things have changed. Ronan had messed with the wrong person and now he will pay the price.


On the other hand, outside the castle, more than hundreds of people were standing in a single long line.

“Send the next person.” The guards nodded and walked out of the laboratory. The two guards were Peak 3rd-order bodyguards that were assigned to protect Julia in case anyone tries to attack her.

The guards allowed the next person to enter Julia’s laboratory. “What do you need?” While making pills, Julia asked.

“My lady I need an Elixir of Fire Resistance.” The man stood at the entrance of the laboratory. No one was allowed to walk inside the laboratory without permission. Anyone to tries to get in will be killed immediately.

“Elixir of Fire Resistance…..?” Julia raised her head and looked at the man for a second before continuing to do what she was doing.

“Sister Paige can you check if he has the materials to make an Elixir of Fire resistance.” Paige was a twenty-seven years old girl who has been learning under Julia for years now.

Julia found Paige walking in the streets. At first, she felt pity for her so she bought her home. Paige having no other place to live, decided to live in the castle as Julia’s maid. It was later that they found Paige also had a talent for alchemy. Julia decided to teach her alchemy for a year before she left home. Even after Julia left, Paige continued to practice her alchemy skills. Even though her talent cannot be compared to the goddess herself, Paige could be considered a genius who can make 3-star pills.

Paige had very long black hair that reached down her thighs. She was wearing a white lab coat. She was a cold beauty. Paige very rarely showed any emotions on her face. The only time that Paige nearly broke down was when Julia suddenly left home without even informing her.

Seeing her walking up to him, the man nervously gulped. In everyone’s heart, Lady Julia was the goddess that they can only dream of. Many had a crush on Paige but she never responded to any of the men.

Paige coldly stared at the man. The man understood what he needed to do. From his storage ring, he carefully took out the alchemy ingredients and put them on the table that was blocking the entrance.

Paige inspected the alchemy ingredients to check the quality of the ingredients. “My Lady, with these ingredients you can only make a 2-star Elixir of Fire Resistance.”

“But I need at least a 3-star Elixir of Fire Resistance.” The man sounded desperate.

“If you want a 3-star Elixir of Fire Resistance, then bring better ingredients. If you don’t want any pills, you can leave now.” Paige’s voice was cold as ice.

“I will take the 2-star Elixir of Fire Resistance.” The man had no other choice. These alchemy ingredients cost him a fortune to get.

“Alright.” Paige took the ingredients along with a jade bottle.

“My lady we have a new order.” Julia who just finished making the elixir of Brew of Curing took the ingredients from Paige and started making the Elixir of Fire Resistance.

Meanwhile, Paige coldly turned to the man. “You can wait outside. Your elixir will be ready in 5 minutes.” After saying that she poured the elixir of Brew of Curing into a jade bottle and gave it to the guard. The guard took the jade bottle and handed it to another man waiting outside.

“Send the next person.” And this is how Julia spends her days. Before she left her, she usually spend most of her time practicing her alchemy skills. At the same time, she would usually also teach other students who worked for the Onard family.

The goddess was so focused on her work that she didn’t notice when it was time for lunch.

“Can I come in?” Hearing the familiar voice, a smile appeared on her face as she heated the alchemy ingredients. Unfortunately, no one was able to see her smile as she lowered her face.

Paige walked up to the entrance and coldly look at Aditya. “It’s okay sister, let him in.” Paige moved the table and allowed Aditya to walk inside her laboratory.

“Wow, this laboratory is even bigger than the one I built back home.”

“You built…..?”

“Cough! I mean the construction workers built”

Julia stopped what she was doing and walked up to Aditya. “Let me introduce you to my big sister. Her name is Paige and she is a 3-star alchemy genius.”

“Big sister, this is Aditya. I am sure you must have heard about him.” Paige glanced at Aditya and nodded her head before going back to her work.

“Big sister is not good with words. She mostly spends all of her time in the laboratory or in her bedroom cultivating.” Paige always kept quiet and would only talk when she needed to.

“By the way, what’s all this big line outside the laboratory?” When Aditya came here, he saw about 500 people standing in lines. The people didn’t look least bothered to stand under the sunlight for hours.

“They are here for requesting pills and elixir. I can practice alchemy.”

“Why are you doing this? I mean you can just ask your uncle to buy you ingredients using which you can practice your skills.”

Julia smiled as she looked outside the window. “As an alchemist, I also need to constantly practice. There are 1000 different pills and elixirs out there. Just like a runemaster, an alchemist also needs practice. What I need was ingredients while the people needed alchemy pills. So basically I am earning money while also practicing Alchemy skills.” Aditya rolled his eyes. Given how rich and powerful Duke Adam was, Julia never had to worry about money.

“How are you earning?”

“Each star pill has a fixed price. For example, a 3-star pill will cost 1000 royal cold coins. A 4-star pill will cost 10,000 to 50,000 royal cold coins depending on the type of pill.”

“What about a 5-star pill? Can you make them?”

Julia proudly raised her chest and smiled. “Of course. I can make any 5-star pills. But if you want 6-star or higher star pills then I cannot make them at the current moment.”


“Creating 4-star, 5-star and 6-star pills take a lot of mana. Unlike certain someone who has a huge mana reserve, my mana reserve is not that big. It’s already a miracle that I can create a 5-star pill while still being at Peak 2nd-order.”

“You don’t sell 5-star pills?” Aditya asked.

“No. In this continent, 5-star pills are considered national treasures. Father has ordered me to not create 5-star pills for any outsider as this would create huge chaos on the continent. Even if the emperor requested me to create a 5-star pill, I still won’t make it.” From what Aditya has heard it is extremely difficult to reach 6-order. Among all the rare cultivator geniuses who manage to reach the 5th order, only less than 1 percent of them can actually touch the 6th order.

“Why are you here?”

“It’s already lunchtime. I came to call you.”

“Big sister, why don’t you also join us for lunch?”

Paige looked at Julia not knowing how she should reject her. Paige did not like to be bothered when she was practicing alchemy. This is also why in most cases, she would just stay hungry the whole day and only eat after she is done with her work.

“Alright.” Paige decided to tag along. It has been a while since she last ate with others.

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