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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 82: Future Plans Bahasa Indonesia

Aditya played with Zak for 15 minutes. At first, Zak was a little shy and reserved toward him at the beginning. But as they played together, the little boy started telling him many things about Julia and about their family.

“Sorry, if I made you wait.” Julia now had changed her clothes. Right now she was wearing a knee-length black long-sleeved V-neck dress, giving her a youthful vibe. Today she had tied her long purple hair in a ponytail, exposing her nape. Seeing her nape exposed, Aditya felt his throat getting a little dry. He felt his heart eagerly itching to kiss that place. She undoubtfully looked very pretty in that dress.

“You’re later. You told us to wait 5 minutes but you ended up being 16 minutes late.”

“Wow, big sister you look beautiful.” Julia rubbed Zak’s purple hair with a smile as they ignored Aditya as if he wasn’t there at all.

“Mom asked me to wear this dress.” Julia replied after playing with Zak for a few minutes.

“You indeed look very beautiful.”

“Hmph! Of course, this princess looks pretty.” Julia had a hidden smile as she played with Zak.

“Zak, don’t you have school today?” Aditya raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Sister, I took a week’s leave since you have returned home. I want to spend more time with you.”

“Good Job. But you better not do it again.”

“Of course. Hehe!”

“My parents wanted Zak to go to school and make friends. I also did the same thing when I was Zak’s age. Of course, no one in the school, other than Zak’s teachers and the principal knows about his real identity. To Zak’s classmate, he is the son of a rich merchant.” The common class people tend to keep a certain distance from nobles. It was mainly because of the noble’s behavior.

Most nobles consider middle-class people as low-class people and wouldn’t normally talk with them. They would always look down on middle-class people. Sophie and Adam wanted their children to be humble, kind, and gentle. They did not want their children to become arrogant like other noble children. This is also why she did not allow Zak to interact much with other noble children fearing that they will also influence Zak.

After Julia came the duo played with Zak for a while. While playing Aditya also learned many things about her family. Julia’s two uncles. One of uncles was still unmarried as her uncle was focusing on reaching the peak of cultivation. Compared to two brothers, the 2nd uncle did not had much talent in cultivation. So became a merchant and after few years, he found someone that he liked. After getting married, Julia’s 2nd uncle settled down in the beast continent.

“The last time I saw my 2nd uncle was when Zak was born. You know traveling from one continent to another takes a lot of time not to mention the dangers one has to face while traveling between two continents. So my uncle very rarely comes to see us.” She deeply respected her 2nd uncle but she feel that family bond with 2nd uncle and his family. To her, 2nd uncle and his family is like a distant relative.

“Speaking of continent, I have some plans of traveling to other continents in near future. Maybe in a few month.” Julia stopped playing with Zak. She raised her head and looked at Aditya to see what he was exactly thinking.

Seeing Julia’s stare, Aditya decided to explain. “Julia this world is very big. Don’t you also want to explore the world. Go to different continents and meet new people.”

“So which continents are you planning on visiting in the near future?” Julia curiously asked. Even the Goddess of Alchemy has never went to another continent. Her parents felt that it would be too dangerous for someone like Julia to go to other continent. They feared if the people of that continent learned about her identity as the Goddess of Alchemy, they would try to capture her. Sometimes parents worries too much.

“Currently I have two continents in my head. First is the Westnia continent which I will have to visit with Alicia. And second is the Beast continent.” In a few month he will have to go to Westnia continent with Alicia, the goddess of wealth. But before his trip, Aditya has to increase the power of his Kingdom so that even in his absence, others can protect and defend the kingdom from foreign attacks.

“I can understand that you’re reason for going to Westnia continent but what about Beast continent.” Zak had stopped playing and was paying attention to what Aditya and Julia was talking about. The little boy had an curious and adventurous mind. He also have dreamed of traveling to other continents.

“The beast continent has more than hundred variety of races inhabiting it. I want to explore that continent and also if possible, bring some beast men with me.” Being beast men, their bodies was much stronger than humans. While an average human has the strength of [10], an average beastmen has the strength of [15] to [20]. Compared to an army of human soldiers, an army of beastmen would double if not triple the military strength of the kingdom. Beside beastmen are known for their undying loyalty. Once they considers someone has their friend, they won’t even hesitate to give up their life for that friend.

From what Aditya has heard, the beastmen does not like other races especially the humans. Among all the races living in this world, humans are considered to be most cunning. All beastmen hates humans and does not like to interact with them. This is also why marriage between beastmen and human are very rare.

“When are you planning on going to the beast continent?” Julia curiously asked.

“Not sure. But I am planning on making this trip after I return from Westnia continent.”

“Big brother! Big brother! Can I also come with you?” Zak excitedly asked as his eyes sparkled in stars.

Julia and Aditya looked at each other. Aditya does not want to break little Zak’s heart by saying no. Even if Aditya wanted to take Zak with him, there was no way Sophie and Adam would allow Zak to visit a different continent. Aditya has seen just how protective Adam was about his family. If Aditya even asks Adam about taking Zak to a different continent, he was sure that his father-in-law would beat his ass.

“When I visit the beast continent, I will take you with me.” Aditya couldn’t bring himself to say no and break this child’s heart.



After a while, breakfast was finally ready. Everyone sat on the table. Zak was sitting in the middle with his big sister on his right and his big brother on his left.

“Kid, you wanted to learn from a runemaster right? Well, guess what he is here. After breakfast you can go and meet him. I also have convinced him to train you for next 14 days.”

“Thank you Uncle.” Given how useful and valuable runemasters are, no faction would let their runemaster teach a person from different faction. Aditya was very grateful to Adam and Sophie. Ever since the moment he came to this house, both of them have been treating him like their own family member.

“There is no need to thank a family member.” Aditya nodded looking at Sophie.

“By the way kid, I have already told the whole city about you. After what you did, I thought it would be perfect time to tell the city about you. Now there are all sorts of rumor about you. When you go outside, you better be a little careful if you don’t want any trouble. Even if get into trouble, don’t worry I have your back.” There was no way Adam would let anyone bully Aditya in his territory.

“Alright.” Aditya did not cared about rumors or anything.

Before Adam and Sophie was worried that the nobles would try to bully Aditya after the engagement announcement is made. But now seeing how powerful he was, the Julia’s parents no longer would have to worry about him being bullied. Aditya was more than strong enough to stand up for himself.

“Mom, I will be going out for a while.”

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to meet my old friends. Its been ages since I last saw them. I would like to spend some time with them.”

“Do you want to come with me?” Julia wanted to show her fiance to her friends but she was embarrassed to say it.

“I can meet them later. You should take this time to have some girls talk.” Aditya knew from experience that girls talked about various things. Even a whole day of talking might not be enough for them.

“Hmph! I will just take Zak with me.” Julia snorted and ate her food in a way like she was punishing them.

Aditya and Sophie looked at each other and sighed. Sophie and Aditya both knew this personality was inherited from Adam.


‘I guess I should have agreed to go with her.’ The main reason Aditya didn’t go with her was because he was planning on spending the whole day on improving his rune skills. Unlike his War dancer class, the Rune Monarch class won’t evolve to 3rd-order even if he levels up to 3rd-order. The only way to level up Rune Monarch class to 3rd-order would be through learning and practicing runes.

After breakfast, Julia and Aditya was going back to their rooms. While walking on the corridor, Aditya couldn’t handle the awkward silence. The goddess refused to talk with him after he rejected her and was only giving her cold shoulder.


“When are you going to return?” Aditya asked after a long silence.

“I will return before dinner.”

After an another minute of silence, Aditya opened his mouth. “I was thinking if we could meet up during evening.”

Julia stopped walking. She looked at Aditya and smiled. “Sure we can meet up. 4 in the evening come to the western plaza,”

“Alright, I will be there in time.” Since he was here, it wouldn’t harm to have some fun and make some memories.

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